Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Very very sad to hear about this kind and brave lady. Hope the police will arrest the ones who did it, but I don't expect they will, just like they didn't arrest the ones who murdered Richard Wise.


Anonymous said...

Hi barbara you were away from the site so long we were all worried.
We also think peaches was killed off as she was threatening to speak out.
BTW why should DJ paul gambacinni get immunity from prosecution just because he gave evidence against all those other homosexual DJs, he should aslo stand trial for all those boys he abused

Anonymous said...

who was richard wise barbara ?
I agree with the comment about paul gambaciini, he has been named several times as an accomplice to allan freeman the pervy DJ, why should he evade justice ?

Zoompad said...

I have just found out that Bob Geldof is a close friend of Tony Blair and George Bush.

I remember having a jumble sale at my home to raise money for Live Aid. We raised £35, I will never forget it, because my home was targetted for repeated burglaries afterwards, and my electricity meter was broken into three times, and I had to pay the money back, and being poor it was very hard for me. Stafford Police were absolutly hopeless, and although they caught the gang (who were neighbours of mine, who had pretended to be friends) I never got back any of the things or money they had stolen from me.

I wanted to help the people who were shown on television, the poor Ethiopian starving people, I just wanted to help, and it was hard to take what happened afterwards because I was targetted for a vendetta of repeated burglary, and Stafford Police knew who was doing it. I went to see the Chief of Stafford Police at the time to complain about how the police had taken too long to investigate my calls when I was broken into, and I remember him slamming a heavy file of papers onto his desk and saying how the moral fibre of the country was breaking down and the police couldn't cope. I felt sorry for him then, but if I could go back in time I would have told him to investigate his own work force.

I don't know whats happened to Peaches Geldof, but I do know that healthy 25 year olds do not suddenly for no reason at all drop down dead, it's not rocket science to know that much! Just as I know that a man in his 40s suffering from long term terminal liver cancer would never be able to sustain a hobby of running marathons and bound upstairs two at a time like a stag and always look so fresh faced and alert and hide his illness from his legal clients.

Zoompad said...

I did try to contact Bob Geldof years ago when I was going through the secret family court legal persecution that our family had to battle with over a 7 year period, but got no response.

Bob Geldof was a spokesman for Fathers 4 Justice, but I would not hold that against him as a lot of people didn't realise tht paedophies had taken over F4J, and he might not have realised, I knew because of the F4J paedophiles ganging up on me on Mothers for Justice when I found out all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I thought at first they were just men fighting for the right to have their family life, as I was, I realised gradually what they were from their utter determination to try to shove Gardner and Underwager under the rug, no decent person could know what those two wicked men have done and try to keep it silent.

Zoompad said...

I am still having my computer hacked, and the wicked ones are making up more and more elabarote and ridiculous stories to try to hide what they are doing to Pindown child abuse victims.

The mass surveillance, they try to make out that everyone is being spied on, well thats nonsense. Its targetted, the wicked ones know what they are doing, they try to hide it by making a muddy puddle. They target Pindown child abuse victims, they've tried so many things to smash me, they've tried to isolate me, they've tried to make me go crazy, but the Lord watches and in his pity for me he has delivered me from their hands, just as he promised to do so in Psalm 37, that promise I cling to, because I know the Lord Jesus Christ is alive. and I put my faith in the Lord my God, for deliverance from the hands of those who hate me for no good reason.

Zoompad said...

I am still waiting for my emotional wellbeing councelling sessions to start up again, I went to see them on 3rd February, thats over two months I've been waiting now.

Apparently they've had so many ATOS affected people referrals that they can't cope.

Its disgusting how people who are sick for no fault of their own are being treated, the mental health problems that the wicked ones are causing are like an avalanche, from a little tiny snowball, the wicked ones are causing huge pain to so many people, I dont want to knock the emotional wellbeing people because its not their fault if theres too many people, but it isn't my fault I have PTSD either, and the Lord wont take the pain away (though I've asked Him to so many times) I dont know why he cant just heal me of all the horrible pain and feelings of terror in my heart and panic attacks but perhaps he just doesnt want m to be swept under the rug, thats all I can think and He wont tell me or I just cant hear, I dont know!

