Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I have just had a letter from McDonalds branch at 50 to 52 Greengate Street, a response to the complaint I made about their appalling customer service on Saturday 6th September, during which I had to eat my food whilst trying not to mind being poked around by a woman with a broom and other cleaning implements for virtually the whole time I was trying to eat.

I'm just amazed at the sheer determination by McDonalds management to try to justify the way I was treated. I would have thought it was bad management to fail to write the sort of response I have just recieved from their store.

What I hadn't realised before I read D Walters letter is that McDonalds are using CCTV Cameras in their resturants, and I certainly did NOT give McDonalds permission to film me at any time.

Mind you, it serves me right in a way, for going to a resturant chain that supports Workfare. I really was out of order for going to such a place, and have been justly repremanded by God for doing so!


Zoompad said...

It does serve me right, for going there. I should have done what I usually do, buy fresh food from Stafford Market and the nice little fruit shop instead.

Stafford has taken away the seating inside the market hall to deter people from taking a picnic, there are seats down the High Street but in bad weather theres no cover.

But I do feel bad that I didn't boycott McDonalds over Workfare, and am not allowing myself to get too upset about it but to take it as a rebuke from God for not caring enough about the Workfare slaves that they employ!

Zoompad said...

I know McDonalds will spy on me via my blog and read this, the reason I didn't complain initially and just sat there is because as a CSA victim I am so used to being treated like shit.

You've actually done me a favour by refusing to apologise and sending me a nasty creepy letter instead, because I will be doing my own health a favour by not eating your junk food.

Anonymous said...

I was a postman in kings lynn norfolk, and one postman went to his MP about cameras in the workplace changing room and even in the toilets, pics were passed round of one of the postgirls changing into her uniform in her bra and knickers, he also said the huge amounts of child porn coming through the mail, readers digest scams fake lottery wins, non existent catalogues,send money for this and that and nigerian banking scams.
The royal mail sacked him and prosecuted him for breaking the official secrets act by speaking out, he then exposed that the two managers mike thompson and jason cannon were telling women workers , you give us sex or we sack you, he had 12 signed statements from women workers, the subsequent investigation showed that the manager mike thompson and his brother peter a police sergeant, were pressuring kids for sex from west lynn childrens home and providence street youth club, they were also involved with a leader at the evengelical church called fred seaman who produced a monthly printed leaflet showing sex with young boys which was sent all over through the post.
Royal mail hushed it all up, the postman that was sacked they paid him damages and made him sign a gagging order
strangely although very fit, he died some weeks afterwards.
Dave Massingham

Anonymous said...

When i was a social worker i saw it happen on many occasions that to make work for themselves a social worker would do mounds of paperwork to move a child from a happy caring home to another home, just to make work so they could keep their job going, I saw colleagues of mine attending the fred west sex parties, yes social worlkers were regular there where kids were passed around like sweets.
I see the government has said a big NO to an investigation into decades of homosexual abuse at the dr barnardos homes orphanages, here hundreds of boys were sodomised on a regular basis and boys were even sold to visiting homosexuals

Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

I met Kevin Annett at Stafford at the first Brian Gerrish anti child abuse rally I went to, that was before I realised Brian Gerrish was a two faced scoundrel, at the time I thought Brian Gerrish was helping us child abuse victims.

So many of the child abuse cover uppers were there, Ian Josephs, business partner of Michael heseltine and friend of Ludwig Lowenstein (I call him Dr Frankenstein) was there, he'd come from Monaco. He would not look me in the eye when I went over to him to say hello, I thought he was a nice man for trying to help us at the time.

Its hard to tell who is good and who is bad, because the bad ones mingle with all the victims, pretending to help them.

Ann and Hollie Greig were there as well, and I went over to them and we swapped phone numbers, but not long after that I tried to phone her but her phone number had been changed, so I couldnt contact her, I wanted to tell her all about what was happening in Stafford, they didnt want me talking to her so I think they told her lies about me, I don't know what they've said to her about me because I haven't been able to contact her. I want to tell her about the abuse of disabled children in Staffordshire.

I don't know if Kevin Annett is good or bad, he seemed like a good person to me but I've been tricked so many times, the gangsters are so crafty I was going to say clever but they're not that, as wicked people are going to end up in hell, so its not at all clever for them to think they can get away with playing the same abusive tricks on God as they do to us CSA victims and hope to get away with it, because they wont!

