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Don Francisco is a Christian songwriter with a heaing ministry for helping the spiritually wounded find their way back to God.

I turned down a free ticket to one of his concerts in the 1980's, because I was so smashed up emotionally and spiritually at the time, and hardly trusted anyone any more. It's one of the regrets of my life that I didn't go to that concert.

This is Don Francisco, singing one of his beautiful healing songs:


Customs Confusion

New visa rules trip up traveling religious workers.

Bobby Ross Jr. / May 14, 2009

After an overnight flight from Denver, Christian singer Don Francisco arrived at London's Heathrow Airport intending to perform in an Easter music program in the English port town of Poole.

Instead, the 63-year-old American said, he was photographed, fingerprinted, and taken to a small detention room with a seatless toilet bolted to the wall.

Hours later, Francisco said, armed guards led him to a van parked on the tarmac, where he was ordered inside a cage and driven to a British Airways jet.

"They escorted me on board, where they handed the stewardess an envelope containing my passport, boarding passes, and other paperwork," he said.

Just like that, Francisco was sent back home. His crime: listing his occupation as "gospel singer" and failing to obtain a religious worker visa—something he had never needed on previous visits to the country.

Over the last year, the United Kingdom has phased in a points-based immigration system designed to regulate the labor market and help prevent terrorism.

However, the new system has thrown Christian workers and organizations into confusion because the U.K. Border Agency has not taken into account the complexity of religious activities, the Evangelical Alliance said.

The London-based advocacy group for the nation's estimated two million evangelicals cites a number of cases in which groups or individuals were refused entry after traveling to the U.K. to speak or volunteer.

Alliance leaders have drawn up guidelines to help Christians navigate the system and posted them online (

"Some of the problems we have seen are due to churches not being fully aware of their new responsibilities, while on other occasions, immigration officials have wrongly banned people from the country because they haven't understood their own rules," said Daniel Webster, parliamentary officer for the Evangelical Alliance.

Amid fears of terrorism, religious worker visas have come under heightened scrutiny in the United States as well.

"I can't say that the government is particularly easy on any occupation," said Peter Cramer, an immigration attorney in Boston. "However, in the last few years, religious workers have come under increased scrutiny because of a fraud audit … which found one-third of the cases to be tainted by fraud."

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services implemented new anti-fraud measures last November, including on-site visits and investigations of religious organizations before a U.S. consulate overseas can grant a religious worker visa.

"It has been my experience that religious organizations, in an effort to assist the 'needy,' sometimes view it as a greater good to help someone and stretch the truth about what the immigrant will do for the organization," said Elaine Witty, an immigration attorney in Memphis, Tennessee.

To that extent, Witty said, "It is arguable that this 'crackdown' is something that religious organizations brought on themselves."

On the other hand, she said, government attempts to root out fraud in the religious arena raise First Amendment questions. Daughter of an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, Witty cited a case in which the U.S. government determined that one of her clients, wanting to do religious work in America, could not be a Christian because he was born in India.

"In fact, his family's ties to Christianity dated back to Thomas the Apostle!" she wrote in an e-mail. "I won on appeal, but it was a costly and unnecessary litigation."

A longstanding government policy makes it tougher for foreign religious workers (compared with those of other occupations) to remain in the United States. However, in a class-action case in March, a federal judge in Seattle struck down that policy.


Anonymous said...

a new trend is creeping in from the USA and australia as homosexuality becomes more accepted and normal.
Gangs lay in hiding on lonely roads and an egg is thrown onto the windscren of teenagers and young mens cars, what you must not do is turn on your wipers as this smears the egg over all the screen and making the car stop, once you do the car is attacked and you are dragged from the car and raped one young man in manchester
was left unconscious by the side of the road.
this are jokingly being called poof attacks
believe me they are no joke
Colin Harris

8:47 am

Zoompad said...




Zoompad said...

I've never met Don Francisco yet (I say yet because we Christians will all meet one day, in heaven)but I have not a shadow of doubt that if Don Francisco and Wendy had heard my sad testimony to Pindown child abuse he would have been moved to write a song about it, if he knew what had happened he would have never kept quiet about it to keep his own head down as so many other ministers have, he would have sang out about it, and tried to stop it, because Pindown is still happening right now.

