Thursday, 9 October 2014

Brenda Leyland

I think its a bit rich that Martin Brunt of Sky News chose to doorstep Brenda Leyland.

I remember when the Madeleine McCann story unfolded, the reporting of the newspapers, and I remember being shocked one day when the accusations that the McCanns had killed their own child were plastered all over the front pages.

I don't want to stir up a witchhunt against Martin Brunt but surely a good reporter would have gone to the source of the vicious rumours about the McCanns, and that source, as I very well remember it, was not Brenda Leyland but the Associated Media's own reporters!

Oh, and if and when Martin Brunt comes out of hiding I have a good story for him, a real news story that he can delve into and publish to his hearts content if he has the guts (which I doubt as so many reporters have already shied away from publishing it), involving a childrens home, a school some disabled kids, some MPs and a prison!


Zoompad said...

Once again, a REALLY IMPORTANT story is pushed into the background:

John Allen: Former North Wales care home boss "molested children as young as seven"

Oct 07, 2014 17:56
By Elwyn Roberts, Luke Traynor

Prosecutor says Allen created a sexualised atmosphere and rewarded some of his victims with presents


Stacey Oliver
John Ernest Allen

A former children’s care home boss raped and sexually abused vulnerable boys after grooming them and selecting them as his ‘favourites’, a jury heard today.

John Allen, now a convicted paedophile Mold Crown Court was told, molested youngsters as young as seven in Bryn Alyn Home in Wrexham, where he was a ‘regular and formidable’ presence.

Now 73, he took charge of night-time duties at the home and abused children over three decades, from the 1960s into the early 90s.

Prosecuting barrister Eleanor Laws QC, told the jury at Mold Crown Court that Allen was not qualified for the work he was doing. He was a hotelier but got involved in the care of children.

She said that he created a sexualised atmosphere alongside a culture of fear, physically and sexually abusing children up the age of 15, rewarding them with presents, including some older victims who were given motorbikes.

Some of those abused were taken to his hotel, The White Sands, for lunch as part of his controlling regime.

The prosecutor said: “John Allen was described by the boys as abusive and violent, often in drink, in particular during the periods of sexual abuse.

“He created a sexualised atmosphere in the home alongside a culture of fear. He was seemingly without being called to account and was able to abuse these boys on a regular basis.

“Some boys were picked out, groomed and turned into his favourites.”

Mold Crown Court

The majority of the rapes and indecent and sexual assaults happened at the Bryn Alyn home, but also at the Pentre Saeson and Bryn Tirion homes, also owned the businessman, the jury heard.

Allen, now of Needham Market, near Ipswich, denies 40 charges of indecent assault and other sexual offences on 20 children, 19 boys and one girl, between 1968 and 1991.

Ms Laws said alleged victims who later complained about the abuse to police and other authorities were ignored or disbelieved, while many of them kept the sexual assaults secret because of shame or fears they would not be taken seriously.

Allen’s past record was revealed to the jury who heard he was convicted after a trial in 1995 for the repeated sexual abuse of boys in the 1970s.

Years later, more complaints about Allen emerged, but he never stood trial after a Crown Court judge ruled the accusations had to be quashed because of a legal technicality which no longer exists today.

Allen was said to rule with an iron fist and one complainant said that everyone knew that everyone was being abused.

He was alleged to have entered dormitories at night and one man said he recalled lying in bed, hoping that someone else “would get it tonight”.

He said that he felt that he had nowhere to go — the only one he could tell was John Allen and he was the one abusing him.

Another would say how he would hear boys screaming at night.

Miss Laws said one boy who had run away was picked up by Allen, returned to the home, and subjected to “scrubs” — made to clean for hours on end with a toothbrush.

Another had described his time at the home as torture and claimed that he had been taken to a toilet and raped by Allen in the presence of another man.

She said another complainant would tell how he was pimped out by a man to his friends and was taken to a room by Allen where he was given alcohol and sexually abused.

The case is proceeding.

Zoompad said...

John Allen -or someone calling himself John Allen - was stalking me on Facebook

Zoompad said...

Another important news article:

Our suicidal newspapers are throwing press freedom away

The Tory papers seem to want their own human rights abolished. The leftist ones cheer when journalists are arrested. Does their civil war matter more to them than their civil liberties?

2 Comments 11 October 2014 Nick Cohen

With the possible, although far from certain, exception of the men and women who hire me, it is fair to say that Britain’s editors have a death wish. They suppress their own freedom. They hold out their wrists and beg the state to handcuff them. They are so lost in ideological frenzy that they cannot see that free journalism is the first casualty of their culture wars.

