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This is my view on the Jews and Homosexuals.

Jews are people who follow the laws Moses recieved from God. They do not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. I won't hate them on account of that.

Homosexuals are individuals who prefer to have a same sex intimate relationship. The Mosaic Law (which the Jews adhere to) teach that this is a wrong thing to do. In my opinion (from experience in talking to homosexuals) lot of homosexuals are child abuse victims.

There is a very aggressive paedophile gang led by a number of psychopaths who will use anything they can to legalise paedophile activity and these people are so dangerous that they will murder other people including children to cover up their tracks.

They cover their tracks by pretending to be all sorts of people they are not, they pretend to be women to take over womens online forums, they pretend to be homosexuals to push through their dangerous laws that enable them easy access to children, they pretend to be Christians and Jews to change the Word of God.

They are psychopaths.

I won't be brainwashed and bullied into scapegoating other people who are innocent of these crimes, I wont be brainwashed by those psychopathic bastards.

Any more anonymous posts trying to bully and brainwash me into doing so will end up straight in the Spam folder.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Barbarar like you i was a molested child, i read all your comments section and get comfort from it, i have been trying to fathom what you mean, and if i understand right, you cannot make excuses for homosexuals or the jewish people who condone it, not all jews but certainly most see it as ok, which is why Simon Cowell puts up wads of money to defnd jews caught at it.

Anonymous said...

Please read this barbara, we are not all against you, we are on your side.

Anonymous said...

Barbara i cant imagine what you mean about jews ???
But christ said beware the jews
look it up
Christ smashed the tables on the moneylenders and loan sharks, what religion wre they ?
which people had christ killed ?
think about it

Zoompad said...

"But christ said beware the jews
look it up"

Where exactly did Jesus Christ say that, because I don't ever remember reading that, not ever.

Jesus WAS a Jew himself!!!

Zoompad said...

Christianity is much more of a threat to the devil than Judiasm, because Christianity holds up the risen Lord Jesus Christ, who has already triumphed over satan. Jews don't believe in the risen Lord - they are still waiting for the Messiah, unlike us Christians, they don't believe that He has already fulfilled the Old Testament (ie Isaiah) prophesies.

Satan knows he was defeated, but wants to drag as many human souls to eternal damnation with him as he possibly can.

Zoompad said...

"Christ smashed the tables on the moneylenders and loan sharks, what religion wre they ?"

That is a very good question - yes, what religion were they?

They certainly didn't love God, to be behaving in such a disgusting disrespectful way in the very House of God, and ripping off their fellow men and putting extra burdens on the backs of the poor, who were trying to live Godly lives.

Anonymous said...

if you read the synagogue of satan and similar books, the god of the old testamanet is not the new testamant god by a long long chalk. The old testamant talks of sacrificing of children, which thankfully not many jews agree with today.
But as the writes says look up where christ says beware the jew. not beware the c hristian or muslim, but the jew.
it is accpted christ was an essene but now many are saying he was no kind of jew at all
hhmmm makes one wonder

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara my name is susan and i email a lot to the website.
I am at a aloss to know what has upset you as you have not put it up on site, i may have said before i used to do a hotline for abused kids, and homosexuals would get on there and tell us to get a life, and leave them alone, and homosexuality does not hurt kids etc, so i think this may be what you mean
love susan

Zoompad said...

Alright "Susan", what was the hotline called?

"I am at a aloss to know what has upset you as you have not put it up on site"

Oh yes I have, over and over and over again, but perhaps you are too blind or to stupid to read and understand what I have repeatedly posted, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and post it again.

Paedophiles are NOT homosexuals, they are PAEDOPHILES.

You posted this:

"i used to do a hotline for abused kids, and homosexuals would get on there and tell us to get a life, and leave them alone, and homosexuality does not hurt kids etc "

If they were simply homosexuals why would they be going after kids? ONLY PAEDOPHILES GO AFTER KIDS!

I WON'T be goaded and bullied into hating a whole bunch of people most of whom I strongly suspect are also child abuse victims, by a few dead crafty anonymous manipulative twisters!