Anonymous said...

brutal pedo sentenced

Anonymous said...

how the bankers punished ordinary germans during and after the war
the russians opened the prisons and sent them into germany to rape as many women and children as possible. They even had homosexual squads to rape the boys
read here

Anonymous said...

I have a freind at the BBC who is just coming up to retirement, and i have been hearing some scary things.
Childline was not Esther Rantzens idea at all, another BBC lady wanted to start it, but Esther went to BBC boss who was her freind, and somehow in very shady circumstances, Esther took over, but my freind said they helped very few kids it was more to keepa lid on things.
could this be true barbara ?

Anonymous said...

is the latest mega corporation that has decided to side with this kind of sex perversion, over decency and morality. It is hard to decide which organisation is worse out of Nationwide and Tesco. On the one hand, Tesco is donating many thousands to a parade of filth (where homosexuals are known to parade nude or semi-nude), and hosting a "family friendly area" where boys will likely be indoctrinated. On the other, Nationwide has financially sponsored an event hosted by Stonewall, the militant homosexual 'charity', which goes all out to destroy the lives of those that do not toe their line. A prominent part of the Stonewall event, which last year was hosted on the 3rd of November at the V&A Museum in London, is designed to bully and ridicule those who disagree that homosexuality is in any way acceptable, natural, or beneficial, as the E-Alert below from Christian Voice shows.
We find the actions of both organisations utterly contemptible, and BTM calls on Christians everywhere to boycott them both - afterall, they are using the profits they make with your money to fund evil, and to bully Christians and others who oppose homosexuality. We pray that God will totally ruin both corporations, unless they repent.
For more information, please read the following, from emails sent by Christian Voice:

Zoompad said...

"Nationwide has financially sponsored an event hosted by Stonewall, the militant homosexual 'charity', which goes all out to destroy the lives of those that do not toe their line."

Using money they have stolen to do so, remember. it's not their money, its INVESTORS money, they have embezzled their investors money to do this, and Nationwide have been closing down local agency branches, which could possibly have been kept open had investors money not been stolen and used to fund this wickedness.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked at that gospal singer treated this way.
nationwide sponsoring sex perversion ? my god, did you know shanbala festival also sponsors
child sex campaigner peter tatchell ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info on nationwide barbara, i shall pass that on.
When i retired i wanted to do something useful so i became a "soup lady " one of those voluteers who tooka hot cup of soup round in the van late at night for rough sleepers in the capital.
Now i listen to all the conspiracy radio shows, and i am sure that people dont realise when they use terms like rent boy bumboys and f*ckpigs, that these boys have run away from abusive schools care homes foster homes allsorts, they are just boys, who often the only way they can survive is by selling themselves to homosexuals.
please use some compassion and dont call these young lads names, they are just boys.

Anonymous said...

for anyone who voted green party
did you know they support chemtrailing, and peter tatchells
pedophile information excahnge views ?

Anonymous said...

the trend which began in US prisons to show they were rent boys, of walking around with pants hanging of your butt, is to become ilegal thank god
see the vid

Anonymous said...

Not a week goes by without yet another mention on the news of black teenager stephen lawrence, his mother was givena well paid job by the council and an award from the queen, the family gets ent free tickets to various events and they get star treatemtn
and yet many wnglish people get murdered by black gangs and it does not even make the news.
Its the hateful racism like this which have turned the people away from the 3 main parties, to a non racist party like UKIP
read this
Danny O'Shea (18)

The mother of a teenager stabbed to death after fleeing from a gang of youths pleaded against revenge attacks yesterday.

Danny O’Shea, 18, suffered a knife wound to his neck at the hands of the black youths in Canning Town, east London, on Friday night. A black gang is being sought

Anonymous said...

The prosecution ofa jew for child molestation is very unusual, becasue they have their own secret courts in this country
the Board Of British Jewish deputies is a government within a government, the second point is that israel will never send any of its citizens to face trail for their crimes to another country.
but in this case they did, amazing !

Anonymous said...

catholic church and brit royals caught using using jewish child murder rituals

Anonymous said...

I know BBC news is propaganda bullshit and always has been but look at this

Anonymous said...

Barbara yo cant just abandon us and the blog like this we rely on you as a freind for support, you went through what we did and we need you to be with us.

Anonymous said...

whata lot of tosh the prog was, just damage limitation, the long statements taken were edited right down to slant what was said,
the BBC were not to blame the prog kept saying, and why no mention of all the boys abused by saville ? why dont boys count ?

