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After watching last nights documentary (trying to, with the crazy off putting drunken style camerawork, why do they do that?) I thought it would be good to jot down a few facts from the evidence presented:

1) She was executed by a professional cold blooded murderer.

2) The murderer knew that Jill Dando was going back home, so someone must have told him that, as Jill Dando wasn't living at that address any more.

3) Michael Mansfield QC, who certain people have been pushing forward to take over the child abuse investigation ( and have voiced very strong objections to Dr Judith Reisman who has been investigating paedophile crimes for over 4 decades) despite the fact that he's already told one of the CSA victims that he's not interested and also despite the fact that he was Michael Barrymores defence lawyer over the death of a young man in very suspicious circumstances in Michael Barrymores swimming pool, was Barry Georges defence lawyer, and he failed to mention in the documentary about Jill Dando's investigation into paedophiles in high places as part of her Crimewatch work


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"For Alan Farthing, the conviction and imprisonment of George in July, 2001, and his subsequent acquittal after scientific evidence was discredited and ruled inadmissible by the judge, have all been part of the extraordinary emotional switchback he has had to endure.

An intensely private man, Farthing surprised friends by asking to be the chairman of the Jill Dando Fund, which was set up a year after her murder. It raised £1.5 million, and he stood down as soon as it was handed over to University College London, where the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science was established, and now runs, under the chairmanship of Nick Ross."

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Nick Ross, how very interesting!

Zoompad said...

I always like to have a look at the journalists of such simpering articles:

Anonymous said...

Those at michael barrymores party have spoken at last and it seems that michael drugged the man raped him and then flung him in the pool laughing

Barbara during your research you must have learnt so much i wish you would put more on the site

Zoompad said...

Where did you read that? I haven't heard about that, the laughing especially, please would you mind forwarding a link, thanks.

I try to post the important things, the things I know to be true, ie the involvement of Lockheed Martin via Eagle Associates in the UK secret family courts use of Parental Alienation Syndrome and Threat Therapy (both invented by paedophile Richard Gardner), I would never have found that out if I hadn't been a victim of secret family court legal abuse myself.

I cant put things down if I'm not absolutly sure that they are true, as the paedophiles, so cruelly, have fed me information which isnt true, to mujddy the water, so I have to be careful to research things myself to make sure they are true, and that takes time

Zoompad said...

Someone has been having a right good old fiddle with my Google account statistics, altering them to reduce the number of people who read this blog, not that I care, I'd write this blog if there was only me and God reading it, I write if for my own self and for God to read, not that He needs to read it as He can see everything thats ever happened clearly enough anyway, but I think He likes me to keep writing it, so I do

Anonymous said...

barbara knowing what you went through shows we are not alone, we all identify with each other
who have suffered.
I also read the bit about the michael barrymore party and they did say he was laughing
but barrymore was a freemason and the police all gave the pervert masonic handshakes after the trial

Zoompad said...

Just found this:,bs.1,d.d2s

Interesting that the video has been taken down, whats to hide?

Also, his ex wife Cheryl is dead, what did she die of?

Zoompad said...

Speaking of his wife Cheryl, Michael said she was worried about his health but also that his drinking would affect his work which she was heavily involved in: “I was her husband, her lover, her child and her career all wrapped up into one, 24/7 and that’s a lot of pressure on both and I don’t knock it because I think she was a major part of my success. I loved her to death despite what people write or have written in the past about what our relationship was about.”

Looking back to how he felt after a night of heavy drinking, Michael said: “I could bounce straight up, no headaches… I never took anything before I went on, I probably had so much in me from the night before it probably didn’t matter.”

Responding to allegations by late wife Cheryl in her book, where she said when his alcohol intake was highest, there was violence in their relationship: “No that’s not true, I think when she wrote that book, Cheryl was a woman scorned. I’d taken everything away from her and I feel terrible, I did at the time. I didn’t want us to split up. I had to deal with my sexuality, I wanted us to carry on but her last line to me tragically was, “I made you, I’ll break you”.”

“The only time I’ve ever pushed Cheryl is [when I] pushed her away from me when I’ve had six inch nails clawing into my face which I think is fair enough. I’ve never punched her in my life, I’ve never hit any woman.”

On his favourite drug: “My favourite was weed because it makes you laugh and I liked laughing… That’s why I took it, you get the giggles for about eight hours.”