Zoompad said...

As for the other anonymous and cowardly troll who is trying to strip me of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, you're wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

this might help you barb

Zoompad said...

Yes it does, because now we have some actual names, rather that besmirching millions of innocent poor people!

Zoompad said...

Canadian police arrest 348 people in child-porn case

November 15, 2013 - Updated 1050 PKT
From Web Edition

TORONTO: A Canadian company raked in $4-million from the sale of images of nude Eastern European boys, Toronto police said on Thursday, revealing details of a major international child-pornography investigation that rescued hundreds of victims.

?The company, Toronto-based Azov Films, sold mail-order DVDs and streamed online videos of naked boys from Germany, Romania and Ukraine, which it marketed as naturist movies and claimed were legal in Canada and the United States.

After three years of investigation, 348 suspects were arrested in dozens of countries around the world, from Australia to Sweden to Mexico.

Sources say the investigation identified 10 to 15 children in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, who modelled for photographers connected with Azov.

?In addition, police said, as Azov clients were identified around the world, police found other children who were within reach to those customers and were either physically abused or recorded in illicit videos.

At least 386 minors were removed from harm’s way, said Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, commander of the Toronto police sex crimes unit.

Zoompad said...

There were 108 arrests in Canada, including 50 in Ontario and at least 45 in Quebec. An additional 76 people were charged in the United States.

Canadian suspects who were arrested included 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, nine clerics and six law-enforcement personnel, Insp. Beaven-Desjardins said.

In one case, police searched the home of a retired teacher and seized 350,000 images of sex abuse and 9,000 videos.

“We’ve worked a lot of big cases. This is by far the biggest,” one official said.

The head of the company, 42-year-old Toronto resident Brian Way, has been in custody since his May, 2011, arrest after an online undercover operation.

?Records at the Finch Avenue courthouse in Toronto show that, in addition to indicting him with 23 child-pornography-related criminal counts, prosecutors took the unprecedented step of designating Azov Films as a criminal organization and charging Mr. Way with giving directions on behalf of a gang.

?Mr. Way’s mother, Sandra Waslov, who is believed to be in the United States, was named as a co-conspirator, along with a German videographer, Markus Rudolph Roth. Ms. Waslov is still at large, American officials said.

??According to U.S. court documents, the Azov investigation was prompted by about 20 complaints to Toronto police.

?Some of the complaints came from other law-enforcement agencies, some from cyber-tipsters and even some from business rivals of Mr. Way, sources said.

Zoompad said...

Insp. Beaven-Desjardins said police first heard about Azov in 2005 but did not pursue a case against the company. The force had a better case by the time it looked at Azov again in 2010 because the videos were more clearly against the law, she said.

?Azov was not exactly a covert operation: It was incorporated, held trademarks and fought for them in very public legal battles that stretched over years.

?Starting in 2004, David Eisenlohr, a California mail-order distributor selling what he calls European naturist videos, complained to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that Mr. Way was stealing his films and reselling them online at a cheaper price.

?Mr. Eisenlohr then came to the attention of U.S. investigators in March, 2006, when photo-lab employees at a Wal-Mart in Virginia saw a man, David Tetterton, trying to print explicit photos from their self-serve kiosk. Evidence seized from Mr. Tetterton’s house led to Mr. Eisenlohr, who was indicted with trading child pornography.

?Even as he faced criminal charges, Mr. Eisenlohr continued his campaign against his Canadian competitor. In 2007, he wrote a letter to then Canadian justice minister Rob Nicholson to complain about Mr. Way “stealing my intellectual property using the internet” and ask whether there were laws in Canada to stop him.

?“It’s crazy, guys arguing over what we consider child-exploitation material,” one police detective said about the feud.

?In court, Mr. Eisenlohr successfully argued that his nude videos were not pornographic and he was acquitted in 2009.

?The following year in Romania, a German man arrived in the Transylvanian city of Zalau and began offering martial-arts classes to local boys.