The Daily Mail acclaimed David Cameron’s threat to repeal the Human Rights Act and pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights as ‘triumphant’. Within days, we learned how the ‘triumphant’ state treats the Mail on Sunday when it thinks no one is looking. Without a warrant from a judge, Kent police officers trawled records of thousands of calls to its news desk. In other words, they hacked its phones. The police hate the comparison, but it still holds. Just as celebrities could accuse tabloid journalists of threatening their right to privacy under the Human Rights Act, so journalists can now accuse the police of threatening their right to free expression, which the judges in Strasbourg have ruled includes protection for a journalist’s sources.

The police targeted the Mail on Sunday because it was on the fringes of the Chris Huhne affair. You will remember that a roadside camera caught him speeding. Huhne persuaded his wife, Vicky Pryce, to pretend she was driving so that he could escape a ban, thus involving them in a (rather small) conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Huhne would have got away with it, had he not enraged his wife with the surest method known to man: running off with another woman. But Pryce did not come out and tell the truth. Instead, her friend Constance Briscoe — a judge, no less — briefed the Mail on Sunday. I have my notes of a conversation I had with an excited Huhne just before his trial began. ‘Briscoe [has been] dealing with a MoS news executive called David Dillon,’ he said. She was ‘feeding the Mail information from the police investigation’, throwing the whole case against him in doubt. Huhne thought he could escape justice and save his career by proving that he was the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy, led by Tory newspapers that were out to destroy him.

Zoompad said...

Unfortunately for him, nothing altered the fact that he was guilty as charged. As he talked, a question niggled at the back of my mind: how the hell did Huhne know about the Mail on Sunday’s sources?

Now we know. First the prosecution demanded that the Mail on Sunday reveal Briscoe’s dealings with the paper. This attack on journalists’ sources at least had the merit of being authorised by an independent judge. In the confiscated emails, Briscoe mentioned she had a ‘police source’. Kent police then used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to seize all the records from David Dillon’s phone on the Mail on Sunday news desk, without the approval of a judge. All for nothing: Huhne’s allegations of a conspiracy were baseless. And all for the most trivial of reasons: the police were not using exceptional powers to investigate an exceptional crime, but a politician’s lies about a minor driving offence, which caused no injury to people or property.

The casualness of the disregard for legal standards — Eric Metcalf, a barrister specialising in freedom of speech, tells me he has no doubt that police breached Article 10 of the Human Rights Act, and the English Common Law too — shows that the possibilities for the abuse of power are limitless. Ripa not only allows the police to seize everything a modern phone can tell them about the movements and contacts of a citizen without judicial approval, but it also contains no provisions to protect the confidentiality of exchanges between journalists and their sources, doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, and MPs and constituents.

Zoompad said...

I have dwelt on the Mail on Sunday because it is one of the few among millions of instances of surveillance we know about. By chance, David Dillon noticed his name on a document which one of Huhne’s lawyers was reading in a restaurant near the Mail on Sunday’s offices. If he had not, this case, like countless others, would have remained secret. In private, the police now tell journalists that they have pulled reporters’ phone records in every single leak inquiry in the last ten years. I believe them. Why wouldn’t they, when it is so easy to spy without constraint? Meanwhile, Edward Snowden’s exposé showed that GCHQ was harvesting the cables that bring the web into Britain, taking not just email records but their contents. Gavin Millar QC and his colleagues are using the European Convention on Human Rights to discover whether the spies seized the information of journalists, lawyers and indeed MPs. A GCHQ memo Snowden passed to the Guardian quoted its managers saying their interceptions could not become public because they breached the right to privacy in the Human Rights Act.

Ah, the Human Rights Act again. Everywhere you turn, you find it unnerving the secret state. Yet the Sun and the Mail on Sunday cheer on the Tories as they threaten to repeal it. Their editors say they believe David Cameron’s promise that he will incorporate its provisions into his new British bill of rights. They are on their own on that one. As Dr Mark Elliott of Cambridge University and every other legal commentator has pointed out, Cameron wants to give rights ‘a more precise definition’. No one else believes that a government whose Home Secretary, Theresa May, wants further to restrict freedom of speech will produce a rewrite that protects, rather than degrades, the existing liberty of the citizen.

