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Was Jesus Gay?


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The sexuality of Jesus Christ is queried.

Was Jesus queer? We don't know. But it is a possibility that cannot be ruled out. One version of St. Mark's gospel - which is still the subject of academic dispute - alludes to Jesus having a homosexual relationship with a youth he raised from the dead.

According to the US Biblical scholar, Morton Smith, of Columbia University, a fragment of manuscript he found at the Mar Saba monastery near Jerusalem in 1958, showed that the full text of St. Mark chapter 10 (between verses 34 and 35 in the standard version of the Bible) includes the passage:

"And the youth, looking upon him (Jesus), loved him and beseeched that he might remain with him. And going out of the tomb, they went into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days, Jesus instructed him and, at evening, the youth came to him wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God".

The veracity of this manuscript is hotly contested by other Biblical scholars. This comes as no surprise. The revelation of a gay Jesus would undermine some of the most fundamental tenets of orthodox Christianity, including its rampant homophobia.

But even if the text is genuine, does this ambiguous, elliptical passage offer evidence of Jesus's homosexuality? It is hard to say. The precise nature of the relationship between Christ and the youth is not spelled out. Sexual relations are suggested but not explicitly stated.

The Morton Smith document is, in fact, irrelevant to the vexed issue of Christ's sexual orientation. What we can say for certain is that the standard, accepted Biblical narrative gives us no information at all about Jesus's sexuality.

This absence of firm information does not, of course, mean that we can take it for granted that Christ was heterosexual. Far from it! The lack of information about his erotic inclinations begs more questions than it answers.

The truth is that we simply don't know whether Jesus was straight, gay, bisexual or celibate. There is certainly no evidence for the Church's unspoken presumption that he was either heterosexual or devoid of carnal desires. Since nothing in the Bible points to Christ having erotic feelings for women, or relationships with the female sex, the possibility of him being gay cannot be discounted.

In the absence of any evidence - let alone proof - that Jesus was heterosexual, the theological basis of Church homophobia is all the more shaky and indefensible. How can established religion dare denounce homosexuality when the founder of its faith was himself a man of mysterious, unknown sexuality who could, for all we know, have been homosexual?

The Bible tells us that Jesus was born a man and therefore presumably had male sexual feelings. It would have been more or less impossible, biologically, for him not to have an element of erotic arousal - even if only having the normal male response of waking with an erection.


Zoompad said...

God cursed those who try to add or take away from the Word of God.

They are so arrogant and defiant of God, they are smearing even Jesus with their accusations of Him being gay!

No wonder Gordon Brown didnt stand a chance!!!

Zoompad said...

I ought have been a bit kinder to Gordon Brown instead of losing my temper over his inability to face up to these absolute scoundrels.

I ought have kept my temper.

Zoompad said...

"Since nothing in the Bible points to Christ having erotic feelings for women, or relationships with the female sex, the possibility of him being gay cannot be discounted."




Zoompad said...

Peter Tatchell and his creepy crafty diddling associates need to repent of this awful damning blasphemy, and that is what the church leaders ought to be telling him.

But they're not. They mince round and don't come out with the truth, because they've all got so much to hide themselves.

God sees everything!

Anonymous said...

Barbara gay means frivolous amusing and light, if you mean homosexual then please say so.
Some say jesus was married to Mary magdalen, others that he was from mars venus etc
peter tachell was so corrupt even new labour refused to let him stand as a candidate when he had the finacial backing already in place.
the mans a perv

Anonymous said...

Boy George the weirdy odd-bod singer has said on radio that he was himself a rent boy, and has many times used young boys, he said Peter tatchell was not to be trusted as there were "many rumours " there that tells you

Zoompad said...

"Barbara gay means frivolous amusing and light, if you mean homosexual then please say so."

Ok, sorry, you're quite right, of course we should be reclaiming our language from these corruptors.

Zoompad said...

Jesus never married, and he certainly never defiled any woman by having sex with them without marrying them either, he was so full of purpose of his mission in life as the Son of God to have ever blotted his own life by doing such a selfish thing.