?The man was Mr. Roth and he was arrested in August, 2010, and sentenced to three years of prison for taking more than 100 pornographic films of children. Authorities said the films were sold to Canada at $1,000 a piece.

Two months after Mr. Roth’s arrest, Toronto police and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service began their Azov investigation, accessing the company website and making undercover purchases.

?They found that orders to the U.S. transited through a warehouse near Buffalo before being shipped by USPS Priority mail.

?Toronto police executed a search warrant at Azov’s Etobicoke offices on May 1, 2011, and seized hundreds of DVDs, computers, business records, shipping labels and customer order histories, according to U.S. court documents.

?Several of the American defendants contend the videos they bought aren’t pornographic at all, but just legal videos of naked boys, using the same argument that led to Mr. Eisenlohr’s acquittal. U.S. courts so far have sided with the prosecution and a number of defendants have already been found guilty.

?In Canada, the Criminal Code’s definition of child pornography includes images where a minor’s genitals are depicted for a sexual purpose.

?Canadian police say they’ve obtained legal opinions from prosecutors that the material sold by Azov qualified as child pornography.

“What did they think they were buying?” one officer said about customers who argued they bought legal naturist films.

Zoompad said...

Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust

By wmw_admin on January 7, 2014

By Salman Hossain — ( Jan 6, 2014

Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins said 386 minors were removed from harm's way. Click to enlarge

For the last three years, Canadian police have done an amazing job in targeting international child porn networks based in Canada, the United States, and other countries.

Project Spade is the name of an international investigation involving the making and selling of videos and images over the internet involving minors (below the age of 18). The police announced Nov. 14 the arrest of almost 350 people and the rescue of over 400 children.

The international network of child porn producers and distributors was directed by the International Jewish mob. The key protagonists in this particular case are Markus Roth of Germany and Brian Way of Canada. Brian Way’s mom, Sandra Waslov was also involved in setting up the joint operation with her son running and managing operations. She has been indicted and is currently a fugitive on the run.

How did Way come into the police radar? Well, another fellow Jew by the name of David Eisenlohr, similarly involved in pederasty complained to the US Patent and Trademark office that Brian aka Steve Way was stealing and selling his videos on the Internet.

Zoompad said...

Other Jewish characters like Markus Roth exploited poor and vulnerable young boys from villages in Romania under the guise of giving martial arts classes. He coerced/manipulated them into engaging in sexual acts. In August 201o, Mr. Roth was sentenced to three years of prison for taking more than 100 pornographic films of children. Authorities said the films were sold to Canada at $1,000 a piece.

He carried out such activities with former KGB Soviet Ukrainian Jewish spy Igor Rusanov, left, who was arrested in 2011. Rusanov is said to have had sex with many of the boys. Rusanov is suspected of having links to the Russian-Israeli Mafia. Their company (Azovfilm) client list resulted in many arrests.


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Anonymous said...
heres something for you barbara

Anonymous said...

barbara no one is asking you to hate anyone, from what i see people are trying to educeachate you as to what lays behind all this perversion we now see.

Anonymous said...

this is good barb

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, did you see that Willian Hague has been outed as a homosexual lover of young boys ?
how many more politicians will they catch ?
makes me sick

Anonymous said...

see this !!!

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
barbara no one is asking you to hate anyone, from what i see people are trying to educeachate you as to what lays behind all this perversion we now see.

8 January 2014 04:55"

1) Who are you?

2) Why are you calling me Barbara? Not that I'd mind, as it is my name, but you calling me that means you know me very well, so, again I ask, who are you? I think I have a pretty good idea!

3) I don't need that sort of educeachateion, thank you very much, I can do very well without being educeachated into being brainwashed into hating millions of people I don't even know! Go and educeachate yourself and stop your blasted abusive trolling!

Zoompad said...