The real reason why the Sun and Mail want to drape themselves in the state’s chains, however, has nothing to do with technicalities. It is a morbid symptom of a culture war that has turned maniacal. To the right-wing press the Human Rights Act is lefty and Guardianista; it protects unpopular minorities which Conservatives loathe. The Tory press does not stop to consider that their journalists are a despised minority who also need human rights laws to defend them. The left-wing press and the BBC are no better. They stayed silent when the police arrested dozens of Sun journalists — not for hacking the phones of celebrities, but for stories from the police, prisons and armed forces which may turn out to be in the public interest. To left-wing journalists, the Tory tabloids are reviled enemies against whom any use or abuse of police power is justified. They never worry that the state will use the same tactics against them.

People go on about the might of the British press. They do not see that, consumed by hatreds and torn by civil war, it can no longer stand up for its own best interests, let alone the best interests of a free society.

This article first appeared in the print edition of The Spectator magazine, dated 11 October 2014
Tags: Human Rights Act, Mail on Sunday, Newspapers, Press freedom, Ripa

Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...

"Ripa not only allows the police to seize everything a modern phone can tell them about the movements and contacts of a citizen without judicial approval, but it also contains no provisions to protect the confidentiality of exchanges between journalists and their sources, doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, and MPs and constituents."


Anonymous said...

hello barbara i am one of the new
visitors to the site, can you tell us in a few short sentences
what happened to you

Zoompad said...

I was physically and sexually abused by my brother, and was barricading myself in the bedroom and screaming and playing truant, because the abuse affected my school work, I was Grammer School student, so my parents called in Social Services, Mrs Weaver, she put me into care Chadswell Assessment Centre Rocester near Lichfield and Uttoxeter, I was abused there, and was terrified of them so wouldnt let them into the cell they'd locked me into so they called St Georges Psychiatric Hospital and they dashed in while I was asleep and injected me and transferred me to hospital where I was kept about a year - I was 15 when they let me go back home, the abuse carried on for a while until I finally punched my brother and then it stopped but I have suffered mental health problems - severe depression, all my life, now I know I have Asperger Syndrome. I went through the secret family courts in a dispute with my sons father Fathers 4 Justice got involved in that and told my sons father to accuse me of PAS, the court case went on for 7 years, I had Richard Gardners "Threat Therapy" used on me, in the end I sacked my legal team who were 2Professional Losers" and won the case, but in that time I had found out all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, paedophiles from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, its hard to tell my history in a few sentances but thats pretty much it.

Zoompad said...

Chadswell Assessment Centre was being run by pimps, they were letting men come into the home to have sex with some of the children, and they were spanking some of the boys they made them wear shorts there us girls had a funny stripy uniform I think it was made of crimpalene

Anonymous said...

it is about time that people realised that former pupils collaborate with each other to fabricate False Accusations against the Staff on Approved Schools. (falsely called Care Homes).
These pupils were taken into care by Social Services because they were either:-]
a.abused at home by a family
OR b. they were out of control.
OR c. they were robbing, or prostituting.
The truth really does matter - and should be made available to the public.
Does anyone want my full list of those making these False Accusations.

Anonymous said...

Too many False Allegations made by former pupils who were in Approved Schools.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your story
it is just awful
i was in west lynn childrens home
notfolk. boys were taken out for the day by homosexuals.
There were parties at weekends by social workers at their homes where mainly boys were taken and drugs and alcohol used to seduce them. Several boys said at that time Jimmy saville was involved.
I was ill trated but not as bad as many and not sodomosed but many boys were.
The authorities have always denied any abuse

Zoompad said...

"Does anyone want my full list of those making these False Accusations."

Yes please, I would very much like your list, I'd also like to know who you are, because at the moment you are hiding behind a screen of anonymity, and thats what cowards paedophiles and liars do.

Furtermore, if my name is on that list I will do my utmost to sue you for libel, as I have been telling the truth all along.

As for the false allegations, yes, there are people with false identities making false allegations, they are doing it to scupper the investigations into institutional child abuse, it will all come out in the end though whats been happening.

Zoompad said...

"These pupils were taken into care by Social Services because they were either:-]
a.abused at home by a family
OR b. they were out of control.
OR c. they were robbing, or prostituting."

So, evidently, you think its ok that these poor kids who had already been abused by a family member could be subjected to even more abuse in an environment from which there was no escape, a Pindown home/approved home/school?

You want to take a good look back at what you've written just now. Its pretty sick

Zoompad said...

"thank you for sharing your story
it is just awful"

Yes, it was, and I'm sorry for what you went through too.

I wasn't actually sexually abused at Chadswell Assessment Centre, but I am quite sure I would have been had I not gone beserk because of the physically and mentally abuseive way I was treated there and been transferred to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital. I was sexually physically and emotionally abused at St Georges, but I was not so terrified there funny enough as at least I was central to Stafford, I knew where I was in the town, and my family was able to visit me - it was only one member of my family that was abusing me and he didn't come to visit me thank God.

