Monday, 17 February 2014


I want to know why God is letting wicked people and demons persecute me.

Job asked the same question.

Why does God allow children and babies be abused? Why does God let murderers get away with it?

Why am I sitting here sick, and why do I get ill so much?

Why are paedophiles employed by MI5 allowed to spy and harass child abuse victims?

Why is every politician in the UK allowing this to happen?

Why is God allowing it to happen?

I'm asking God these questions, and I expect there will be creepy people coming here pretending to be God answering them, but I already know what God's voice sounds like, so God help me not to be tricked!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

God does not interfere, if he started where would he stop, this earth is the lowest sphere above hell.
I am learning about child abuse from blogs like this and i am grateful, what triggered my interest was meetinga man who grew up in barnados homes where homosexuals would come every single day and choose boys, this idea that men go with men is just not true, men want to go with boys, and its sick

Zoompad said...

God answers prayers, and therefore he does interfere.

Anonymous said...

Though you were against abuse? Yet, you continue to perpetuate hatred and abuse many. Homosexuality is no more a disorder than heterosexuality.

"Be less horrible to one another..."

(and stop conflating homosexuality with paedophilia - completely different things. Besides most paedophiles also identify as heterosexual -but that is no reason to hate all heterosexuals is it?! Work to stop the abusers, the paedophiles, focus on the bad, not the average non-abusing person)

Zoompad said...

"Yet, you continue to perpetuate hatred and abuse many"

No I don't! I am just a Pindown child abuse victim trying to stand up for herself and not be battered down by anonymous cowardly bullies, of which you are one, who are desperatly trying to cover up the Pindown child abuse and the continuing abuse of the victims of that abuse!

Who are you anyway? If you're going to come stirring up trouble on my blog you're going to have to do it in a less anonymous way, because I am not posting any more of your comments.

And your creepy friends comment is going as well.

Zoompad said...

There, gone.

And you can tell all your pals if they want to write rubbish on blogs to do it on their own as I dont want any of it here thank you very much!

Zoompad said...

" "


You've overreached yourselves again, I've never even heard of Ellen Page until now, but now I see what you're trying to do, you've played this trick before, you're trying to make out that I am "homophobic" (which I am not and never have been) so you've posted this video to try to drag this lady into the argument which I am having about PAEDOPHILES!!!

Fiona reay said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi folks if you read the works of Psychiatrist Joyce Mcdougall who did much rescue work on homosexuals, you will see how closely linked homosexuality is to pedophilia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, i am a devout Christian, and the bible explains how wrong it is to practise homosexuality and i cat understand why the government is promoting it and explain its increasing by 5% per year due to government suport

Anonymous said...

Dr John Oddy
Shelford Drive
Kings Lynn

I am an expert in these matters
and let me explain something, the genitals ofa female are not "live" until puberty, to a pedophile it does not mater too much whether the child is a boy or a girl, because he wants their bottom, e g gay sex, this is the link that is hidden
that pedophilia is linked to homosexuality

Zoompad said...

"Fiona reay said...
Well said. Anonymous .I came on this blogger to thank for article that she published about me.I thanked her for that She wrote it jan feb 2011 ."

What article? Post a link here if thats true.

All I know is that trolls are making my life a misery, on Twitter on Facebook and here as well. I've even had them trying to brainwash me into worshipping Adolf Hitler these last few days!

If you're not one of the trolls then why does your avater not even have any posts, it just leads to nothing at all!

Zoompad said...

There shouldn't be a single penny of taxpayers money going to "Gay Pride"

This evil government has awarded Tatchell and his gang money to go and stir up trouble at Sochi as well.

Zoompad said...

And, "Fiona Reay", if that is really your name, which I very much doubt, because I know that real people have been getting their identities stolen, I've had this scam pulled before with trolls masquerading as other people, they've even done it to me, writing to newspapers using my name, saying things using my name that I would never have said, I would also like to politely request that you F the F off my Twitter account, and stop stalking me on there as well.

Anonymous said...

Gosh barbara it sounds like you are being stalked, the older i get the less i belive about hitler so i agree with you there.
I read up a bit about pindown
and whata horrid thing, i ean who thinks up thes ethings, i told my husband and he was appalled.
anyway sorry queers and trolls are harassing you barb
love carol x

Anonymous said...

the plan to distory sexuality and promote homosexuals is an old one

Anonymous said...

I think the removed comments
are from homosexual trolls ?
if so we have a right to see them
to know what they are saying but all this sexual debauchery is part of the NWO agenda, you know about the new world order barbara ?
Hitler fought them and wanted to keep morality intact.

Zoompad said...

Yes I do know all about the New World Order, I first heard about it (but didnt understand it) when I lived in Birmingham in the 1980s, I read the Christian Chick Publication leaflet about it, so when i heard Gordon Brown talking about it I was amazed, because he is also a Christian but he doesn't seem to understand how evil it is, or does he, I dont know, I did think Gordon Brown was not an evil man

Anonymous said...

Peter Tatchell was funded money for his pro-homosexual groups by New Labour jews Patricia Hewitt who is a rampant lesbian, Jack dromey and Harriet Harman who watch porn kiddie films and charge it to the public, remember that one ?

Anonymous said...

I thought that you were a nice person why would MI5 or 6 be interested in you Or did you mean MFI

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
I thought that you were a nice person why would MI5 or 6 be interested in you Or did you mean MFI

21 February 2014 08:45"

Thats my point, MI5 shouldn't be interested in me, because what MI5 are supposed to be getting public funding for is to protect the people of this country.

