Saturday, 15 February 2014


I am reading Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, the reason I am reading this book is because I have had anonymous people come onto my blog trying to tell me that Hitler was a much misunderstood man, and that he has been unfairly portayed as a monster historically.

So I thought the best way to find out the truth would be by reading what Hitler actually wrote himself, in the book he published, Mein Kampf, which means My Struggle, which he wrote while he was in prison in 1923.

I haven't finished reading it yet, but so far what I have read has made me feel that there is a lot of truth in what the anonymous people are saying. However, I still think that what Hitler did was evil.

Hitler seems to have been genuinly motivated by a desire for godliness. He talks about the disgusting films and books that were being produced in his lifetime, and we can see for ourselves what he was talking about.

He said he didn't hate the Jews until he went to live in Vienna, and that his father didn't hate Jewish people and didnt bring him up to hate them. He said that he was influenced by a Christian Socialist lawyer called Dr Karl Lueger.

It's really difficult to get to the truth of who did what and who was good and who was evil, and I haven't even finished reading Adolf Hitlers book yet let alone done more than glance at who Karl Lueger was, but one thing I will say is that no-one has the right to murder or order to be murdered by someone else another human being, although I can well understand the feelings of people who have been treated in a foul way by child abusers and gangsters, I know that feeling very well indeed!

But the Lord Jesus Christ forbade us for taking the law into our own hands, and called every single one of us to follow him into blamelessness and holiness. Adolf Hitler may have had his reasons for the awful things that he did, but what he did was still wrong, and I for one will not make a hero out of him.

As for the Jews, looking at how Woody Allan and other Jews are being protected by their fellow wealthy Jews, it makes me so amazed that they are doing that. How on earth can a man who slept with and eventually married his own daughter not be denounced and excommunicated by the people whose faith he blackens the very name of? It seems to me that the Jews need to put their own house in order, just as the prophet Jeremiah spoke to the chosen race, God's persecuted messenger, persecuted by his own people, for telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

Brbara thankyou, we love you for the way you handled what happened to you and for finding the truth about hitler that we all know, but the next hurdle may be a tough one for you and its here

Zoompad said...

Sorry to dissapoint your brainwashing plans for me, but I do know that Jesus Christ is alive and that the Holy Bible is true.

I don't actually care if none of you love me or hate me, I do know Jesus is alive and that He loves me, and that will do for me.

Hitler did evil, he was arrogant and ruthless and he was a murderer. Just because I can see that he had good reason to hate the Jews doesn't mean he should have actually done it, Jesus said we weren't to hate our enemies. Its a very difficult thing not to hate those who persecute you, seemingly impossible, but with God everything is possible.

If you were my friend Anonymous you would not be tempting me to do evil by trying to make me hate the Jews. I'm already having a big enough struggle trying not to hate but to do what Jesus said, and pray for my enemies to repent and be saved from eternal damnation instead. Can't you see what a difficult struggle that is for me, after all that I have been through?

My true friends would be encouraging me in my walk with God, not trying to shake my faith and making me hate!

Zoompad said...

I pray for you, that your eyes will be opened, and that you will see that you are grieving the Holy Spirit by constantly trying to trip one of the Lords children up

Anonymous said...

your hatred of hitler shows through, dont you know he fought evil, ? we would not be in the ste we were if we had kept to the agreements we made under nevile Chamberlain.
may god open your eyes barbara
with love
Jason Cannon

Anonymous said...

homosexual spectrum disorders can be cured
BTW barbara i have come to the conclusion that the commenters here are right hitler was a good man

Zoompad said...

Jason, if you could see into my heart you'd realise its not hatred of Hitler that drives me to write what I've written. I shouldn't have called him Shitler, I dont have the right to do that and shouldn't have said it.

I'm reading Hitlers book to try to understand why he did what he did. I'm doing my best to understand! Whats coming accross very strongly is that Hitler hated sexual perversion and that he had high moral ideals, and yet that man sanctioned his high officials to commit mass murder, which puts the blood of the innocents that were murdered all over his own hands.

But when people come here and try to brainwash me into believing that a ruthless mass murderer was a good man, well, I'm just not going to be brainwashed into believing that black is white.

If Hitler had followed Jesus Christ he would never have allowed the masses to worship him and shout Heil to him, he would have been horrified to do that, and instead would have pointed the masses to the only man who has ever been and will ever be worthy to accept the glory, the gentlest kindest man who ever lived, who chose to suffer a dreadful death upon a wooden cross after a mockery of a trial, in order to show the peoples of this planet what a bunch of sinful black hearted creatures we really are.

Zoompad said...

Hitler was not a good man, he was a sinful man, an arrogant man who led people into the paths of darkness instead of the light. He was like Darth Vader.

Zoompad said...

I'm watching the Matthew Shephard story on telly right now.

As usual, the true version of events seem to have been twisted and concealed, just as what happened to Stephen Gateley was.

So many secrets!

Zoompad said...

Yes, homosexuality can be cured, just as any other mind disorder and addiction.

But those who would like to heal these people who in the main appear to be child abuse victims are attacked and falsely accused of bigotry.

Zoompad said...

They've even got Elton John playing that hetrophobic propaganda Matthew Shephard film out, the same man who tried to purchase a little blond haired boy from a Ukraine child laundering centre!

Zoompad said...

Stop trying to brainwash me into making me a fan of Adolf Hitler - it's not going to happen, not ever.

And stop wordtwisting me as well - its nothing to do with me personally hating Hitler - it's my unwavering walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why are you coming here trying to smash my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?

Anonymous said...

The stephen gately tragedy needs to come out, there were so many rumours at the Sun news paper where i was working, i also believe you cant accept what is said about hitler, even my vicar who is a very good man but elderly now says the same thing

Zoompad said...

I'm reading Hitlers own book that he wrote, and from what I am reading I can well believe that he was fully aware of the horror he was inflicting on those poor people who were put into death camps.

So don't you try to brainwash me into making a hero of that murderer.

As for the Sun, I called the editor of that mouthpiece of the wicked years ago, I think it was in 2005, and I told him that there were secret courts in this country and that they were using syndromes that had been invented by American paedophiles posing as Fathers Rights campaigners as expert evidence against protective mothers and their children. His response was a sort of sucked in breath noise and a long silence, followed by "I can't touch that story" and an abrupt end to our telephone conversation.

He knew.