Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Computer problems and sadness

I am having massive problems with my computer at the moment, its riddled with viruses and is going very slow. Funny how that could have happened seeing as I have paid for virus protection for it, but you see, thats no problem for MIpaedo is it?

Anyway, I have been feeling very sad about two things, one is the betrayal of certain members of my family, now I know that a certain person that I used to love and who I thought loved me was talking to the people who were hounding me for 7 years in the secret family courts, and that same certain person not only refused to help me when I begged him to, but was so nasty to me about me even asking him for help that I was sobbing about it for days. I now know why he refused to help me, and I despise him for it. Other family members have also betrayed not just me, but all the Pindown victims in Staffordshire, out of sheer cowardice and vested interests. I despise them as well. They were prepared to see me go to jail rather than speak the truth and save me from my persecutors. I think they are all selfish gutless unprincipled shits. Thank heaven some of the people I was terrified of turned out to be decent people, because my own family sold me up the swannie.

It all comes out in the end, but you see, you choose your friends, you cant choose your family.

The other thing that has made me feel sad is the utterly ridiculous and cruel hounding of a sick little boys parents, and it triggered my own memories of the vile way I was hounded over a 7 year period. My heart goes out to that little boy and his family, I know exactly how they must be feeling.


Anonymous said...

barbara we are your family, we all look to you as the flag bearer
for all of us abused kids.
please be strong.

Zoompad said...

I haven't said anything about the beheadings of the journalists, because I am not at all convinced they are genuine, and I am glad to see I'm not the only person who thinks those videos are studio productions. I am glad I was not the only person to notice the complete lack of terror in the eyes of the people who were supposedly taking their last breath on earth. I've known what its like to be terrified, as a child and as an adult in the secret courts, I know first hand what it is to be unable to breath for sheer terror, and there is (or ought to be) several videos of me in a state of terror at Stafford Court, I know that feeling very well indeed, and yet in the faces of both those men there is nothing of that, not a shred of it.

Cameron,Teresa May, Keith Vaz ect are all banging on about the Rotherham child abuse, the Pakistani paedophiles, but they're trying to brush all the other child abuse ie Staffordshire Pindown under the rug. Also the taking of disabled children from special schools to prisons for PE lessons without parental knowledge or consent, for no good reason.

Those Rotherham paedophile gangsters would not have been able to get away with their crimes against children if they hadn't had assistance from the police and Parliament. The Staffordshire paedophiles are being protected even more vigourously, even as I write this.

I notice PETER TATCHELL is keeping a low profile at the moment, I know he's involved in talks with certain Muslim groups, but I would have thought that anyone who truly wanted to serve God would not want to have anything at all to do with a man who is an apologist for paedophiles.

Zoompad said...

I would not take any child of mine anywhere near Newport for the next few days, and I am jolly glad I had my holiday in Wales before the psychopathic gangsters decended on that pretty part of the country.

Anonymous said...

Good common sense from you as usual barbara

Anonymous said...

child abuse is one thing
but this short video shows israeli snipers shooting children and laughing