Zoompad said...

I thought if I could only have an apology the pain and terror would go away, but they wont give me one and when the emotional wellbeing lady asked me what I wanted and I told her she pretty much said I'd never get an apology, but that doesnt stop me wanting one, to me it is like a golden pearl that I really really really want, an apology a PROPER no strings attached apology

Zoompad said...

Not like the one Dawn Franks organised where she tried to trick me into signing a pencilled in piece of rubbish in her police notebook, I dont even class that as an apology at all, trying to trick me into doing that cancells out the half hearted apology I recieved.

Zoompad said...

Richard Wise was my solicitor, he and Karen Lobeley and another lady whose name I can't remember, I think it might have been Michelle were helping me to find out who was responsible for abusing me when I was in care in Staffordshire as a child.


He was helping all th Pindown child abuse victims to find answers to why they had been abused and put onto the scrap heap, until he died vey very suddenly. The newspaper at the time I think it was the Sentinal said that he died of cancer of the liver, but that was rubbish, as he died really suddenly, I remember him coming round my house between a fortnight or a week before he died, and he looked awful, but normally he was really healthy looking, but because of the way I am I didnt realise at the time he was ill, I thought he was angry with me, I often confuse peoples emotions and get mixed up with them so I thought he was angry with me, that he thought I was lying about being abused, and thats why I remember how he looked at the time, but now I know he wasnt angry with me at all, he was just repeatedly questioning me as a lawyer must do to get to the absolute truth, and I felt really devestated when he died, because I now realise I had thought badly of him while he was trying to help me, because at the time was really upset about him seeming not to believe me about the abue, and the worst thing that realy upset me was when he asked me about why I had hit the horrible man who pulled my blankets off and hit me in the face back, and I got really upset with Richard over that, because I still dont think what I did was wrong and I thought he was reproaching me for doing that, but now I realise he wasnt, he was just trying to get to the truth.

Zoompad said...

My blog looks different, has Google changed all the blog settings? I didn't want anyone changing my blog settings, I thought it was supposed to be my blog?

Zoompad said...

During a five-year stint as a case worker with the Citizens' Advice Bureau, Richard worked extensively with people on benefits and in debt, and seems to be fired by a desire to redress the balance of power in their favour. In 1989 he joined a radical firm of solicitors in the Midlands, and started doing ground-breaking para-legal work with imprisoned poll-tax defaulters. Repeatedly challenging magistrates through the High Court, he went on successfully to sue several magistrates for unlawful imprisonment, and in so doing he believes he brought about a sharp drop in the jailing of poll-tax defaulters.

Last year, when the female prison population swelled to a record of nearly 2,000, several governors, desperate to free places by getting non-criminals out of jail, called Wise and asked him to help. "The prisons needed the space, and they were also observing that a lot of the women in for debt were assimilating the behaviour of the serious criminals they were alongside," says Wise.

The motivating factor for Wise in getting involved was the thought of the "collateral damage" that the jailing of debtors can do to dependants. When women are jailed, their children are often taken into local authority care.


Zoompad said...

I wasn't in debt or in trouble with the police or anything, but I was being taken to court falsely accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome, which an American "Fathers Rights" paedophile called Richard Gardner had invented.

I couldn't understand why I was being taken to court, it was really upsetting, and when I found out all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager I was furious, but I dont know if Richard Wise ever found out about that part of the Pindown child abuse scandal, because he died before I found out what the secret family court was accusing me of, if he hadn't died I have no doubt at all he would have kicked up such a stink about it that the Jimmy Saville/Cyril Smith ect abuse would have all come out 10 years earlier.

I don't know what happened to Karen Lobeley or the other one, she's never contacted me since, and I felt abandoned by the solicitors I was passed on to, who were called Tylip, they were hopeless.

I think Richard Wise was murdered for trying to expose the Pindown child abuse.

Zoompad said...

Jenny Coles was involved in the Pindown child abuse investigation in Staffordshire, but now she works for Hertford social services, and she's another one who did nothing to help me, instead I was subjected to a 7 year long vendetta of secret family court abuse and my daughter has also been targetted for abuse as well

Anonymous said...


this tells of the NWO heterophobic agenda