Zoompad said...

I do believe Ann and Hollie Greig, I think they have had the same horrible treatment metered out to them as I have, disabled children are being targetted for abuse in Staffordshire and Cheshire, its on our border, at Walton Hall school we were threatened with legal action if we didnt make our children have the Swine Flu jab, that was from South Staffordshire NHS, Cheshire border, I was puzzled by the letter as I though we in Stone were NORTH Staffs, so why were South staffs threatening us and even sending us letters?

I think its absolutly disgusting how we've been treated, and the police are fully aware of all of it and have done nothing to help any of us. Ann Greig had her place smashed up and they got away with that, why that wasnt all over the national newspapers I cant imagine, it ought to have been front page news.

Zoompad said...

The Church is a cess pit of cover ups and lies. I dont go to church any more, I have had it said to me from, members of the last church I attended that they don't want me there, funny though that they always come round to get me to give to Christian Aid every year! The Church was involved in Pindown and the cover up and reabuse of the victims - the church needs to get on its knees and repent

The reason they dont want me there is because I told the pastor Paul Kingsman to his face to stop lying in Gods house. He lied to me, pretended that he hadn't run away from helping me when I was being persecuted by the Freemasons of Stafford and Warwick, when I was being accused of something paedophiles invented (PAS) in the secret family courts, and Paul told me that he gave up a good job to become pastor, and he denied saying that to me in the church when I tried to go back, and I called him to his face a liar.

Don't want to make a scapegoat out of Paul but I am angry about what he has done, because of his cowardice and lack of faith in God he's allowed me to be shoved out of the church, shoved under the carpet, and I simply won't fit! Its when christians like him are too cowardly to stand up to satan that satan gets to rule, but no-one listens to me so what the heck?

Zoompad said...

Paul could and should have helped me, its sheer cowardice that he turned his back on me. He could so easily have written to the Bishop of Lichfield, and cleared up a lot of things, got to the bottom of the Pindown child abuse cover up, he could have also stopped Walton Hall taking disabled children in the school minibus to Drake Hall prison for PE lessons, without parents knowledge and permission, that was WRONG, but no-one wants to do anything or say anything about it!

Its funny that these comments are being made on the McDonalds blog entry, and I'm glad, because the way I was treated there is typical, we cSA victims get cowed into submission of just accepting we are worthless and dont even deserve proper respect and decent treatment, and it makes us ill, it grinds us down thinking that all the time, continuously having to fight for our right to even be alive. I've been talking to a girl this morning who is depressed because of the same stuff, and I just wonder how many of us there are, and yet the church stand by and let it happen!

Anonymous said...

I had mixed feelings about hollie greig, i just dont know but brian gerish went on and on about this agnoring the fact that 90% of abuse is against boys.

Anonymous said...

there was a book written by society madam lindie st clair
in which she exposed the politicians and clergy on her books, she says she refused at alll times as did her rival cynthia payne to supply young boys for homosexuals

Zoompad said...

Anonymous said...
I had mixed feelings about hollie greig, i just dont know but brian gerish went on and on about this agnoring the fact that 90% of abuse is against boys.

20 September 2014 09:43

Would you mind saying who you are please?

I had no mixed feelings about Hollie Greig, I met her and her mother, it is perfectly obvious to anyone who meets Hollie that she had Downs Syndrome and that she is not capable of making up elaborate lies, not being nasty in any way to Hollie Greig but she has Downs Syndrome.

I also met her mother and talked with her, and I know I've been fooled by wicked people quite a few times, but looking back on that meeting and conversation I have not a shadow of doubt that Anne Greig is a truthful lady and a very good mother of a disabled child, she would have to be an amazing actress and one of the wickedest women I have ever met, even worse that Lisa Haughton, Jane Buckley and Joanna Simpson Blake to have told lies like that, and even be able to control her facial muscles from having a clear and open look when lying, so I DO believe her and see absolutly no reason not to to this day.

Please can you tell me who you are, and why you think Anne Greig is a liar?

Zoompad said...

You don't know that 90% of abuse is against boys, where did you get that figure from please

Anonymous said...

hello barbara, a lot of people are suspicious of hollie greig because why concentrate on this one girl ? even brian gerrish is now backing away.
you may be right i dont know but i do agree that a smost abuse is done on boys why has that been kept quiet ?