By Graeme Paton, Education Editor
6:00AM BST 10 Sep 2012
Schools will be within their statutory rights to dismiss staff that wilfully fail to use stories or textbooks promoting same-sex weddings, it is claimed.
Aidan O’Neill, a senior QC and expert on religious freedom and human rights, also warned that parents who object to gay marriage being taught to their children will have no right to withdraw their child from lessons.
In a report, he said that any decision to redefine marriage would have far-reaching consequences for schools, hospitals, foster carers and public buildings.
The most serious impact is likely to be felt in the church where vicars and priests conducting religious marriage ceremonies could be taken to court for refusing to carry out a gay wedding, he said.
The conclusions – in legal advice commissioned by the Coalition for Marriage – comes amid continuing fall-out over Government plans to tear up the centuries-old law on marriage.

The appalling sexual crimes committed against children in care were committed by powerful homosexuals - pederasts. I don't hear about many girls coming forward as victims.

People should research Stonewall, a powerful lobbying homosexual charity. They are funded by banks, one of which is Coutts, now owned by RBS (majority owned by tax-payers), and another is Barclays. The chief of the Metropolitan Police Bernard Hogan-Howell enjoyed himself at the Stonewall dinner.
Lots more photos on the below link.

And finally, I came across this site "Overlord of Chaos"

The practice of homosexuality is not merely a political concern but a profoundly spiritual concern. Homosexuality is a spiritually deadly condition that threatens, for different reasons, both its zealots and its enemies. It is this capacity to do great evil to a morally ordered society that homosexuality has been used as an instrument of destruction by the dark spiritual forces plotting to destroy Natural Moral Order on Earth. Very wicked men who are the human agents of Evil have actively supported the rise of the Homosexual Lobby by channelling funding from the great "tax exempt foundations" to support the political and ideological assault on Natural Moral Order on Earth. The Homosexual Lobby has been cultivated and empowered by powerful forces that want to use it as an agent of change and the prominent activists as "change agents." This is the function of another great lie called Humanism, which is the Rationalist attack on the faith of religion and of the concept of God and the Incarnation of Christ.

Zoompad said...

Thanks for the link anon.

This is discrimination against Christians, surely anyone can see that?

The State has absolutly no right whatsoever to overrule God on this matter.

As a Christian believer, I have no right to be cruel or persecute anyone for being homosexual, as it is a matter between themselves and their Creator. But the homosexual community likewise has no right to persecute me and my children for being Christians!

As a Christian, I can't accept homosexuality as righteous, because God clearly said that it is not. I would have to give up my faith to accept that homosexuality is righteous, and I am not willing to do that.

I'm also very well aware that the very aggressive homosexual lobbying groups have a link to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Zoompad said...


Jobs within the Adult Entertainment Industry

19. The Wage Incentive must not be used, offered or marketed to employers for jobs for sexual services or jobs of a sexual nature. The following jobs are excluded:


Web-cam performers

Male/Female Escorts

Masseuse/masseur in saunas/massage parlours


Porn actors/actresses

Glamour models

Presenters/hosts/dancers for adult channels on digital TV

Sex chat-line operators



Topless bar staff

Topless cleaners


Mud wrestlers/cat fighters

Dance troupes (e.g. burlesque, Chippendale)

Acceptable Jobs within the Adult Entertainment Industry

20. The Wage Incentive can be considered for jobs placed within the adult entertainment industry but must only be for the purposes of:

Selling (retailing), manufacturing and distributing of adult entertainment products

Jobs which are acceptable include:

those involved in the sale, manufacture, distribution and display of sex related products;

auxiliary workers in lap/pole dancing clubs – e.g. bar staff, door staff, receptionists or cleaners;

auxiliary workers in strip clubs – e.g. bar staff, door staff, receptionists or cleaners;

auxiliary workers in saunas/massage parlours e.g. bar staff, door staff, receptionists or clearers;

glamour mode photographers;

web-cam operators;

TV camera operators, sound technicians, producers/directors for adult channels on digital TV;

TV camera operators, sound technicians, producers/directors for pornographic films. If any doubts arise about the suitability of a job please contact your performance manager for advice. Updated 31/12/13 v10 5