Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I write this blog primarily for myself, but also feel a God given duty to do anything I can to prevent abuse of vulnerable people.

If I read someones open diary and didnt like what was written in there I would first of all admit to having read the thing, I would not pretend I didnt read it then start attacking the writer for things they have written.

This blog isnt spiteful in any way, its got a mine of information on it that exposes some desperatly wicked psychopaths who are a danger to all vulnerable people, international gangsters. It is not my intention to turn myself into an obnoxious bully, if I publish stuff about people who have hurt me personally its only because they fit into the bigger picture, so that other victims of CSA and campaigners against CSA like Judith Reisman (who I have enormous respect for) can understand how its allowed to happen.

I shouldn't need to defend myself to any of those who love me about writing this blog, certainly not to my loved ones, but please just trust my integrity, I need your prayers not your condemnation, and I need your prayers so very very much!

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