Some people might think I'm being straight laced by saying such a thing, but it IS selfish to give and demand someone's love without having any intention of faithfulness, just because thats the way the world goes these days doesn't mean to say it is right! Having sex with someone and then just casting them aside like a worn out shoe and getting another reveals a shallow heart, and Jesus was an intensly passionate man, there was nothing shallow about him at all! He would never have done anything like that, it would have been completly out of character for a start off.

Zoompad said...

Reading what Peter Tatchell has written about Jesus makes my blood boil.

Isn't it enough for Tatchell that Jesus was murdered (after an illegal trial in the middle of the night)? Why does he have to have his name blackened as well?

Tatchell and his friends are only doing this so they can try to justify their own sins. We've ALL done stuff wrong - I hold up my own hands in this, I've done things wrong as well, every human being on the planet has, apart from the innocent little babies who had their lives snatched away - but thats no excuse for trying to cover it up by telling lies about Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ was as innocent as a baby, and Peter Tatchell is a liar!

Anonymous said...

Funy you mention him because in the canteen at work last week we hada secret vote for the most obnoxious man we could think of
hes the vote
35 Tony Blair
14 Obama
19 Peter Tatchell
7 Peter Mindyourson
3 dont knows.
pretty good eh ?

Anonymous said...

barbara i wanted to tip you and readers off about something i learnt ysterday.
Peter Tatchell gets secret funding from a young peoples pop festival called shambala, now remember this man has campained for legal sex between men and boys, to find out this event helps fund this vile man made me feel sick

Anonymous said...

We are fed such crap by the media, that homosexual men an d girls can be best freinds, studies show that homosexual men are jealous of women and actually often hate them,
Psychologists tell us that Homosexuals hate heteros because they are jealous of them well my uncle had abused several boys but asked for treatment and after much counselling and therapy he now says hes cured and hates his past.If he can do it so can others

Anonymous said...

A further 19 hospitals are investigating the times when jimmy saville was present and checking young kids statements to see if any were sexually molested ay that time,
Mmong the childrens complaints was a man aged 71 who was very frail and claims savilly rolled him over in bed and raped him.
Accusations that saville was innocent and the acuusations are just malious anti-semitsm
are being dismissed

Zoompad said...

Thanks for the tip off about Shambala,d.d2k

So sad to see Lush Cosmetics are involved, I will be boycotting their products from now on:

If Lush had wanted a genuine charity to support, they probably would have been hard pushed to find one nowadays as the Gay Rights brigade seem to have taken over or at least infiltrated most of them, even Help the Aged!!!

Zoompad said...

This year, in the Rebel Soul tent, Shambalans voted to award £5000 from the Lush Charity Pot. The audience packed the Rebel Soul tent to hear short pitches from ten of Britain’s most important and passionate campaigns. After listening to these pitches, the audience selected five groups to receive £1,000 each. There was a moment of tension and excitement at the end as a draw was announced, so Lush decided to give away an extra £1,000!

The winners were:

Northern Save Justice coalition, to campaign about the Government’s planned cuts to Legal Aid

Yorkshire CND, to campaign about the £100 billion Trident replacement

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium to organise a peaceful mass trespass at Kirkcudbright Training Centre (KTC) in Dumfries, Scotland where depleted uranium is being tested

Green and Black Cross Legal, to send legal observers to support protesters at fracking and road protests and to train new legal observers to support those arrested at protests

Peter Tatchell Foundation, to promote dialogue and understanding between Muslim and LGBT organisations and individuals

Maggie Smith Bendell, a Romani gypsy who campaigns tirelessly for gypsies and travellers



Zoompad said...

There are Christians and there are Muslims, and there are Buddists, then there are pretend Christians and pretend Muslims and pretend Buddists.

The genuine Christians and Muslims and Buddists have hearts filled with a desire to do the will of God, and are driven by compassion.

The fake Christians and Muslims and Buddists have no faith in God - they are athiests, and they are driven by greed and lust.

God said those who seek will find. If you seek God you will find Him. If instead you chase plot plan and kill to get money, no doubt you'll get that too, but it will; cost you our eternal soul.