So when they're stalking and harassing Pindown child abuse victims, and giving people like Jimmy Savile the means to not only prey on vulnerablepeople EVEN IN HOSPITALS AND CHILDRENS HOMES, and giving people like David Rose and John Hemming public money so that those people can cover up the abuse and also activly and cruelly persecute the victims of that abuse, well, I'd like to know why this is happening and also when its going to ever stop, BECAUSE I AM SICK TO THE BACK TEETH OF IT!

As for wether I am a nice person or not, whats that got to do with the price of cheese? I'm a victim of serious crime, wether I'm nice or not nivce has nothing to do with anything, as even nasty people, even grumpy as hell people have the right (or are supposed to have the right) to access to the laws of this land and the justice system! Even murderers get that much, and I am not a murderer!

Zoompad said...

Still, at least you've stopped stalking me on Twitter now.

Trouble is, even more creeps from TIME FOR CHANGE have started now.

Still, as they're stalking me I might as well use it to talk about the £54 million taxpayers money those scum bags have been given from this corrupt as hell government no doubt they'll be using that stolen money (its not Camerons money to give, it belongs to all the UK taxpayers) to harrass and stalk and persecute people like me even mor than they already are doing!

Zoompad said...

Cameron really likes giving evil people loads of other peoples money to cause trouble with, he gave a fat cheque to Tatchell and his gang to stir up trouble in Russia

Zoompad said...

I suppose there is probably some sort of a code of honour amongst all the gangsters.

Anonymous said...

why would MI5 be interested in barbara ?
becuase years ago we had a truth campaigner who warned of the very threats of perversion we see now,
this lady, Mary Whitehouse was being tipped off by various people in the media and the BBC about the proliferation of perversion we see now.
keep up the good work barbara dont let a few scummy homosexuals put you down

Zoompad said...

Thanks, I will, even if it's only to fight my own corner.

My home town is under threat now, Staffordshire County Council are trying to close down the excellent youth services that provide youth clubs in the Staffordshire area, and our libraries. A councellor called Ian Parry is pushing this, and Ian Parry isn't being as open as he should be about his vested interests.

As someone who has been personally dragged through the secret (therefore illegal) family courts for 7 years at great public expense Mike Prendergast I think thats how his name is spelt of the Conservative Association confirmed that the secret family courts are costing £billions to run, and my case cost at least £200,000 tacpayers money which could have been spent on something nice for all the children in Stone rather than in making my life a living hell for 7 years

MI5 are covering up a lot of stuff, its not just me who they are persecuting, its anyone who happens to get in their way. MI5 is supposed to be an organisation which is there to defend the people of this country, well its not doing that, its full of really wicked men who have a different agenda to the one taxpayers are stumping up their wage packets for!

Zoompad said...

I used to think MI5 was an organisation which had no concerns with people like me, but its not true, MI5 are covering up crimes committed against children in care!

Zoompad said...

I am spitting mad about what Ian Parry is doing to my home town, trying to wreck it, him and his friends.

Stone is a nice town but it wont be a nice town for much longer if Parry and his pals get their way, it will be a ghost town, if the youth service library and bus services go down the pan.

Parry is friends with Lord McNally, he invited him up to Oak Tree Farm (noticed that ACORN are involved in that, I hope the disabled people are not being exploited there as ACORN have a track record of exploiting young people, plus election fraud and giving dodgy donations to war criminals like Tony B Liar) God knows why that man has been made childrens minister, because I certainly dont.

Zoompad said...

"keep up the good work barbara dont let a few scummy homosexuals put you down"

They're not homosexuals, they are paedophiles, the homosexuals know I'm not attacking them, it's the paedophiles who hide behind a mask of pretending to be homosexual when all they are interested in is children who are doing this.

Thats why they sent me a video of that sportswoman who has "come out". They are desperatly trying to falsely accuse me of homophobia, which I am not and never hav been, I dont care who sleeps with who as long as they are grown ups, I really dont, its absolutly none of my business, as long as people aren't pushing it down my throat every 5 minuites, I really dont care.

But I am furious angry, as every decent human being should be, about people who molest children

Zoompad said...

And I believe President Putin said pretty much the same thing to Tatchell's gangsters last week at Sochi

Anonymous said...

I'm fionas daughter and she is not stalking you as i also believe MI5 will not be stalking you either as they will have more important things to deal with so....i politely request that you fuck off,get over yrself and get a life

Anonymous said...

to think patricia hewitt harriet harman and jack dromey were funneling our money to that dreadful man tatchell makes me sick, but it proves the link between the jews sponsoring the pedos, they did this in germany so hitler had to bring in child protection laws and those who broke them went into the work camps

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
I'm fionas daughter and she is not stalking you as i also believe MI5 will not be stalking you either as they will have more important things to deal with so....i politely request that you fuck off,get over yrself and get a life
22 February 2014 07:10 "

Well you tell your mum that someone has set up a fake Twitter account using her identity then, because the person on Twitter calling themselves Fiona Reay is still stalking me on Twitter, and if you don't believe me go on Twitter and take a look for yourself!

MI5 are stalking all us Pindown abuse survivors, and so is a person calling themselves Fiona Reay, if thats not your mum it is someone who has stolen her identity

Where can I fuck off to by the way? Its no use telling me to fuck off when Im here on my own blog and my own Twitter account, getting stalked by creeps!