Zoompad said...

On the turning point when he realised using drink and drugs had gone from being fun to being self-destructive, Barrymore relived a time he was filming one of his entertainment shows: “I remember being on the studio floor at London Weekend [Television] making [Strike it Rich or Barrymore] and I was very irritable and I’ve always had a great relationship with the crews… We worked hard and we played hard and we had to do retakes and I was getting really, really uptight, very unlike me and my mind was thinking ‘get this over and done with, get upstairs and I can have a drink’… And when I thought it through I thought that is so sad… someone’s looked down on you and given you all this and you’re more interested [in having a drink]… and I thought, this is it, it’s bad.”

On whether the addictive personality was a mask hiding his true sexuality: “I did truly believe that my drinking problems, anything else that I took was because I was suppressing the fact that I may or may not be gay or it was getting more and more [apparent] that I was. Then when I did come out, actually the drinking got worse so I found out it was nothing to do with that at all.”

Jeremy showed Michael clips from the National Television Awards where Barrymore made an emotional speech for the first time since coming out as gay saying he was happy and thanking people for their support as an emotional Cheryl sat in the audience. Visibly tearful, Michael said: “That was the night we were trying to get back together, we were trying to work out a way that we could do it and I don’t think she would accept that I was gay at all because we had a full life together, complete life... It just came to a head that night and I think because our lives were so exposed anyway whether it was by design or not… I said earlier, she said “I made you, I’ll break you” that was at the [Royal] Albert Hall and we never saw each other again until I got the phonecall to say she had died. I didn’t even know she was ill.”

Speaking about the love he and Cheryl shared, Barrymore broke down in tears: “I wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral but I found out [when I came back to live in England about four years ago] and her sister Carol rang me up and said ‘I’d like to see you’ and she said ‘You know all those things in the paper about Cheryl not wanting you to come to the funeral, it’s all nonsense she never said that’… Maurice Leonard who produced [some of my entertainment programmes] and my agent at the time… and everybody close to [Cheryl] who was still seeing her… said that she loved me until the day she died and she was constantly saying ‘how can we get him back on, what can we do’… It doesn’t sound like somebody to me - without going back over too much - that has been damaged by someone physically… I was the love of her life... [Michael breaks down in tears]”

On the night he came out as gay in an East End pub, Barrymore said he went to The White Swan on a recommendation: “At this point, there’s rumours going around the business that I may be gay... When the drag act got up on the stage in the pub, his opening line, he said ‘What do you think about Barrymore then?’ not knowing I’m there… and he said ‘He’s not here is he?’ and I don’t know what made me do it, I just stepped up on the stage and said ‘Yeah I am actually’ and the whole place erupted and I think I got carried away on the acceptance of this crowd of people… and I started singing ‘Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, start spread it again and tell them I’m gay.’”

Zoompad said...

The National Television Awards again! The same ones who awarded accolade for a cover up program about Jersey child abuse

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Cheryl Barrymore

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Cheryl Barrymore


Cheryl Carlisa Cocklin
22 March 1950[1]
London, England[1]


1 April 2005 (aged 55)
St John's Wood, London, England

Cause of death

Lung cancer




Dancer, talent manager

Years active



Michael Barrymore
(m. 1976–1997, divorced)

Cheryl Carlisa Barrymore (born as Cheryl Carlisa Cocklin,[2] 22 March 1950 – 1 April 2005) was an English dancer and talent manager, most famous as the ex-wife of Michael Barrymore.

[hide] 1 Biography 1.1 Wife and manager
1.2 Split with Barrymore
1.3 After Barrymore
1.4 Death

2 References
3 External links

Zoompad said...


A trained dancer she took work in the publicity department of EMI records between shows, where she met young PR man and lifelong friend Max Clifford.[citation needed]

After her first marriage to Greg Smith failed, Cheryl took part in several West End theatre shows; during one of which she met entertainer Michael Barrymore in 1974.[3] They married two years later.

Wife and manager[edit]

Cheryl and Michael married in 1976[4] although not until after Barrymore had paid off his mother who threatened to reveal a previous 18-month-long gay love affair.[5] Cheryl later claimed, without contradiction from her estranged husband, that they had had a "full" marriage, including connubial relations.