Some people are like Esau, and they don't value their eternal destiny.

Zoompad said...

I did a typo, I said it will cost you our eternal soul, what I really meant to say was your eternal soul.

But in a way, its true. The human race is actually one big family, and Jesus laid down His life for every member of it, even Judas, even Hitler, even Scandalson, even Tatchell, even Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager.

The sad thing is that once all these people were blameless little babies. No doubt bad things happened to all these people to make them turn evil, things that perhaps only they and God really know about.

But every one of these people is responsible for misery and destruction all over the planet. They all followed their own sinful desires and inclinations instead of putting their faith in the Lord Jesus. Judas sold Jesus to those who he knew were planning to kill him, Hitler sanctioned powerful and wicked men to destroy innocent people and babies, Scandalson and Tatchell have used politics to cover their own evil deeds and inclinations and winked their eyes at the murders of whistleblowers, and those other two hated women they had never even met so much that they have made it dangerous to be a child or a mother in this day and age.

Zoompad said...

"Shambhala is ruled over by Lord Maitreya. The Kalachakra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish "Dark Forces" and usher in a worldwide Golden Age."


Zoompad said...

Suddenly, Aangirfan's strange behaviour is beginning to make sense to me.

I don't know who runs Aangirfan's blog, but I suspect it is something to do with this.

Zoompad said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara my ex boyfreind and i were at Shambla when the voting was cast, no one voted for what they said was to educate muslims and christians on the rights of those sexually disadvantaged
the real way the money is spent was on pro homosexual propaganda.
I know as my old boss was a homosexual and incidentally he would brag in the mornings of young boys he had the night before

Anonymous said...

this article shows the lie that russia is ani homosexual, what it is however is anti the teaching of homosexuality to its people

Anonymous said...

I se Peter Tatchell mentioned here, wasnt he named as being at elm house the boy brothel ?

Anonymous said...

hello Barbara, we cannot understand how peoples like this man Tatchell they be allowed to abuse boys and get away with it ?
in Africa the preists they talk about this from the pulpit to the peoples and he would be run out of town.
Why english peoples they allow this, any god fearing peoples would put a stop to this eveil

Anonymous said...

more on that evil poofter greville janner

Zoompad said...

Lattoya, we don't allow it, it's our blasted evil God hating Government that is doing this, not the UK people.

Most ordinary people in the UK want to see warmongering perverts like Tatchell put into jail.

We don't have a proper working justice system here in the UK any more, whistleblowers and child abuse victims are more likely to be jailed than paedophile gangsters.

Zoompad said...

Thanks for the link, but I am pretty sure Frank Beck is one of the BFMS perverts, I stand corrected if I am wrong

Zoompad said...

If I'm wrong about Frank Beck, then I'm sorry.

It's so very very hard to get to the truth, the paedophile gangsters are as crafty as hell

Anonymous said...

Hitler is not the man you read about in cheap news rags, the real man can be read on the david irving website.
David Icke has upset many people as he keeps having Peter tatchell
on, this has lost him much support and we now see what a fake icke is

Anonymous said...

I was sickened to see shambala festval sponsors Peter tatchell in secret, but so does david icke.
Boy nobbing is more popular now than ever thanks to all the sponsorship
sick people

Zoompad said...

I don't have anything to do with David Icke because I think he is a tricker.

I did think he was a nice man, and I met him at the Trafalger Square anti child abuse rally that Brian Clare and Ian Evans did that creepy trick on me at a few years ago. David Icke must have recognised me because he came right over and opened his arms to give me a bear hug, and I gave him a copy of my book "Tip"

But he's never once mentioned that book, and anyone who really gave a damn would have, I know what I've written in that book, it's a really powerful book. Anyone who gave a damn would have definatly been moved by what I wrote in that book and got back to me, but he didn't, and I don't exactly hide, do I, everyone knows who I am, that big yellow dress I used to wear made me stand out a mile, which is why I used to wear it, as I wanted to be noticed, I wanted to shine a light so bright to shine all the dirty dark corners of the PINDOWN child abuse and cover up, so that it can be stopped for ever and never happen to any more kids like I was ever ever again.