Anonymous said...

Mc donalds spy on their employees too, just like the british post office.
I think its wrong, i am told Tescos are even worse.
I am so pleased people are boycotting tescos for their support of terrorism on the west bank, i hope they go bankrupt

Anonymous said...

this is taken from the jewish laws and show child sex and even with babies is ok
this is why hitler tightened the law on these evil molesters


Anonymous said...

A major children’s charity being kept afloat by celebrity philanthropists including JK Rowling and Coldplay faces closure unless the government steps in with significant funding, its founder warned today.
Oh? Which one?

Camila Batmanghelidjh, 51, said Kids Company, which supports 36,000 vulnerable children in London, Bristol and Liverpool, will not survive beyond Christmas without the funds.
*fireworks, champagne corks, heavenly choir*

She said the government had to do more to help the charity, which has four centres and a therapy house in London and offers therapeutic and social work services in over 40 schools.
Newsflash – ‘the government’ doesn’t have any money. We, the taxpayer, have it, until it’s taken off us by force to pay for things 'of benefit to society'.

And keeping you in canap├ęs and cocktails ain’t meeting my definition of ‘things of benefit to society’.
Not by a long chalk.
Remember camilla deals ona daily basis with abused boys and she knows enough about politicians to sink this government, so cough up boys and save the charity

Zoompad said...

"A major children’s charity being kept afloat by celebrity philanthropists including JK Rowling and Coldplay faces closure unless the government steps in with significant funding, its founder warned today.
Oh? Which one? "

Why aren't we even allowed to know the name of this charity? Straight away just that hidden fact rouses me up to suspicion, let alone the involvement of that writer of books that encourage children to explore satanism.

Some people might think Harry Potter is a bit of harmless fun, but I do not, neither do I believe the author of those trashy novels was dirt poor when she wrote them - you can't be that poor if you can afford to go to Starbucks, I can only just afford to smell their coffee grounds!

Zoompad said...

Sometimes the Lord frustrates my plan and it seems like things are going belly up, but He has a better idea than mine.

Take last Monday. I was supposed to phone someone up, but for one reason after another was unable to, and I did feel frustrated, but finally had the chance to on Friday.

How good the Lord is and how sorry I am that my faith in Him is so weak. The Lord showed me another bit of the puzzle on Friday, something I would never otherwise have found out, just as He did when he showed me all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager.

Zoompad said...

And I am even more sure now that there is something dreadfully wrong with Graham Wilmer being chosen to represent all the rest of us child abuse victims.

Zoompad said...




Anonymous said...

JK rowling never wrote those books they were written for her and people who knew her say she was not that poor.
The government has an active agenbda to popularise homosexuality and to thsi end much is hidden from the public
the figures for abuse is not reliable but its almost all homosexual in orogin
e g 'up the bum or gay sex'

Zoompad said...

Yes, because that way they dont risk getting girls pregnant.

Those Harry Potter books are designed to lure children into accepting witchcraft as acceptable and even righteous.

I remember meeting someone who called himself a "white witch" years ago, before I'd read the Holy Bible, before I realised that Jesus Christ actually rose from the dead and what He had done for us all, and I was thoroughly taken in with the lie that witchcraft could be a force for good, I was so naive like a baby, but God looked after me, and scotched that friendship, at the time I was a very lonely girl, so wanting friends, and God didn't allow me to befriend a group of Cornish witches, despite me just wanting friends, any friends, so much at that time. I remember thinking what nice people they seemed to be, I was like a baby cooing at a rattlesnake.

Witchcraft is evil because it is denying the power and authority of God, and it is friendship with the devil, and we who have been redeemed ought to have nothing to do with the devil, and only ever ask Jesus Christ to help us, and never Lucifer, for any reason at all, because Satan is the enemy of God.

Zoompad said...

I'm not saying those Cornish witches were devils, but they had befriended Lucifer, asking him to grant prayers they ought to have been asking from Jesus, perhaps some or even most or all didnt realise what they were doing was wrong, but it IS wrong to turn your back on Jesus Christ who lived and died so selfishlessly for mankind, and perform rituals to coax satan to help you instead, and in any case satan hates and despises us all, so its a bit pointless having a friend who hates and despises you anyway, isn't it, its like going to the school bully to help you, all that does is include you in the school bully's guilt and shame, when the teacher gets back and sorts it all out!