With Cheryl as his manager and the mastermind behind Barrymore's meteoric rise, he won a 1979 edition of "New Faces". He later became a panellist on "Blankety Blank" and the warm-up man for Larry Grayson on the "Generation Game."[2]

From there Barrymore rose to fame presenting ITV1 entertainment show "Strike It Lucky" from 1986, followed by "Kids Say the Funniest Things" and "My Kind of Music." Barrymore was voted the UK's favourite TV star several times, and became one of the highest-paid stars on TV.[6]

Cheryl later revealed that Barrymore had problems with alcohol and depression, and as a result of an attack on her at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, she was placed by British police on the "at risk" register.[5]

Split with Barrymore[edit]

At the height of his popularity, Michael Barrymore suffered increasing alcohol problems. He claimed that he had wanted to seek help, but that his wife told him: "No, you’re not (alcoholic). Don’t be stupid."[7]

In November 1995, Barrymore attended the National Television Awards, where clearly drunk he made a rambling, incoherent speech. At an after-show party on a live late night radio show, he publicly declared he was gay and "no longer wanted to live a lie", following which he and Cheryl split up. She later claimed that Barrymore took the step and didn't tell her because of his talks with Princess Diana.[8]

After several aborted reunions, they later divorced in 1997 and Cheryl went on to publish the autobiography[9] "Catch a Falling Star", which contained details of their acrimonious split. The couple became estranged, and she ceased acting on her husband's behalf as either agent or manager.

After Barrymore[edit]

Cheryl devoted her energies to managing other artists including Rebecca Loos and Ex-EastEnder Danniella Westbrook, the latter of whom she urged to get help for her drug addiction, ultimately leading to Daniella becoming clean of drugs in 2001. When her ex-husband was tried for the murder of meat factory worker Stuart Lubbock, Cheryl provided to the Lubbock family lawyer both an affidavit and subsequent court testimony that her ex-husband had lied under oath, and could actually swim. She also alleged the entertainer had rubbed cocaine on to the gums of other people as well as himself.[10]

Barrymore later wrote in his 2006 autobiography, Awight Now: Setting the Record Straight, that Cheryl was a control freak who controlled his every movement including his clothes,[3] and she had created the character that was "Michael Barrymore", which also resultantly drove him to alcohol, drugs and gay affairs.[11]


After her split with Barrymore, Cheryl's health suffered. In 2003 she suffered a burst ulcer, and in late 2004 she was investigated for Chronic fatigue syndrome, when she complained of feeling unwell.[12]

On 1 April 2005, Cheryl Barrymore died, aged 55, at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital in St John's Wood, having been diagnosed with lung cancer just six weeks earlier. [13]

Zoompad said...

What a mess!

I never did like Larry Grayson, I remember watching him and cringing, there was something ugh about him to me, something creepy.

So Cheryl died of cancer aged 55, how very convenient for some people. Funny how she suddenly started having loads of health problems after all this happened. It would be interesting to know who her friends were afterwards, especially any people who suddenly befriended her out of the blue.

Zoompad said...

My solicetor Richard Wise also VERY SUDDENLY started having health problems, whilst he was investigating Pindown. If he hadn't died so suddenly I know he would never have let me go through the absolute hell that I went through in the secret family courts, accused of PAS and "Threat Therapy" torture used on me for 7 years. He would have stopped them doing that to me if he'd not suddenly died of what the propaganda papers said was terminal cancer.

Zoompad said...

"and in late 2004 she was investigated for Chronic fatigue syndrome, when she complained of feeling unwell"

She could have been poisoned. I have suffered deliberatly bad NHS treatment, there are some people so wicked they will reabuse victims of abuse to cover stuff up, like devils

Anonymous said...

firstly barbara i would not place too much on what michael barrymore says, a man who would drug rape and kill a young man for fun would have no compunction about lying.
But its interesting what you say about doctors
i know 2 big whistleblowers and both of their GPs threw them of and their health drastically dropped after being given jewish doctors
broadcaster kevin field died same year, and the whistleblower BIGMAC only began to get metter when he changed his doctor
but this is what i wanted to say
I listen to all the real news radio shows of which there are several, its not just the UKcolumn, and what gets me is the laguage of these homosexuals who make light of what they do, such names as ‘bendover boys’ bumboys’ spunk monkeys.cockfodder
this is child abuse and it disgusts me to hear it called the ‘sport of going boy nobbing’, and lets call all homosexuals gay, ha ha its damn well not funny in the slightest

Anonymous said...

where does all the filth come from ?
well its here

Zoompad said...

