Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Jesus said that I have to pray for my enemies.

It isn't easy to pray for people that are desperatly determined to destroy you, but I'm trying my best.

I am going to re read Uncle Toms Cabin, because that is a very good book and very relevant in this day and age.


Zoompad said...

Ask Margaret Hodge how horrors can hide

By Jenny McCartney

12:01AM GMT 02 Mar 2008


The police excavation at Haut de la Garenne, the former children's care home in Jersey, has quickly become one of the most sickening archaeological digs imaginable. The items found in its warren of bricked-up cellars - a child's skull, a set of shackles, a sunken bath - are fragments of a terrible mosaic of the past, in which a series of predatory adults seemingly inflicted unthinkable cruelties upon helpless children in their care.

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More than 150 former residents of the care home have come forward with their stories, and it will also fall to the police to sift through those grim memories from the 1960s, '70s and '80s. One woman, who spoke anonymously to the BBC last week, recalled the "punishment room" in which children were sometimes held alone for two weeks or more.

There were other ominous chambers but she cannot recall exactly what happened in them. She believes that she was frequently sedated. She had one very distinct memory, however: after she complained of abuse to her mother, who used to visit her there, her mother raised it with the home's officials. They dismissed the member of staff concerned, but told her mother that if she took the matter to the police, she would not be permitted to visit her daughter again.

Such a story may provide some answers to those who are incredulous that horrors on such an apparent scale never came to public view before now. Yet imagine being a child admitted to that home in a more punitive era, already feeling abandoned, and possibly labelled a trouble-maker.

The adult staff who run the home are the only authority you know, and any protest is liable to incur a more severe punishment. Those who complain to the head of the home are ignored (as some former residents say they did, and as they were). Your main experience of authority, indeed, would be that authority is the very last thing you could trust.

Zoompad said...

Its very hard to pray for people who did these things, and for people who have persecuted the victims to cover it up, but thats what Jesus is asking me to do, so thats what I will have to do.

Sometimes the things that Jesus asks you to do don't seem to make any sense, ie praying for really wicked murderers and child abusers, but you always know its Jesus's voice because Jesus never ever ever asks you to do anything bad, because He even tried to heal the ones who crucified him!

Zoompad said...

Haut de la Garenne was closed in 1986, and it may indeed be unlikely that a system of such widespread and profound torment could operate unchecked for so long today. Yet contemplate this: there is a separate, ongoing investigation into another Jersey children's home now known as Greenfields, for at-risk and vulnerable children aged 11 and above.

Greenfields has been run since 2003 by Joe Kennedy, a man with a background in the prison service and no social work qualification. He instituted a regime called "Grand Prix" in which bad behaviour could incur a minimum spell of 24 hours in "the pits", or the isolation cell. Just to get them used to the pits, the official policy until 2006 was that each child would routinely begin his or her stay at Greenfields with a 24-hour isolation period. What a welcome for a frightened 12-year-old, eh?

All right-thinking people like to imagine, when hearing stories of the maltreatment of children, that they themselves would guarantee sanctuary. But often they simply don't. A senior social worker, Liz Davies, and her manager, David Cofie, first told Margaret Hodge, then leader of Islington council, in 1990 of their suspicions that there was widespread sexual abuse of children in Islington care homes.

Ms Hodge instead believed senior officials who assured her that nothing was the matter. In 1992, the London Evening Standard published extensive evidence of the abuse, which Ms Hodge denounced as "a sensationalist piece of gutter journalism". In 1995, an independent report found that the council had indeed failed to investigate the allegations properly.

Zoompad said...

In 2003, Tony Blair appointed Ms Hodge the first ever Minister for Children. Some questioned her suitability, including a courageous and articulate man called Demetrious Panton who had been sexually abused in an Islington care home in the late 1970s and whose attempts to expose what was happening had been repeatedly ignored.

Ms Hodge wrote privately to the BBC describing Mr Panton as "extremely disturbed", a remark for which she was later compelled to apologise in the High Court. The first person to categorise Panton as "disturbed" was the paedophile boss of his children's home, Bernie Bain, a man later described by police as "a brutal sexual abuser": Panton was 10 at the time.