Zoompad said...

Saying she was poor because she managed to get state benefits doesn't even mean she was poor, as a lot of people through none of their own fault are being cheated out of state benefits they are really entitled to.

I have been complaining about having to try to live on £20 a week Child Benefit, I've just had my claim for ESA turned down, but whats worse is that my measly £20 a week Child Benefit appears to have been stopped as well, which leaves me with no income at all now.

I actually feel like a prisoner, I really do, its horrible being so poor you cant even afford to catch the bus. I cant go swimming any more as I cant afford the pass, and my Emotional Wellbeing lady tried to help me, my GP could prescribe a swimming pass but they havent even done that, the GP just said she'd never heard of anything like that, so all they are doing to me is like a cruel game of cat and mouse, and most days I wake up in the morning just wanting the end of the world to come, and Jesus to come back, that is the default mode of my life, I am a very sad woman.

Zoompad said...

Jesus said it would be like this, He said the first will be last and the last will be first, my college lecturer thought Tess of the Durbevilles was the author of her own fate, and that she could have saved herself from the long chain of sad events that happened to her, but Tess was a honest hearted girl, which is just exactly what satan hates and detests and fears, the devil hates honesty and all good virtues, and for some reason God allows satan to make us miserable and tempt us, and that makes me feel angry with God, ok then God, you keep letting satan persecute and crush me, carry on then if you get such a big kick out of seeing him crush and bully me, and then let people look at me then, a stupid poor old wreck of a broken up smashed up woman, because I cried to YOU for help, and I am still a lonely woman, so lonely and isolated, YOU have put a heavy burden onto me Jesus.

Zoompad said...

I suppose when the end day comes Jesus will ask them why they did not help Him, and they will say they didnt see him, then Jesus will show them all the sad wrecks like me and remind them what He said thats recorded in Matthew 25, but thats not much consolation when you feel like Lazerus, but at least I'm not starving, but some of them that the robbers who are stealing all the charity money and welfare benefits are, so they will be the ones who are first in when Jesus comes back

Zoompad said...

It isn't devout Jews doing it, its a gang of God hating psychopaths and if they have any links to any religion they only use it as a smokescreen to hide behind, I won't publish your two comments because I think you're wrong to put all the blame for everything on the Jews, when I was a child I got the blame for stealing a tin of toffies that my brother had stolen, it hurt so bad to be blamed for something I hadn't done, and what hurt the most is that my parents chose to believe someone who was a persistant liar, it really hurt that my parents, who ought to have known me better than to think I wouldn't own up straight away if I'd done something wrong thought evil of me from the word of a liar.

I'm just not going to do the same thing as my parents did.

Zoompad said...

I don't like the Government, I think Parliament is being governed by a bunch of grown up spoilt brats who haven't got a clue what its like to be poor.

I feel absolutly insulted that they are allowing that woman off Benefits Street to speak at their Birmingham conference, its totally inappropriate, just as its totally inappropriate for Graham Wilmer to be hoisted up as a representitive of institutional child abuse victims.

I don't know why this government is doing this, all I can think is that perhaps so many of them are tanked up with drugs and alcohol that they are too stupified to see what they are doing.

Zoompad said...

Being poor is horrible, it is exactly the same as being in prison.

You can't go anywhere without having to beg for bus or train money, and you can't afford to join nice clubs like the RSPB, swimming, gym ect and you feel socially isolated.

Everything comes to scraping pennies together, so everything you want to do gets tainted with the worry of how much it will cost.

I used to try to keep fit by swimming nearly every day, but I can't afford the £250 yearly swimming pass now so I can't go any more.

I am seriously thinking about doing something illegal just so I can be arrested so that someone might actually help me, because I don't really know how else to escape from this poverty trap that is as good as a prison to me. I've asked God to help me, yesterday at least I managed to find out why the Child Benefit had been stopped, and hopefully at least we have had that £20.50 a week reinstated, but I don't know if I'll get back the over £100 that they stopped back, perhaps if I ring them up again and explain that its my only income they might I dont know.

