Thursday, 9 January 2014


I have given up on Google, it has blocked me from making several searches this morning. I think when Google starts blocking UK citizens from accessing sites like Twitter and even their own Google blog then its time to find another search engine.

The other search engine I used found the sites I wanted in the blink of an eye.


Anonymous said...

England brought Christianity
to africa, now Africa wants to bring christianity to England

Lattoya Bandaloginskyevskinova

Zoompad said...

The Holy Bible is absolutly crystal clear on what will be the final destiny of murderers.

The problem is, so many people nowadays have rejected the Word of God. They take the law into their own hands when persecution comes, and they do the bidding of the devil.

I was tempted to do evil when I was going through the agony of the 7 years I was being persecuted in the Secret Family Courts. I'm saying this because I have read Aangirfan's latest blog post all about Jesus and Jung and what Aangirfan has posted about admitting to your dark side. I am a Christian, yes, but I was so tempted during that horrible horrible horrible relentless cruel persecution to take the law into my own hands, thank God, I didn't, and instead continued to plead my case to the Lord my God, who is faithful and just.

I'm not going to pass judgement on Sharon - that is for the Lord to do, now he is dead!!!

Wicked and unrepentant people will go to hell, thats all I know.

Zoompad said...

As far as Africa and Christianity is concerned, I've personally experienced more kindness and Christian charity from poor African emigrant Christians than I have from English Christian leaders. Some of the people I met while I was living in Handswworth were very kind to me, and some of them are dead now, but I will never forget their kindnesses and I know I will see them in Heaven one day. I've wept on the shoulders of two of my African brethren, and been prayed over for the peace which passes all understanding by them. I've personally experienced genuine selfless love from some of my African brethren.

Zoompad said...

In my experience, poor people seem more tender hearted than rich people. The Big Issue sellers seem to understand that as well, if you watch them, they seem to jump out more at scruffy looking people than well off looking people.

Not that I buy the Big Issue any more. I don't mind giving to poor beggers at all, but I certainly don't want to make John "Workfare" Bird any richer than he already is!

But in general, I think poor people are usually kinder than rich people. Rich people always seem to expect something in return for anything they give, but poor people seem to be able to give more freely as if to the Lord!

Zoompad said...

Its not just about money though, I have found poor people are far more likely to be willing to sit and weep with someone who is being so crushed and persecuted, and willing to hold their hand and pray with them, intercede with them.

I was actually told by one church leader (Rev Michael Hayes, educated ast Maynooth Jesuit priest school)to stop praying for the other Pindown child abuse and Secret Family Court legal abuse victims and whistleblowers. That man actually tried to stop the time of intercession at Market Drayton ANGLICAN church St Mary's(which is over the road from Market Drayton Catholic Church) because of me wanting to pray every Sunday!

Anonymous said...

there are different kinds of pornography bloodshed and violence are the main ones but read this article to learn more

Zoompad said...

That link doesn't work, please can you send me another thanks.

I've no objection to Google blocking pornography bloodshed and violence, but I have massive objections to them blocking VICTIMS and WHISTLEBLOWERS of those crimes from being allowed to tell other people what bis going on in this country!

Zoompad said...

And I think it stinks when a vicar tries to block a vulnerable member of his congregation from being able to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for help to be protected from the paedophile gangsters, especially when there is a Father 4 Justice member in that very same congregation who is one of the very people who is persecuting that vulnerable person and her son!!!

Zoompad said...

It took me a while to figure out exactly what the hell was going on, but those two had wormed their way into that church, her accent gave the game away, I recognised her, and her husband was one of the Operation Ore, Chopstick Steve and Chopstick Sue they called themselves on YouTube, when they came to my channel to call me a nutter and keep saying I needed to be sectioned and other abuse.

He was convicted of paedophilia, but managed to get off when Operation Ore was sabotaged by the BFMS, FACT and other paedo cover up groups, and she told me her own self over the telephone that she had allowed one of his friends, a convicted paedophile, to babysit her two kids.

I dont know if they moved to St Mary's just because they found out I was going there, or if they were there all the time, what I do know is there they were, and Michael Hayes tried to ban me from praying to Jesus for the persecution by paedophile gangsters to stop while those two abusive creeps were attending that very church!

Zoompad said...

Another thing she told me was that she was on friendly terms with John Sematu, Archbishop of York, having know him in Birmingham.

How much of that was blag and how much was true, I don't know, but I do believe her when she told me she knew him from a church event in Birmingham, its how well she knows him, thats the bit I'm not sure of.

Zoompad said...

That came up because I had written to John Sematu about the Secret Damily Court abuse, and had an astonishing reply to my letter, astonishing because it came from a Christian, and I would have expected a Christian to be outraged about what is going on in the Secret Family Courts, and clearly, from the letter he wrote back to me, he couldn't care less, which I find very disturbing.

Zoompad said...

Sorry, I meant to write Secret FAMILY Court, not Secret DAMILY Court, although I think the typo is really very appropriate as the crimes that have been committed in those hellish secret chambers surely will bring damnation to those who have persecuted vulnerable people without mercy for years on end. Surely when the Lord asks why they did it, they will not be able to give an answer, and the Lord will say to them, Begone, I never knew you.

It is time to repent now, tomorrow will be too late, turn sinners, turn and plead with the Lord God Almighty to forgive your dredful sins!