But he never contacted me. He had my book but although he invites scum like Tatchell onto his show he never once has invited me.

He could very easily have contacted me via this blog, or even if he said he wanted to talk to Zoompad to anyone, anyone would tell him here I am, but he never has.

No-one could read that book Tip and be indifferent, I know what I've written and its a very powerful book, I could feel the energy as I wrote it.

So I don't bother going onto David Ickes website, I don't want to waste my time, and I certainly don't want anything to do with anyone who gives that disgusting slimy warmongering troublemaker Tatchell a public platform either!

Zoompad said...

I have been following the William Roach trial.

I think it is very cunning what the paedos are doing, and I sort of agree with John Ward on this, although I do not likie at all the way John Ward has written about it, because I think there are very few people who falsely claim to be abused or raped, and those that do are probably mentally ill.

But I agree that the cases coming up for prosecution are not the worst ones. I don't think William Roach can be a very nice man, from what I have read about him, and what he has himself said, but no-one has accused him of going into childrens homes and raping the children that were incarcerated in cells, which is what was happening at Chadswell Assessment Centre (where I was on a Place of Safety court order) and other childrens homes.

So why are cases like his being brought forward for prosecution, ehen so many other cases are ignored or victims of them singled out for the hammering of a lifetime by MI5 cover up agents?

I know the answer to that question, and so should everyone else, as all you have to do is follow the dirty great trail of lawyers wage packets to know the answer!

I have made about £20 from the sale of my book "Tip" since it went on sale in 2007, and it cost me about £2000 to get it published. The perverts who snook onto MFJ accused me of being mercinary for advertising that book, and so I have never really pushed it, because I didn't want to give anyone good reason to accuse me of that, and I've given a lot of copies away, so I have actually made nothing at all from the sales of it, as I have had to pay for the copies that I gave away, so I reckon no-one can accuse me of being mercinary. I didnt realise it at the time, but it was the paedos who were accusing me of being mercinary.

Zoompad said...

I am writing a new book now, but it isn't anything to do with Pindown and I dont suppose the paedos will allow me to make any money out of this new one either, they will probably make damned sure it ends up blacklisted as well.

The new book is completly different from Tip, but like Tip it is a book which I hope will bring healing for institutional abuse victims, I hope it will bring joy and peace and healing for those that the MI5 bastards and paedos have smashed up.

Zoompad said...

The thing about Tip that I wanted to do was for people to see how a little child with good parents could have their life smashed and turned inside out by the so called Justice System.

We don't actually have a properly working justice system in the UK any more, because too many wicked people have snook in and they hold power over the others, its what Charlotte Bronte was talking about in her excellent book Vilette, when she wrote about the Jesuits.

My father was no saint, but he was a good father, and did his best to bring up his children to know right from wrong, and to be kind and gentle, and tread lightly on the earth, and that is not an easy thing for a poor working class manual worker with no prospects to do, but he did his best.

Dad was frightened for me when I became a Christian in 1984, he was frightened that I had become brainwashed by the Jesus People (who later became the Jesus Army)

I blamed my parents for a long time for my being abused, and it took me a long time for me to understand things from my parents side of the fence. Dad apologised to me for not being a better father just before he died, and that means a lot to me, that he said that, though by then I had long stopped blaming him and my mum for what happened.

Zoompad said...

I had to leave the Jesus Army, because they were bullying child abuse victims, not just me but other people.

They seemed to take great delight in seeing people fall apart, and they mocked me for weeping, which I did a lot, they mocked me and called me a POM (Poor Old Me) and a crybaby, which felt like needles being pushed into my heart when they did that.

In the end, I looked at them and I looked at Jesus, and it seemed to me that they didnt really measure up to the 2000 year ago man that they had taken their name from. The Jesus I was reading about would never have laughed at any vulnerable weeper, He wasn't like that at all, and would never have got any delight in mocking anyone who was broken and distraught.