The European Union (EU) says more than 30,000 people, mostly women, fell victim to human trafficking in member countries of the 28-nation bloc between 2010-2012.

According to a recent report by the European Commission, 30,146 people were registered as victims of human trafficking in EU states during the years 2010-2012.

The report said 80 percent of registered victims were female. There were also 1,000 children among those trafficked to EU countries for sexual exploitation.

“In fact, we can assume that the actual number of victims is even higher,” said EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom, describing human trafficking as “the slave trade of our time.”

The victims of human smuggling are mainly illegal immigrants from undeveloped countries. The victims, who usually have no work permit, are often forced into labor or prostitution by traffickers.

During the period, EU member states tried 8,551 people for offences related to human trafficking, but there were only 3,786 convictions, according to the report.

Last month, the European police said more than 1,000 people had been arrested in the biggest organized crime crackdown in Europe.

The detainees were suspected of offences including human trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal immigration, counterfeiting and theft.



Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...

"and what gets me is the laguage of these homosexuals who make light of what they do"

Yes, exactly!

I haven't heard them talking like that on the radio, but I have seen them talking like that on homosexual websites, homosexual dating sites, I spied on them for a while so that I could find out who was responsible for Pindown and the hell I have been through, some people have criticised me for doing that, but its MY business, I want to find out exactly who was responsible for systematically torturing me and exactly why they did it, it IS my business, people accusing me of homophobia are talking rubbish, I am a victim of child abuse and legal abuse, and I want all the ones who systematically tortured me to be punished!

Zoompad said...

I never was "homophobic" until all this happened, until I was systematically tortured in the secret courts, I had no idea homosexual groups had anything to do with what happened to me as a child until I was systematically tortured, and it was only when I found out who had invented Parental Alienation Syndrome that I began to realise who was reponsible, and why they were doing it. Because it didnt actually make any sense at all for a long time, and friends and family kept saying why are you going through this? and I had no idea, it was just wierd that I was being persecuted so vigourously and that so much court time and money was being used to persecute me, it didnt make any sense, but it does now!

Anonymous said...

barbara you tell us what you and other children went through and then say you dont hate homosexuals
well all of us who were abused by them do hate them
You speak to any young lad and you hear the fear they have of them
They should all get compulsory treatment

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This explains why the jews push homosexual perversion onto us and our kids

Zoompad said...

Anonymous said...
barbara you tell us what you and other children went through and then say you dont hate homosexuals
well all of us who were abused by them do hate them
You speak to any young lad and you hear the fear they have of them
They should all get compulsory treatment
21 October 2014 01:06

I'm sorry, I suppose if I'm honest I have come to hate them now too, but I never used to, until I realised that paedophiles pretend to be homosexual, what I mean is I dont hate anyone for actually being attracted to the same sex, but I suppose I feel the same way as you do, I cant help it, I've been persecuted by them, and now it just makes me feel sick to watch homosexuals on telly or radio, but its them that have made me feel like that, as I never did used to feel that way, its their relentless persecution that has caused it

Zoompad said...

God said dont hate but how can I help it? I DO hate them, I just cant help it, I feel this horrible sick feeling now, its no use God just saying "Dont hate" when He is sitting in Heaven not doing anything about bthis awful shit up!

Jesus, you be my judge, because You know I never used to hate them, but You let them persecute me for years on end, its not really very fair of you to cast me into hell for hating them now, why didn't You stop them persecuting me for all those years then?

Zoompad said...

Why did you use me how You used Job? Why did you let Satan play with me like a cat plays with a mouse?

I just want to understand Lord, because at the moment I cant understand why you let it happen. I just dont understand why You let me be abused again and again, please tell me why!

Anonymous said...

the media right across the board right now is so heterophobic and prejudiced.
Its come out that Barrymore can swim and was rubbing cocaine froma tobacco tin on everyones gums, and did it twice to stuart lubbock.
To drug a man and then hump and dump him has become known as being "barrymored "
And this killing of jill Dando wa ssiad to be by the SAS
a bunch of criminal terrorists