Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Just found out about the new plot the paedogangsters are planning to do away with me.

They are trying to get me arrested for some non crime, MSBP to be precise, so they can get me in a police cell and suicided.

They've roped in all sorts of people who don't really understand what they are up to, as usual.

Well, if it just so happens that I do get arrested for this non crime, I will not be reacting as they would like me to react, and so any bruises on my body will be from people beating up a non resisting person trying to protect herself. So anyone will be able to see straight away that it was murder, not suicide, and not a case of self defence as an excuse for brutality against me either.

Plus, I have asked God to protect me, quoting psalms 35, 36 and 37. I have asked God to let me live, and not to be a martyr. I have told God I don't lay down my life for any of these wicked devils, and neither am I suicidal.

I want a quiet life, I want MI5 to stop hacking my computer, putting double clicks on it and reading and even stealing some of my private communications, I want to be allowed to live in peace, with my family, including my son who is being spied on even now, the son who was illegally taken to Drake Hall prison for PE lessons from his school without my permission. I want my daughter and her partner to be left alone as well. Its not too much to ask, but apparently some people think it is.

I am not Hilda Murrell and I am not Princess Diana either, I am Barbara Richards, a mum who got abused as a child and who has had one hell of a fight with the vermin who are running an international paedophile/human trafficking ring who have done their level best to destroy me (against the wishes of the Lord my God, who they despise)

I would like them to leave me alone, well alone, stop the stupid spying, stop the stupid plotting, just leave my family alone!!!


Anonymous said...

Gosh Barbara this is very worrying, the PTB try to silence all whistleblowers, but this is drastic.
Does anyone listen to the various conspiracy radio shows ?
the topic on tuesday was child sex, theey then discussed the MP david laws and what he did, and this guy rang in and said if a man can afford to keep a young boy in a flat as a bumbadillo then good luck to him,
i could not belive my ears how sick some people are

Zoompad said...

It's very frightening, but Jesus told us how things would be at the end, and anyone can see how wickedness is flourishing in the UK in these days, if they would only open their eyes and look!

What the wicked ones do is rope in other people who don't really understand to do their dirty work. Thats the way bullies always do things, and the wicked ones who do the devils work are nothing more than overgrown bullies.

I am in my 50's and have seen this country go down the drain, the thing is, some things should NEVER be tolerated, toleration can be a good thing, as an act of mercy and kindness, but what the wicked ones have done is get satanism accepted in our society, and people have been blinded to right and wrong, the moral compass of this country has been set aside, and we can all see the results, utter chaos, law and order is messed up because the wicked ones have wormed their way into the posts of authority.

Zoompad said...

The wicked ones have grown bolder and bolder, like rats from the gutter, they don't fear the law because they know they can get their corrupt legal masonic friends to cover up for them or even get them let off if what they've done is impossible to cover up, and they don't fear God because they have wormed their way into the top positions in the church, so that the people they are supposed to be leading into righteousness are led instead into confusion and chaos.

I am in my late 50s now and have witnessed the moral disintegration of Great Britain.

I AM frightened, but the Lord my God tells me not to fear them, the Lord my God reassures me that He will protect me from every evil plot that the servants of satan throw at me, just as it says in Psalm 35, 36 and 37.

Zoompad said...

People don't understand how the evil ones do their nasty work.

They don't like to get their own hands dirty, they rope in other people, most of them utterly oblivious to the evil plan, to do it for them.

The Freemasons are satanists, but to most people they look like charity networkers, they are wolves in sheeps clothing. They trick people, kind hearted people, into believing they are helping vulnerable people, when what they readdy do is help themselves.

People give to big charities from the goodness of their hearts, and most people just want to be nice to other people, they really do, most people would be horrified at deliberate evil.

My sons school had the freemasons in and out of it, yet most of the people who were in the masonic clubs, they just think their club is a nice charity network, doing good, they just dont understand what they actually belong to!

I haven't made a formal complaint about my son being taken to Drake Hall from his school, because all that would happen would be that some people, GOOD people, who actually never would want to harm any vulnerable young person, would be scapegoated, the real villians would be let off the hook! Besides, I know that it wasn't just my sons school that was doing it, this has been happening in other schools for disabled people accross the UK. I have complained about this but not made a specific complaint against my sons school, because that wouldn't be fair.

Zoompad said...

Lord Ramsbotham has told me, to sum up what he told me, that taking children from a school for disabled to a prison for PE lessons is a good idea. I am shocked by that, and wonder what planet he is on to say something like that.

Anonymous said...

some very interesting stuff to read today barbara please take care
i spotted this just now

Zoompad said...

What has happened to women in the UK? It's like they have had their feminine virtues deliberatly stripped.

The story a few days ago about women being able to bear arms to fight in the British army sickened me. Theres enough fighting and gunning in the world without women picking up guns and joining in as well!

Looking at those pictures of that woman with her mannish suit on and a fag dangling out of her mouth makes me think, where did it all go so wrong? I don't know if she's guilty or not, but I do know I've met a woman like that, who invite youngsters round to take drugs and get drunk, when I was young, the woman is dead now, but I remember her hovel of a house, and when I call it a hovel I'm not talking about it being a poor persons home, because some people can live in a shed with virtually no money and it still be a cosy home, made that way with love and care and virtue, other people can have a mansion and yet it is a hovel.

Anonymous said...

I don't know a lot about this but why was pindown administered? The wiki states:

"It was punishment for such activities as running away from care or school, petty theft, bullying and threats of violence.

Is this correct in that pindown was used to correct badly behaving children?

Zoompad said...

Thats the official excuse about why Pindown was being used.

I was subjected to Pindown for trying to run away from being abused, and I know many other abused children were too. I was also labelled as "Violent" for trying to defend myself using my own puny 13 year old girl fists against a brute of a man who physically assaulted me whilst I was lying in bed sobbing.

Let me ask you a question, though I doubt you'll bother to answer it - do you think its right to punish children who run away from being abused by putting them into a prison cell and letting child abusers hold the key? Well do you?

Anonymous said...

Of course not. The people who did this stuff should be prosecuted and, in my opinion, horsewhipped.