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Home Office Employee Ran Paedophile Ring #fernbridge

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The ‘driving force’ behind a paedophile group ran the organisation from the Home Office, according to a recently-discovered, archived newspaper article.
During a 1984 sexual offences case, an Old Bailey court heard that a security guard collated and distributed paedophilic material while working at the heart of government.
The Home Office employee, Steven Adrian Smith, then 29, also used his work telephone number to organise group meetings.
Discovery of the Glasgow Herald piece, from November 1984, reveals a court case against executives of a group called PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange).
Smith was the chairperson of PIE, using the name Steven Adrian, between 1979 and 1985. The other two most active members at the time were Peter Bremner, then 44, an electrician; and David Joy, a former teacher, then 43.
Bremner and Joy were charged with incitement to commit sexual offences against children, and sending an obscene article through the post.
They were found not guilty of the first charge but guilty of the second.
Steven Adrian Smith was to face similar charges at the same time but he had already fled to Holland. Prosecutors had been unable to obtain extradition as it was unclear if the offences were punishable under Dutch law.
Smith, according to Bremner’s testimony, published 'Contact', the group’s magazine. 'Contact' contained pro-child-rape material and also enabled subscribers to get in touch with one another.
Joy’s solicitor claimed Smith was the ‘powerhouse and engine room’ of PIE and had edited and printed the magazine.
Giving evidence for the prosecution was Charles Oxley, headteacher of a school in Hamilton, who had taken it upon himself to infiltrate PIE.
Oxley’s aim was to expose and stop PIE’s: ‘Disgusting aims to obtain social and legal acceptance of adult sexual relations with children’.’
He had been invited to two of PIE’s executive committee meetings. To keep the location secret, members had to telephone a number at the Home Office - the work number of Steven Adrian Smith.
Oxley told the court Smith was the ‘driving force of PIE’ and worked on offensive material while at the Home Office.
The obscene article, sent through the post, for which Bremner and Joy were convicted had been published in 'Contact' and was titled 'Intercourse'.
The 'Intercourse' article attempted to dispel fears that the rape of children was harmful to them.
During sentencing it transpired both defendants had previous convictions for paedophilia. Bremner had indecently assaulted three boys: two eight-year-olds; and a child aged five. Joy had previously been convicted of five cases of indecent assault on children.
For the exchange of the 'Intercourse' article, Joy was jailed, on November 15 1984, for 18 months, Bremner for 6 months.

Steven Smith worked as heating engineer at Home Office, he used their letterheaded paper to arrange meetings, his bosses knew he was a PIE member, they sacked him much later when NOTW exposed him. In 1975 PIE produced two docs with similar name..except one was meant for Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee it was called ‘evidence on the law relating to and penalties for certain sexual offences involving children” So a PIE member known by his bosses at Home Office as a member, of which that same organisation produces a document meant for Home Office which is about criminal law offences involving children…think that lot through..
i’ve posted on spotlight page about this if you look..
steven smith after being sacked at HO takes off and movesto holland...a US commitee complains of the vast amount of child porn coming from holland around then.
smith is followed by british press but are frustrated by laws in holland..

.When did smith start work at Home Office? was he a PIE member prior to becoming chairperson at PIE? was he connected to these two similar documents one destined for home office criminal revision committee?
or was it made up using Home Office stationery? why was smith ''the driving force at PIE..?
An item from P.A.N (paedo alert news) taunts Oxley suggesting he was ''blackmailed '' into infiltrating PIE because he was
a paedo himself.the paedos at spartacus do things like that a lot..most their themes are around ''uncaring parents' and that all paedos do is offer ''affection'' to poor kids..odd view of rape and torture if you ask me..


Zoompad said...

To me, the most chilling part of the Newsnight interview comes at 2.07: "NOT IF CHILDREN ARE PROPERLY EDUCATED"

Can you see what they have done?

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head here, they are education our children to be "homosexual freindly " police no longer remove homosexuals from outside boys schools, the old trick of "poofeteering " is back.
this is hanging about outside schools and the crime of "cottaging " is trawling public lavatories for quick sex with strangers, is now makinga return too

Anonymous said...

they are normalising perversion

Anonymous said...

Its true the comment which said they are normalising perversion is bang on the money
they did this in Germany untila certain mr hitler threw them out, we need someone like him to come and do a clean up here.
Asa lifelong christian it upsets me to hear people saying, only boys who deserve it get sexually abused, what poppeycock.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

Cab driver spiked 12-year-old's carton of Ribena before raping her during campaign of sexual abuse of schoolgirls
Ivan Craddock, 63, molested three girls in spate of attacks in 1970s and 80s
Court hears he gave one spiked drink and she woke up after being abused
He tormented victims by branding them liars and refusing to plead guilty

Jailed for 13 years at east London court today after convicted of six offences

ByRichard Spillett

Published: 17:12, 12 May 2014 | Updated: 07:53, 13 May 2014

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