Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I hope people wont think me selfish for wanting something for myself instead of wishing for World Peace, but I'll have to explain myself from a Biblical point of view.

The Bible doesn't teach that World Peace is going to happen, though of course we may dream of it, wish for it and pray for it as much as we like. No matter how much we desire it, sadly, World Peace is a desire that is like a carrot on a stick, always just out of reach. That doesn't mean we should do our very best to try to achieve world peace in our own little lives, and we should all obey God and try our best to love one another as much as we can, as He said to do, hard as it often is. We should model our own lives on our God who became human for our sakes to show us how to live, the Lord Jesus Christ.

So of course I want World Peace, but I am also wanting something which IS achievable, and very personal to me.

I want an unadulterated apology for the vile abuse I have suffered over the last 40 years from the Pindown and Secret Family Court cover uppers which includes MI5 and the police. And this time I DON'T want someone from Stafford Police coming round my house trying to trick me into signing pencilled in stuff in her police notebook. I am disgusted they even tried to pull that one off, not just because its nasty, but its demeaning to my intellegence.

I want that apology that I ought to have had 40 years ago.


Zoompad said...

I have been talking to a lady on Twitter who was also persecuted in the Secret Family Courts.

I don't know all her circumstances, but she was befriended with one of the abusive two faced scum bags who offered to help her as a McKenzie Friend, and then stabbed her in the back.

That mans name is Jerry Lonsdale, and he was one of them who was attacking me on Mothers for Justice (along with Nigel Oldfield) because I was posting about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager being paedophiles (which they were) and that lot kept telling me to shut up and calling me nasty names because I wouldn't shut up about what Gardner Underwager and the other so called Fathers Rights (the FMSF) had done.

Zoompad said...

John Hemming was on Mothers for Justice at that time, and he witnessed all the abuse those bastards gave me, and did nothing to stop them.

Anonymous said...

My new year started badly.
My son was 33 years old 7 years back, hada good job a fiancee and
a flat and a sports car.
His employed called in the staff and sacked them all and employed foreign labour, his fianceee said i am not paying for the flat and went to livewith a secret boyfreind, my son could not get work had to sell his car, and became homeless
We took him in and after trying for hundreds of jobs, he became very silent and did not leave his room for months.
On new years day we found him dead in his room.
The government killed him just as surely as it killed all those young men in two world wars.

Anonymous said...


“We Are Bringing America The Plague,” Sigmund Freud told his colleagues when disembarking in New York in 1909 from Austria.

Freud soon established an elite…a kind of ‘apostolic succession.’

This succession began with the Jew, Alfred Adler, who established a psychoanalysis professorship at the Long Island College of Medicine in America in 1932.

Adler continued Freud’s subtle legitimizing of “bisexuality.”

And thus the so-called ‘Gay Rights Movement’ was born from the perverted Jewish hearts of Freud and Adler.

In 1956, a physician writing in The American Journal of Psychiatry remonstrated against the Jewish-intensive psychiatric field:

“Is it possible we are developing the equivalent of a secular church? A secular church supported by government monies, staffed by a genital-obsessed apostolate, dispensing a broth of atheism, hedonism, and perversion?”

This ‘genital-obsessed apostolate’ finds it fountainhead in the Jew Freud, whose treatment of “neurotic behavior” stems from his own admitted neurotic disposition.

Freud and his associates brought the plague to America. And Jews have spread the plague across America like a contagious disease.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

never ever sign under anything written in pencil.
Sign directly underneath the writing NOT as the bottom of the page.
Write your name in small case,
write the letters in front on it CV which means signed under duress
Do not let other people write for you, this is known in law as an allograph
Insist on reading what you sign.
read this again so you understand.

Pauline Barten said...

I hope you get your apology, it's the least they can do.
I cannot understand John Hemming not defending you.He does not add up to me.
All the best for 2014, Barbara.

Zoompad said...

"The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has also taken a financial hit, with some prominent corporate sponsors withdrawing support over the group's decision to keep in place a ban on homosexuals from serving as adult leaders.

This month, Lockheed Martin Corp, the top U.S. defense contractor, said it had halted donations to the Boy Scouts because of policies to exclude some gays from its ranks."

Thank you, thats a very interesting article, as it was Eagle Associates, which is part of Lockheed Martin, that was involved in organising the paedophile Richard Gardner to go on a world tour spreading his junk science theory Parental Alienation Syndrome which the Secret Family Courts round the world inclusing UK have used to enable aggressive and persistant paedophiles access to children, and make it virtually impossible for children to report child abuse that is taking place in their family.

Lockheed Martin were also given the UK Census contract, enabling this American military company to bully and threaten the citizens of the UK (including myself) to hand over all their personal details, or risk a big fine and/or a prison sentence.

So you can understand why I am sitting here shaking with fury reading the article you have posted. Thanks xx

Zoompad said...

"And Jews have spread the plague across America like a contagious disease."

Please don't. They werent all Jews, and its not fair that one massive group of people should be smeared with the blame for what a group of psycopaths pretending to be of the Jewish faith have done.

There were also people pretending to be Christians involved in this evil as well.

Zoompad said...

I've been reading Dr Judith Reismans research about Alfred Kinsey, Sexual Sabotage, and also The Myth Of A Guilty Nation by Albert Jay Nock, another book I have been reading is The Other Side of Evolution by Alexander Patterson.

Doing away with God means not having to follow His commandments.

The way I see it, is that there are people at the top who hate God, because God interferes in their being able to control vast numbers of people, because God demands obedience to His laws before any other man made laws, and some of His laws are clashing with the new man made laws.

That appears to be the way Dr Reisman and many other writers historians and researchers that are ignored by todays State education systems see things as well.

Zoompad said...

News Not In The News - Symposium 2011

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, a symposium will be held in Great Britain, made possible by Namaste Publishing. Titled News Not In The News, this event will bring together many a discipline and features Charlotte Iserbyt and Dr. Judith Reisman as keynote speakers.

Saturday, September 17, 2011, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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•Councils and Police are now private corporations run by large companies for profit, e.g. IBM.
•Common Purpose is now running: NHS, Police Councils, etc.
•Kinsey influenced Governments to sexualise children, destroy families.
•The purpose of the Education System is NOT to inform.
•EU threat to our Ancient Laws - how we have been betrayed. How this will affect you.
•EU threat to our health supplements and herbs. What can we do about it?
•Deliberate sexualising and debauchery of children.
•The control of the Banking System.

This event is supported by Namaste Publishing and the UK Column. Event flyer: PDF, event page: Facebook.

Zoompad said...

I should have gone to that to warn Dr Reisman what a two faced creep Brian Gerrish (MI5) is.

Him and John Hemming worm their way into genuine anti child abuse anti wickedness movements, and make them all go belly up

Zoompad said...

The other thing I would like for 2014 is to see Hemming and Gerrish both arrested for sedition and blasphemy. But that wont happen now because the gangsters have succeeded in knocking blasphemy off the statute books!

Anonymous said...

actually barbara i agree with the correspoindent who mentioned jews, they are the bibical synagogue of satan
thanks susan

Zoompad said...

I refuse to hate a whole massive group of people because of what a few psycopathic creeps have done.

Also, I have to remember that the Lord my God Jesus Christ was a Jew, so were Moses, and Abraham, and Daniel and Isaiah and all the other prophets

Zoompad said...

"I cannot understand John Hemming not defending you.He does not add up to me."

As he is an MI5 agent he adds up very well to me!

I hope you have a happy new year as well Pauline, God bless you xx