The Jesus I know seems much like the Hairy Fairy I wrote about in my book Tip. I was wrong to laugh at that man when I was a child, he was kind and gentle, and I should never have joined in laughing. I know I've done wrong.

Zoompad said...

I don't want to pull the Jesus Army to bits, because I did meet some lovely souls in that place, and they did open the Bible up to me, and lead me to know the Lord Jesus.

Also, I can see that by laughing at the "Hairy Fairy", I was just as bad as they were, in a way, because that gentle and kind man had done nothing to me to make me mock and laugh at him.

The Lord showed me that, He spoke to my heart and showed me that I had also done wrong. The Lord shows you your own heart in a way you never knew before.

But the Jesus People are very wrong for not trying to put right the things that they have done wrong, and trying to cover things up by scapegoating the already broken people they smash up. That is wrong, and it makes people think that Jesus is nasty when they do bad things using His name.

Zoompad said...

I was also wrong to laugh at Platform Tom, and I am very glad my mum was kind to him.

I have no idea what happened to Platform Tom in the end, wether he carried on living in a house or wether he went back to being a tramp again, I just don't know.

What I do know is that the tramps I was so afraid of were not as frightening as the well groomed Pillars of Society that put me in a Pindown home and have covered up what they did to us Pindowns ever since. I find those people absolutly terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I did not know you wrote a book on your experiences barbara, that must make very sobering reading.
There is a bible group who all get drunk becuase they say jesus turned the water into wine so it must be ok, you can make it as you want and even say as tatchell does that christ was a pedo, but we all know thats bullshit.I read somewhere that Tatchell has been named as being at at two boy brothels, filthy bast**d

Anonymous said...

Hi barbara, the thing with David Icke is he takes all the credit for what the researchers do, some whistleblowers put their lives at risk to bring out the info and if you look at Ickes website its david this and david that, and never once does he mention anyone else.
Experts say the Holy grail of conspiracies is the holocuast now proved false and even admitted by some jews now, yet nevera mention from david, so is he fake ?
people say yes gotta be

Anonymous said...

Wendy asks:
"What are Young People to Do?"
February 7, 2014

Wendy, a sensitive and intelligent person,
brilliantly captures the social and financial challenges
facing young working class women today.

"I can easily imagine a future where everyone is queer, and children are conceived in test tubes. "
I've been reading your articles about feminism, and I have long agreed with many of your conclusions. I am a 20-year-old woman living in Georgia. I think traditional feminine roles should be honoured, and it is sad that they are now mostly ridiculed. However, it is difficult to survive as a traditional feminine woman. Most young men no longer make enough money to support a wife or children. And many traditional female occupations do not make enough.

First of all, I come from a broken family. My mother was always dominant and overbearing and my father absent and submissive. They were both violent towards one another and their children on a regular basis. They are divorced. I don't want my children to endure the childhood I endured.
I considered marrying the first man I had a serious relationship with. When we met, I was 18 and he was 30. We had similar values, a strong connection, and loved each other very much. However, he wasn't financially stable, and wanted to get married and have children, but couldn't even support himself very well between pay checks.

My parents hated that I was dating an older man, and frequently threatened us. Most of my friends were also shocked I would even date someone that old. But he was mature, and being with him was the most fulfilled I have ever felt in my life. I miss him, but have no way of contacting him.

Now I'm back in school and want to become a teacher. But it seems most intelligent young people are not having children anymore. A lot of my classmates and peers identify as homosexual. Some of them have even relied on making Homosexual and lesbian porn videos to pay their bills!


My boyfriend now is 25, and I'm 20. I really appreciated you pointing out that nowadays, perverted is cool and trendy. I've literally felt embarrassed having a boyfriend around some people, and feel pressured to say he is just a friend. And again, my parents don't approve of me dating him, and my friends don't understand why I'm dating him and won't even hang out with us, only me alone.

He comes from a big family with parents who are still together. He seems to believe in protecting and honoring women. We have been together six months though with no real promise of marriage. He also seems to want me to dress conservatively, but not too conservatively. He hates it if I cover my hair, and loves it when women wear boots, tight pants, short skirts, lingerie, etc etc.