Zoompad said...

"Barbara yo cant just abandon us and the blog like this we rely on you as a freind for support, you went through what we did and we need you to be with us. "

I just had to have a holiday, I've been to the seaside, and after the first couple of days didn't have any online access where I was, at Prestatyn, which was probably a good thing as it's made me have a rest away from my computer, and all the horrible stuff.

I'm sorry but I'm not a robot, I'm just a lady who got smashed up by paedophile gangsters and MI5 paedophile cover uppers, and I needed some time in the fresh air and sunshine, I needed to go to the seaside.

Zoompad said...


An orthodox Jew extradited from Israel to face charges of sodomizing two teenage boys in his Brooklyn home was ordered held Tuesday on $10 million bail.

Stefan Colmer, 31, allegedly went on the lam last February after he learned he was under investigation for molesting the 13-year-old victims whom he had befriended and invited to his Midwood home to play board games, prosecutor Elizabeth Doerfler said.

Colmer pleaded not guilty to the indictment that could put him in prison for 56 years if he's convicted on all eight counts.

He is the first defendant returned to the U.S. from Israel under a new treaty that defines sodomy as an extraditable offense.

Defense attorney David Epstein said Colmer fled to Israel after receiving threatening e-mails and letters linked to rumors in the community about the alleged sexual attacks.

Colmer's wife and two children remained in Brooklyn while he was on the move throughout Israel using a fake name until authorities arrested him in June.

Colmer, a computer technician and freelance photographer, asked to be placed in protective custody at Rikers Island.

Read more:

Zoompad said...

"the trend which began in US prisons to show they were rent boys, of walking around with pants hanging of your butt, is to become ilegal thank god"

I didn't know that, thanks for that info, I've seen the trend but had no idea where it had come from.

"i am sure that people dont realise when they use terms like rent boy bumboys and f*ckpigs, that these boys have run away from abusive schools care homes foster homes allsorts, they are just boys, who often the only way they can survive is by selling themselves to homosexuals.
please use some compassion and dont call these young lads names, they are just boys."

I feel sorry too, for anyone pushed into prostitution from poverty and for survival, I do because I was so poor and was offered money to sell my body and soul, and I was a very pretty girl, so I know how it feels to be tempted in that way, I really do.

But I'm not being uncompassionate by calling them rentboys, I have to call them something. I would call them abused boys.

Zoompad said...

"Peter Tatchell has never been elected to anything. He calls himself the Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, which is an organization he founded and staffs by himself. He calls it a “human rights organization” but its agenda does not correspond to that of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights as issued in 1948. Far from it. Tatchell has stood twice in elections for the Labour Party and the Greens, and each time he has been soundly defeated, coming way down the list. He is still the Green Party's official spokesman on "Human rights". He has no mandate from the public, and he constantly issues opinions on subjects in which he has no qualifications whatsoever. Yet he is treated as a “celeb” by the Left-wing press. His name is synonymous with the LGBT movement in Britain. "

Him and his friends should be investigated by the police, and would be if we had an uncorrupted police force in the UK, which, sadly, we don't

Zoompad said...

"In 1990 Tatchell founded a group called OutRage! whose aim is to abolish age-of-consent laws. When asked to justify this, he claims that he is helping young teenagers who ought not to be criminalized and prosecuted for having sexual relations with each other or somebody only a few years older than themselves. This is curious, as the law has never prosecuted the under-age person in cases of juvenile sex offence. It is only the older person who may face prosecution (and even then not unless the younger partner makes a complaint. Complaint from the parents is not accepted these days.) Tatchell has never produced one single example of these supposedly oppressed teenagers whom he is trying to help. When challenged to do so, he always wiggles out. "

Tatchell does know about victims of child abuse being treated like criminals in courts, for a start off, he knows about me, but he will never use me as an example because he knows damned well that all his Fundswell pals would be in the spotlight if he did.

Zoompad said...

I was in a shop a few days ago and overheard a conversation about Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile, the women were trying to defend Jimmy Savile, saying he had been "led on" by youngsters.

I think some people are having a massive struggle coming to terms with the truth, they would rather blame the victims than their childhood false idols.

These people were set upon a pedestal, and I remember as a child in the 60's and 70's looking up to them, thinking they were somehow better than the rest of us ordinary people who weren't on telly and on films.

Some people are really struggling to deal with the truth.