Tuesday, 13 May 2014


What is the last part of a URL?
The last part of a URL is called a top-level domain name (TLD). TLDs identify different types of websites. Here are some common TLDs and what they stand for:

Top-level domain
Stands for

commercial (business) site

Internet administrative site

nonprofit organization

U.S. government agency

educational institution

In addition to the TLDs listed above, individual countries or regions have their own TLDs. For example, .ca is the TLD for Canada.


Zoompad said...

Why do the UK government agencies use the US TLD?

Zoompad said...

Also, why did LOCKHEED MARTIN get access to all the UK Census information? Why were we all threatened (I had ex policemen banging on my door threatening me when I didnt want to fill mine in) to give all our personal information, some of it very personal and sensitive, to a US arms manufacturer?

Zoompad said...

Isn't it strange, that a woman who was abused as a child in an institution that has been closed down since the scandal of Pindown child abuse was investigated (and what a damage limitation it was, it didn't go back far enough and the Allan Levy QC report has been made unavailable to most of the victims)has been targetted for "Special Treatment" by MI5 agents, ex policemen ect, and terrorised into giving personal information about herself and her family to an American arms trading company that is also involved in child trafficking (Eagle Associates)

Is this not rather like the story of David v Goliath? I really think it is!