He also loves women who are big and strong. I'm slender and not particularly strong physically. He also frequently begs me for gay e.g. anal sex. None of his siblings are married, though his 34-year old sister is engaged. We have discussed marriage, but he seems to find the idea of getting married at a young age laughable.

A lot of people in the town where I live are openly Homosexual, and this is the American South. I feel lost, and receive no meaningful Christian advice from my parents or any elders.

I want to be a teacher. I really wonder about the future of this planet, and about my own personal future and if I'll ever even be able to get married, much less have children of my own. I can easily imagine a future where everyone is queer and children are conceived in test tubes.

What a bizarre world we live in...

What can any of us really do to change this?

Anonymous said...

bil roach was bragging he had sex witha 1000 diferent people
is thata sick man or what ?
a man with morals that loose would no doubt have forced some of those victims
hes guilty alright

Anonymous said...

for some years my aunt was quite involved with christian spiritualism, now we were surprised when the Jews began to get deeply involved, and like the church of england and the catholic church the Jews began to promote homosexuality and homosexual mediums etc, the newspaper of the spiritualists was the psychic news and all members of staff except one were replaced with homosexuals, one old chap refused to go and he was a hetero, he was harassed on a daily basis, and eventually saw a solicitor who said the law is only for harassed homosexuals not for harassed heteros, so what he did was to take it to court and once it was there he then sprung it that he was a harassed hetero, the judge had a choking fit but could not ignore the mass of evidence so awarded him costs and a small sum but puta gagging order on it it so no news would get out ofa hetero winning a case against homos, the judge said the law is not there for heteros.
My aunt who used to run errands etc for the team at the psycic news used to go to a hotel on brighton seafront and abuse young boys there, the editors name was tony miller but as he had convictions for abusing boys in that name he used the name tony ortzen

Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

"Experts say the Holy grail of conspiracies is the holocuast now proved false"

Well I don't believe that either. There were death camps, and it's ridiculous anyone trying to pretend there weren't. In fact, it would be just as ridiculous trying to pretend there was no Holocaust as it would be to pretend there are no Secret Family Courts using PAS and other syndromes that were invented by wicked paedophiles such as Dr Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, but so called "experts" try to pull that massive lie as well, despite the swelling angry roar of victims of Secret Courts all round the world, including the UK!

Zoompad said...

Theres also been mass murder committed in the UK, and in other countries, only the mass murderer "experts" have tried to whiten their crimes by calling the murder medical proceedure instead, such as the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Zoompad said...

"There is a bible group who all get drunk becuase they say jesus turned the water into wine so it must be ok"

Jesus never said it was ok to get drunk! He told us to stay awake, so how on earth can anyone do that if they are blasting their body with a mind numbing drug? He did drink wine, thats true, but there is no account of him ever having so much wine that he had to be carried home!

This is the link to my book:,d.bGQ

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara, i would value your opinion on this awful story abouta young boy forced to work as a bumbadillo for homosexuals

Anonymous said...

I se the DJ Paul Gambacini who turned queens evidence to incrimiate other homosexual abuse of little boys, is about to be charged himself with crimes on young boys.
Whata filthy swine

Zoompad said...

"Now I'm back in school and want to become a teacher. But it seems most intelligent young people are not having children anymore. A lot of my classmates and peers identify as homosexual. Some of them have even relied on making Homosexual and lesbian porn videos to pay their bills!"

You've just reminded me of what I think is one of the most disgusting films I have ever seen, LOVE ACTUALLY. The whole film disgusts me, but in particular, the scenes between Colin and the American girls, and John and Judy.

This crappy film is dragged out of the closet every Christmas, as a "Feelgood romantic comedy", but I think it is a nasty piece of brainwashing to normalise the division of love and sex.

Anonymous said...

They were not death camps they were work camps, the clearing of bombed homes etc, was too valuable to be left to soldiers who were needed for the war effort
so pedos comies and jews who were against Germany were ideal for ths work, dont forget thousands of jews actually fought for hitler whom they saw as a very fair man, you cant believe the modern propaganda on the subject at all

Anonymous said...