I feel I might just as well be in a real prison as I already feel I am in prison, so isolated, so lonely, and that is what poverty does to a person, and I think its been done on purpose, I know Pindown victims have been targetted. At least if I were actually in prison I would be able to talk to all the other inmates and some of them would be certain to be institutional CSA victims as well.

Zoompad said...

If I had the money I would get a bus pass and I would go sketching every day and write a book about handicrafts and I would go swimming and I would try to do something to help other people as well, but I am a Pindown victim that this horrific government are intent on crushing the life out of, I am an Asperger Syndrome woman with PTSD who is just a waste of space, I know they don't even see me as an actual human being, I am very very very very very depressed because I can't even do the simple cheap things that most people would take for granted, I hate being poor and isolated.

Zoompad said...

I am so disgusted about what Kevin Peters (Big Kev) on Twitter Kevin Peters


An ex Liberal Democrat member and bloody minded with it. Battle hardened but by no means an ideologue.


Joined February 2010 has just said to me, accusing me of "picking scabs", just so disgusted with him putting the boot into me AS IF I NEEDED ANY MORE KICKING DOWN RIGHT NOW, I just don't need it so I've blocked him now on Twitter.

As for him telling me to go to Mind for help, going to Mind for me would be like a mouse going into a cattery, Stephen Fry has been dallying with Stafford Police Gay Rights chiefs, and they are the ones who have covered up Pindown.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious to everyone that Greville Janner is guilty, just too many statements from boys and witnesses.
How can he say that as its OK in jewish law he cant be prosecuted ?
does this make sense to anyone here ?

Zoompad said...

I'm not a Jew, I'm a Christian, and the Bible Old Testament was written down by Jews, so I am not going to hate anyone simply because they are Jewish. Thats why I wont publish some of the comments.

I think anyone who abuses children should face a trial, and it shouldn't matter what religion they subscribe to, or how much money they have in the bank, those things shouldn't make any difference to justice, but they do. It shouldn't make any difference if a person is the King of England, if they have been accused of raping children they should face a trial.

Likewise, people who tell lies about being abused should have the book thrown at them, as a victim of child abuse I am furious with people who do that because they make it so very very hard for the rest of us.

I think there are MI5 agents who are pretending to be victims of child abuse, so they are by that means smashing up investigations.

Thats what I think.

Zoompad said...

And there shouldn't be any secret trials for any reason at all, and certainly involving any vulnerable or sick people, because secret trials always put vulnerable people at a massive disadvantage, it makes it much easier to legally abuse vulnerable people if the trial is held "In Camera" and I know that from bitter experience, don't I just!!!

Zoompad said...

Talking about my secret court cases ST02POOO51 and ST04POOO127, the horrific abuse I was on the recieving end of at Stafford Walsall and Wolverhampton courts - at one point Jane Buckley MY OWN LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE bullied me to the extent that I was collapsed weeping on the floor of the hallway next to the court upstairs at Stafford Court and they called the paramedics from Stafford Hospital and they threatened me if I didnt go into the court TO BE APOLOGISED TO BY THE MAN WHO HAD VIOLATED ME I would be injected and carted off to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital!!!!!

In other words, I was bullied and forced into accepting an apology - OR ELSE.


I'm angry now, but at the time I was absolutly petrified as they kept threatening to take my son away, put me in prison or put me in a psychiatric hospital, I now know that what they were doing to me was Richard Gardner's "Threat Therapy", and Gardner was a paedophile.

If all court cases were recorded and accused and defence given copy of all digital recordings and there were CCTV cameras in all the waiting areas this sort of thing could never happen again, and the technology for that is now so dirt cheap that I cannot see any excuse. You can get a 10 pack of recordable DVDS from Poundstinger for £1 thats how cheap the technology is now, its cheaper than paper!!!

Someone should have stopped that court case right from the start, and Jane Buckley and the rest of my legal team of professional losers should have gone to prison over what they did to me. It went on over a 7 year period and it was almost the death of me - I still havent got over the strain of what they did to me and most likely never will!

Zoompad said...

I HAVE forgiven the man, I have done that of my own free will, well, actually God made me, but made me see things I didnt want to look at, for example, God made me aware that the man had no idea about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, so he wasn't part of those gangsters, he'd been leant on by F4J who WERE fully aware of Gardner and Underwager and who were involved in child trafficking and child rape.