Children leaving the care system today face appalling outcomes. Their educational success is markedly low, and they are vastly over-represented among the homeless and prison populations. Ironically, one legacy of abuse scandals is that care-home workers often maintain a deliberate distance from children, preoccupied instead with elaborate form-filling to keep themselves in the clear. When the children leave at 18, they are frequently discouraged from further contact with their carers.

Such results are not inevitable, as proved by other European systems, which employ only qualified, well-paid staff trained in a humane philosophy of child-care. Look at Jersey and weep, and not just for what happened yesterday. We failed our most vulnerable children then, and we're still failing them now.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the update on the jersey care home
I went on a fishing holiday and met a charming old couple from jersey that i keep in touch with.
They told me that there was a rule there that if boys broke any rules or asked for more food etc, it was accepted that sexual abuse was sanctioned from the top, this meant many gays would look for employment there.
This idea that it was OK to abuse boys was endemic for a very long time

Zoompad said...

If they go after boys they're paedophiles, not gays.

Gays are men that go with other men.

Paedophiles are men (or women but I don't think thats so common, women don't usually have such high sex drives as men, though a lot of women in this day and age are having to pretend that they do to try to keep their men faithful in this day and age of immorality and unfaithfulness) who go after children.

Zoompad said...

The Lord has told me to pray for my enemies, just like Uncle Tom in Uncle Toms Cabin had to pray for the man who eventually murdered him.

Uncle Tom knew where he was going, he knew he was saved from eternal damnation, but his murderer was not saved.

It's not easy to pray for people that your sorrow and your memories are urging you to curse, but I know from blessed experience that the Lord Jesus Christ is never wrong about anything.

Nobody said...

I'm not very good at that either, the pray for your enemies thing, forgive them etc cos satan is our enemy, but yeah thass what Jesus said, and he was in the know. I think the point is not to let in produce anger in you or make you bitter, to let go of it mentally.

Anonymous said...

The haut De Garenne according to locals has had its real story
cleaned up.
But i used to shop for an old man who passed on some 8 maybe 9 years ago and he said the orphanage where he grew up was just like this, he said gays would pay to come in and use the boys as party playthings and abuse them, this was pre war, so has it always gone on ?

Anonymous said...

Baraba, i read about pindown in the newspapers when i went into hopsital to have my son.
It was horrific how people could treat kids this way, its the sort of thing you expect to hear about socialist countries, but not Britain.

Zoompad said...

The Staffordshire Pindown report:

They have removed it from all the public libraries in Staffordshire, so I had to photograph every page and post it. They've tried to stop us Pindown victims reading it. I had to get a second hand copy off Amazon, and I think they are scanning Amazon and Ebay and buying up any copy that comes up for sale so people cant read it, its disgusting what they are doing to cover this child abuse up.

Zoompad said...

Pindown is STILL going on, but they call it Young Offenders prisons now, fine if they were only using these childrens prisons for really hardened child criminals but they're not, they're putting victims of child abuse in them, and children at risk in them, the same as Pindown.

Zoompad said...

No child should EVER EVER EVER be put into a prison for the non crime of trying to run away from being abused.

Prison is supposed to be a punishment for crimes committed, not a cover up torture chamber for victims of crime.

Zoompad said...

So passionate about this, its STILL going on, things have not got better in the 40 years since I was jailed for being a victim of crime. Jailed for running away.

Anonymous said...

I would pray for those close to you who need it, not your enemies
as they dont deserve it.
many experts say the bible was interfered with and other stuff put in, this could be part of that
Thanks barabara for what you do for all of us

Zoompad said...

"I would pray for those close to you who need it, not your enemies
as they dont deserve it."

Thats how I feel as well, but Jesus did say pray for your enemies, as the wicked ones are going to eternal damnation unless they repent.

But I feel the same way as you, I can't help the way I feel. Perhaps I'm not a very good Christian, as my heart doesn't seem able to follow Jesus's exact ways.

Zoompad said...

I don't think the Bible was interfered with, I can see the sense of it, I know what Jesus is saying but I just can't do it!

How can you forgive people who aren't even sorry? How did Jesus do it? I don't know. He even forgave them as they drove the nails into his hands, but I can't!