They were not death camps they were work camps, the clearing of bombed homes etc, was too valuable to be left to soldiers who were needed for the war effort
so pedos comies and jews who were against Germany were ideal for ths work, dont forget thousands of jews actually fought for hitler whom they saw as a very fair man, you cant believe the modern propaganda on the subject at all

Anonymous said...

Look at the expression on JohnHemmings face, he looks like he has something up his bum ?
is he on drugs or what ?
but i wanted to say the TV chap Jon Snow says all the boys at his school were queer, that is a damn lie, homosexuality often develops as a personality disorder in the late teens and twenties, and just 2 % are homosexiual, figures for schoolboy queers and almost non existent

Anonymous said...

barbara i am new here and confess i have a lot to learn, would you please tell us in a few sentences about pindown as i need to learn more about this stuff
thankyou gemma

Zoompad said...

PINDOWN is just one of the names Governments have used over the years for the system of locking up already traumatised children and treating them harshly.

Governments have tried to justify Pindown/Borstal/Secure Units ect by libelling these children, claiming they were "delinquent" and therefore a menace to the rest of society. They have also used propaganda in the media to justify this regime of child abuse.

They have knowingly allowed some (not all) of the children in Pindown to be victims of further abuse. some of the children have been used as unpaid prostitutes, sex slaves.,d.d2k

It wasn't just Staffordshire this was going on, and it wasn't just 1983 to 1989, the reason that article says it was is because the rest of the Pindown victims have been reabused and denied their day in court, and some even hounded to their deaths.

Zoompad said...

MI5 has been reabusing the Pindown child abuse victims, and trying to cover the whole mess up for successive governments.

They have been allowed to treat Pindown child abuse as a military secret!

Anonymous said...

homosexual hate of heteros

Zoompad said...

"They were not death camps they were work camps, the clearing of bombed homes etc, was too valuable to be left to soldiers who were needed for the war effort"

FFS, surely you've seen the film footage of those poor people, they were living skeletons, the lucky ones who survived!

Anonymous said...

barbara you must see this great website, exposing the links between homosexuality and pedophilia, it is one and the same thing

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, living skeletons in the camps ?
the allies were bombing the food trains into the camps, Germany was blockaded and no food come come in the whole of Germany was starving, barbara please do some homework
we all love you but please get educated.

Anonymous said...

read this the jew tatchell is in good company

Zoompad said...

"Organized international pedophile rings have been and continue to be exposed by journalists and bloggers like aangirfan."

But Aangirfan has several times tried to justify paedophilia and had a right go at me for being "homophobic"!!!!!

Sorry but John Friend wants to do HIS homework, as all Aangirfan does is poach other peoples research and claim it as his/her/their own!!!

Zoompad said...

"the allies were bombing the food trains into the camps, Germany was blockaded and no food come come in the whole of Germany was starving, barbara please do some homework"

Explain away the piles of clothes they stripped off the newly gassed to death dead bodies then.

And the survivors of the camps, who talked about the horrific abuse they witnessed and suffered in the death camps.

I've read some of the horrible Eugenics books that were being written round about that time. I'm doing my best to try to educate myself on these horrors, wished I didnt have to, I hate reading those horrible peoples books, so dont you talk to me as if I'm a frigging idiot!

Zoompad said...

Not having a go at John Friend though, just livid that Aangirfanm and others take the credit for other peoples hard work, and while I was being ganged up on in the Secret Family Courts I was hardly getting any sleep because I was FORCED to try to find out why I was being torn apart by those fucking evil secret family court gangsters, I didnt know anything about Richard Gardner/Ralph Underwager and any of the rest of the FMSF/BFMS gangsters at that time.

Also, I was the one who initially found out about David Rose, not Rico Sorda, who didnt even have the courtesy to keep me informed about how Stuart Syvret was when he was jailed just before Christmas, and even if he'd had the 5 letters I sent to him. It was me who was doing FOI requests and reading through RTV award stuff, but I've been elbowed out of the way, so that other people can take credit for the research that I did. Not that I care about that, but it would have been nice if someone in Jersey would have had the decency to at least tell me if Stuart recieved those letters, and it would also have been nice if Stuart himself had had the courtesy to let me know if he recieved them himself, now he's out of jail, but he hasn't!