Zoompad said...

Back to the anonymous coward again:

"it is about time that people realised that former pupils collaborate with each other to fabricate False Accusations against the Staff on Approved Schools. (falsely called Care Homes)."

Well us ones from Chadswell Assessment centre can't be accused of doing that at any rate, as the dodgy charity Survivors Trust, the Government and the BBC have put a spoke in that, by making damned sure as few of us ever meet each other as possible.

Two of the Chadswell victims that I have spoken with are too terrified to make any formal complaint, so the cover uppers have done a damned good job as far as Chadswell is concerned, I choose the word DAMNED because cursed be all those who have done such a wicked thing!

Zoompad said...

The damned clowns have spent more money and effort covering this mess up than if they'd just tried to put things right for us, and they still haven't managed to cover it all up either, in fact their wretched persecution of me over a 7 year period via the secret courts was the catalyst for me to write my book TIP by ZOOMPAD, I HAD to write that book to make sure I got the chance to tell my side of the story, and that book is going to be the downfall of the BBC because that organisation has bent over backwards to cover up PINDOWN!!!

Zoompad said...

I was forced into writing that book, at the time I was being persecuted to hell and back in the secret (illegal) family courts, just as so many other mothers have been, accused of crap that a paedophile (Richard Gardner)invented (PAS), so I wrote that book to get my side of the story in, and I wrote that book prayerfully, I did my best to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth whilst writing that book, I didn't hold back from writing negative things against myself in that book WHICH I AM NOT ASHAMED OF INCIDENTALLY and I have no doubt all the paedo gangsters ringleaders including those in Parliament and the BBC have read it from cover to cover, yet not a word about it in that mocumentary CARE HOME KID, which the BBC put together to try to cover up and justify Pindown!

Zoompad said...

The Sentinal printed the headline THEY WERE NO ANGELS when reporting about Pindown, yes, we WEREN'T angels, that much is true, WE WERE CHILDREN AND DID NOT DESERVE TO BE ABUSED AND USED AS CHILD PROSTITUTES FOR RICH NOBS!!!

Zoompad said...

If we'd been angels perhaps the Lord would have intervened and turned the rich nobs into pillars of salt, as happened during the attempted rape of angels in Lot's time!

Anonymous said...

I was in several childrens homes and perhaps Barnardos was the worst where sex with the boys was a daily treat for homosexual staff members and their freinds.
many of us beleive we were sold for money, but of the course the police never took us seriously i am now 70 years old and still emotionally and mentally scarred from what happened to us

Zoompad said...

I was listening to Radio 4 last night not sure but I think the program was Feedback, it was early evening on Radio 4 and the presenter was trying to justify the hounding of Brenda Leyland to death by Sky News.

I don't agree with Brenda Leyland's point of view, as I have always thought that the McCanns are innocent of the dissapearance of their daughter, though I do think the McCanns can hardly be ignorant of the secret family court gangsters that are stealing vulnerable peoples children, I would think every GP in the UK must be aware of what is going on in the secret courts all over the UK, as they would be the first port of call for all the grieving mothers, I know I told my GP all about how I was being treated at the time I was being systematically tortured, I must have told about 10 different GPs I should think, and not a single one of them did anything to stop the abuse as far as I am aware.

I do remember the vicious headlines from the papers accusing Kate McCann (funny how its usually the mother who gets picked on) of murdering her daughter, it was the newspapers who started the accusations, not bloggers, not people like Brenda Leyland, it was the newspapers, the media, I remember what they did, I remember the headlines!

Zoompad said...

Another thing, I have had anonymous (always cowardly anonymous) people try to bully me into believing that Kate McCann murdered her daughter, just as I have had anonymous cowards trying to justify the paedophile Richard Gardner, calling him a much misunderstood man, trying to clean up his legacy, which is like trying to shoeshine a turd, Richard Gardners own words condemn him, and thats before you look at what his partner in crime Ralph Underwager did and said, the same anonymous creatures have tried to justify Alfred Kinsey, Hollywood even made a film starring Liam Niilson trying to make out that Kinsey was a much misunderstood man, WELL SOME OF US UNDERSTAND KINSEY VERY WELL INDEED SOME OF US BEAR THE SCARS FROM BEING TORTURED IN THE SECRET COURTS BECAUSE OF KINSEY/GARDNER/UNDERWAGER AND THEIR FRIENDS AND ALLIES!

