Thursday, 23 October 2014


When I found out Fiona Woolf had links to Leon Britton I didn't think she was the right person to do the CSA enquiry, because of her links to Leon Britton, but now that I have seen the clamour of cover uppers of institutional paedophilia such as John Hemming, Simon Danczuc, Peter Saunders and others who are actually on friendly terms with paedophile gangsters, I have changed my mind and would be happier to give her the chance of doing the job.

She would be infinatly more suitable than the person the aforementioned are clamouring to take over, Michael Mansfield, who was Michael Barrymore's defence lawyer and who has already wilfully and deliberatly ignored institional child abuse of the worst kind.

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Zoompad said...

I see the media is now reporting on Fiona Woolf for praising the homosexual Stonewall member and blasphemer Ian McKellan.

The media is as crafty as MI5, well, lets face it, MI5 use the newspapers as their megaphone, pouring out lies and halftruths as fast as they can get the stuff printed. I have no doubt that what Fiona Woolf said about Ian Mckellan was said out of diplomatic politeness, and the media, who dont actually want a proper institutional child abuse investigation at all, are doing a bit of crafty wordtwisting.

The very fact that John Hemming and his paedophile gangster friends are clamouring for her to step down makes me all the more hope that she stands her ground and stays put!