So excuse me if I seem a bit grumpy, I think I've got good reason to be!

Zoompad said...

So if you're trying to brainwash me into thinking Shitler was a very misunderstood decent sort of chap, and that the Holocaust was just a myth, well, you're going to have to do a lot better than that.

I've had enough of liars and history rewriters. I went to see the Staffordshire Fraud, and I had them trying to tell me the biggest load of codswallop I have ever heard, it was hard not to laugh out loud at some of the ridiculous crap the Staffordshire Fraud team were coming out with, the bionic eyes part was the best bit, and the chap could see I didn't believe him, so he tried the old push his face right into mine psychobabble tactic to try to force me to believe him, what an idiot!

Zoompad said...

I don't believe Hitler was what we were brainwashed into thinking he was at school though.

We we taught that Hitler, for no apparent reason whatsoever, suddenly decided to make himself king of the world by murdering loads of people, because he was a madman. That version of events was pretty much all I remember being taught about Hitler - no explaination on why or how he became mad.

That struck a chord with me, because I have had my whole life blighted by being accused of being s "rebel without a cause", as a teenager my parents tried to explain away the fact that I had been in a psychiatric hospital for about a year, and that I'd had to leave the good school I'd been attending before that, they hurt me even more by instead of telling people the whole story of how I had been trying to escape from being abused, they ommitted that part, so that it made me look like I had suddenly become rebellious and insane for no reason. I know it was hard for my parents to deal with what happened, but I feel as though I was the scapegoat for everything.

I suppose the same sort of thing happened to Hitler. The trouble is, what that man did was evil. He was a ruthless and arrogant man, and ordered executions and rounded innocent and harmless people up into death camps. I expect Hitler hated the disgusting perversions but why did he do that to innocent people and why did he get people to worship him as if he was God?

You can't beat evil with even more evil. The Lord Jesus Christ said that the truth will set us free.

Zoompad said...

Anyway, I don't need any anonymous cowards coming here trying to "re educate" me into believing Shitler was a nice misunderstood man, when I can see for my own self what a nasty bastard he really was, just by reading his own book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara i have not commented before but just as the truth about Pindown has been hidden in a tranche of lies, so has the truth about Hitler.
The Hungarian jews broke ranks last week and admitted the jewish holocaust was faked.
6 million died eh ?
well during that period over 4 million emigrated to the USA

Anonymous said...

"judge ye not lest ye be judged"
pleae watch this

Zoompad said...

"Hi Barbara i have not commented before but just as the truth about Pindown has been hidden in a tranche of lies, so has the truth about Hitler."

First, about the Pindown cover up: It's not so much about lies that has been the cause of so many of the Pindown victims agony, (mine included), it's the sneaky half truths. Allan Levy's Pindown report had part truth in it - the part that was missed out was the full extent of Pindown child abuse NOT JUST IN STAFFORDSHIRE BUT ALL OVER THE UK AND AT JERSEY, and the name changes of that cruel regime, which is STILL going on, it just keeps having a name change!

As for Shitler, well, I'm sure some people would love to rewrite history, but they can't, God sees everything. I wasn't even born when those horrible things happened, but there were plenty of witnesses, even the German people themselves have admitted to turning a blind eye to the atrocities.

So you can put that evil bastard on a golden pedestal if you want to, but you needn't expect me to, and you're never going to brainwash me into thinking black is white either!

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
"judge ye not lest ye be judged"
pleae watch this
13 February 2014 00:29 "

Oh, so you're back to the "Lets send Barbara a dodgy virus infested link so we can crash her computer tee hee titter" routine again are you?

You people really are the most pathetic bullying morons. You really deserve your hero Shitler!

Zoompad said...

I don't have to judge you, you're Creator will do that.

What a pathetic load of pigs you are!

Anonymous said...

I think what Tom Jones said about Peter tatchell stands the test of time-
" a queer little tosspot"