Thats why I was able to forgive him, through God showing me very clearly who my persecutors really were rather than just blaming the tools they were using.

But how insane is it, that a woman can be treated as I was, bullied threatened and harassed so much she is made physically ill and hospitalised, and actually forced to recieve an apology in a secret court session.

Anyone with half an eye can see how wrong this is, and this is why secret courts are so wrong, and why I say they leave vulnerable people in great danger. I really did think they were going to kill me.

Zoompad said...

What support? I don't write this blog for any support and I dont get any support anyway!!! I write this blog for my own self, I dont actually give a monkeys if anyone bothers to read it, I actually dont care, I write it for me, its my blog!

I'll post things on my blog in my own time, and wont be bullied, threatened, cajouled or tricked into posting things onto my blog by anyone, and especially dickheads who haven't even got the balls to post non anonymously!!!

Zoompad said...

Saying that, the letter is very very funny, now I've had time not to be upset about it any more, CrapDonalds have actually done me a favour because I wont go there any more and I expect it will be better for my health.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are unaware that the TV people use subliminals, one i just saw is a TV avertisement for house insurance by direct line, its so subtle it would by pass the conscious mind, it shows a jewish al pacino type character telling two young men that a house fire is totaly covered by direct line insurance for the fire
but if you look close, you can see al pacino is a jewish mafia boss and the two men one black one white are living together and the white man is nobbing the poor little black guy, This tells the subconscious that phew how lucky we are to have the jewish mafia looking after us and telling us what to do homosexulaity is ok
This is an attack on hetersexuality by very sick people

Anonymous said...

barbara this blog is shared by everyone both your suffering and others, and to help others that were abused, many men can never talk about what happened to them as kids, i was abused in the 50s
and this blog helped me so much to speak about the inspeakable
homosexuality is a horrible vice and kids do not recover from it but the blog has helped me and others dont forget that

Anonymous said...

What do you men you forgive ?
only god can forgive you have not the right to make his decisions for him.
Have you thought why you were abused ? have you thought about the karma accrued to cause this ?

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
What do you men you forgive ?
only god can forgive you have not the right to make his decisions for him.
Have you thought why you were abused ? have you thought about the karma accrued to cause this ?
7 October 2014 22:48 "

I've published your comment as it is a good example of the sort of vile but subtle bullying that I have been getting, that I am determined not to pull me down any more.

I can forgive whoever I want to who has hurt me personally, I don't have the right to forgive anyone who has hurt someone else, but you damned well know what I was saying, and what I meant. You know me, and you are a troll.

Karma is it? So you're trying to blame me for the horrible stuff that happened to me, Karma is it hey, hmm, I remember a very famous man trying to pull that one recently, yes, I think it was William Roach who said more or less the same thing.


Zoompad said...


"i was abused in the 50s
and this blog helped me so much to speak about the inspeakable"

I'm glad to hear that, but I write this blog for my own self, for my own sanity, but also I hope it does help other CSA victims, I hope its helping make my life and the suffering actually worthwhile in that sense, I feel so powerless in other ways except to scream out the way I feel on this blog and publish stuff I have found out about the ones who have persecuted me

"homosexuality is a horrible vice and kids do not recover from it but the blog has helped me and others dont forget that"

I absolutly agree, I also think homosexuality is a vice along with sado masochism and bestiality and yet the rainbow educators are being allowed to persecute anyone who even thinks that, the rainbow educators are being given the money that has been taken from the masses to bully anyone who believes the Word of God, and who makes a stand like Elijah against the wickedness of the world, and I feel like Elijah, with my whole heart wanting purity and Godliness, but this world has its collective face set against God and goodness and love and compassion, and even the so called church is sanctioning wickedness and vice.

Zoompad said...

I don't know why God let me be abused as a child and reabused, I don't know why Job suffered either, I don't know why Daniel was allowed to be persecuted and fed to the lions, I don't know why so many people whose hearts were pure and longing for God have been hurt, some even made ionto human candles to die an agonising death in Roman gladiator arenas, some beheaded for their faith, some tortured in cruel ways until they died, I don't know why these things have happened because I'm not God, but what I do know is why Jesus Christ died, and I know that He didn't have to die in agony 2000 years ago, he chose not to defend himself against the human race so that He could speak to our hearts and show us what we are doing to one another.