Zoompad said...

BBC re3porters are particularly fond of trolling institutional child abuse victims.

I feel like Elijah stanging up to the worshippers and priests of the One Eyed God!

Zoompad said...

Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal, and I challenge the prophets of the BBC/Sky/RT/Associated Media ect ect ect. I call them the prophets of the One Eyed God.

The One Eyed God sits in the corner of most peoples sitting room and spouts lies all day and all night, pretending it is the actual news. There is a little button on it with which you can shut it up with, it is called the Off button.

About 400 or so prophets of the One Eyed God go to a big campsite in England every year, where a lot of people take mind altering substances and copious quantities of alcohol, and listen to ear splitting loud music.

The prophets of the One Eyed God also have private talks with men in sharp suits, many of whom are also addicted to the mind altering substances that are consumed at the big camping festival. Many of these men in sharp suits became hooked on the mind altering substances whilst they were attending their very expensive and elite schools, where other illegal activities were going on, where a boy can take the place of a woman, where moral values and decency were thrown out of the window and mocked.

Anonymous said...

About 15 years ago a small ad in local papers said auditions would be held for a big film and boys aged between 9 and 13 should come along for a try out.
My nephew went with his mum to a small dingy hotel
His mum ( my sister ) had to wait outside where photographers took photos of all the boys in naked poses up against a background of a football stadium and palm trees
they said they would let us know
no one heard anymore buta man called fred Seaman who was a somebody in the norfolk evangelical church was arrested for producing a monthly pamphlet with these same images of naked boys for the homosexual community
This dreadful man got away with a police caution, while naked photos of my nephew and other boys went viral to the pervert community

Anonymous said...

I was just reading Chris Spiveys blog and The Coleman Experience.
They both expose all the homosexuals sexually abusing youngsters
it is horrifying.
Homosexuality must be banned again

Zoompad said...

Thanks for the info about Fred Seaman.

Zoompad said...

This is an interesting conversation about Fred Seaman, don't know if its the same Fred Seaman

Anonymous said...

The cheif poiceman in charge of investigating high level homosexuals has been sacked
this is shocking
he said he was getting too close to the truth

Anonymous said...

This is atken froma website talking about jehovah witness child abuse
the interesting thing is that it is exactly what was happeneing at the norfolk evangeicals the man known as Fred Seaman was a ringleader in the abuse of small boys
"The pattern is to recruit young women with small children, encourage them to separate from 'unbelieving' husbands or partners and allowing the 'elders' to take over the 'guidance' of the young children..

"It is a pedophiles dream.

"These men with absolute power over vulnerable young women with children are then in a position to abuse those children all they want and the mothers will do nothing to prevent it."

Anonymous said...

As someone who wa sinvolved for some years i can tell you that not one of the complaints that crossed our desk were faked from children as suggested.
The close questioning would soon sort any malicious accusations.
We hada large plastic tray where all these accusations were kept
"pending enquiries" it was called
some months later it would always be shredded

Zoompad said...

"The close questioning would soon sort any malicious accusations.

Yes, even if the close questioning is allowed to go on and on and on for days, by the paedophile defence legal eagles, AS HAS BEEN HAPPENING, how on earth can the abused do anything but simply keep on telling the truth, even when we are brutally and cruelly called liars, Lolitas, Mentally Ill Attention Seekers, Lesbians, Manhaters, Nutters, ect ect ect.

You dont have to be a genius to work out what is going on.

Zoompad said...

Michael Mansfield, the cover upper for Michael Barrymore was on telly last night, talking about the murder of Jill Dando.

That program, supposed to be a documentary investigation was like a bad joke, and they even had one of those drunken style cameramen, it was hard to concentrate on the program with the camera being jerked and made out of focus all the time.

Jill Dando was executed by a professional murderer. I know that Birmingham F4J offered to "sort me out", and Stafford Police know, the senior police officers not rank and file, the senior police officers in Stafford Police are as bent as a nine bob note.

Zoompad said...

How did the person who murdered Jill Dando know she was going home? The documentary last night didnt even bother to ask that question

Zoompad said...

That documentary was complete rubbish, didnt even mention that Jill Dando was onto the paedophile gangsters, there WAS a motive for the murder, seemingly everyone can see it apart from the police and media!

Zoompad said...

I would put last nights documentary about the murder of Jill Dando in the same catagory as the one about Staffordshire Pindown, "Care Home Kid", both equally as sparing with the truth as possible, both made to cover up crimes that have been committed against children and whistleblowers of child abuse