Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Sonia Poulton is right now trying to slander me on Twitter by making out that I am a nutter "She has problems". Well, thats as maybe, I DO have problems, I've never attempted to hide the fact that I have PTSD, which has been caused by child abuse and cover ups. Why should I? Its not me who ought to be ashamed of having PTSD, its not my shame, its the shame of the ones who have caused me to have it, its the shame of the ones who abused me and aided and abetted the abusers, so I don't see why I should feel any shame in having PTSD furthermore I'm not going to!

Sonia Poulton is a liar. She pretended to be all sympathetic about the horrific abuse I have suffered, she even turned on the waterworks down the phone when she called me up about 2 years ago, and of course I believed her sympathy was genuine, well you would if someone was actually weeping - as I know now, pretending to - down the phone, so I'm not going to beat myself up over falling for that one either.

Right now the hard boiled bitch is talking about me behind my back, and yesterday she was snorting and sniggering with the paedophiles on Twitter, at my expense. Wether she realises they're paedophiles I have no idea, but she was sniggering about me with them nevertheless, and thats going to backfire on her when all this comes out into the open, because you can't cover stuff like this up for ever.

The Daily Mail is a disgusting trashpaper, I used to think it was a good paper but what they do is print half truths, which isn't the truth at all, and they're also using anonymous news reporters and people with false names ie OLIVER PICKUP, who the hell is he, he has no history so he could be just about anybody!

Sonia Poulton, I know you will read this, just want to point out to you that before you go slandering people by telling other people that CSA victims you've pretended to befriend with one half of your Janus face are insane nutters you want to make damned sure that the person you're slandering didnt secretly tape the telephone conversation of you pretending to cry in mock sympathy down the phone, because you wouldn't really want that coming out embarressing you on YouTube would you?


Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Sonia Poulton, commonly known as Scrarty Poontang is a dreadful bully and a liar.

She does not research properly and manages to get everything wrong anyway!

I was called in to TPV to support Sonia when her behaviour tipped out of control, nfortunately she had several tantrums when I was not there and her choice was walk or get thrown out.

Here are some links you might find interesting.....

I was sorry to read of what happened to you writing and being open can help, you are very brave to keep telling the truth.

Best wishes :>)

Zoompad said...

I won't repost the horrible comments, thanks Tom:

Posted by Tom Pride in hopeless naivety



Daily Mail, human rights, open government

(not satire sadly)

Recently I wrote a blog post about what happened when I dared to ask a journalist who writes for national newspapers how she managed to ‘trace’ (her words) the personal phone numbers and home addresses of Twitter users:

Daily Mail hack boasts about being able to ‘trace’ personal phone numbers of Twitter users

My polite enquiry resulted in extremely aggressive trolling by a handful of her supporters as well as a threat to sue me for libel if I continued “being an idiot” as she put it:

Mail hack threatens to sue me for asking how she traced Twitter users’ personal information

That was 5 days ago – the trolling and insults have continued by her supporters and if anything have been getting worse.

So I thought I should share some of the choicest insults with you from a handful of her supporters (trigger warning – bad language, violent imagery and aggression):

Zoompad said...

The Hollie Greig situation:

I absolutly believe Hollie and her mother, I have no a shadow of doubt that they are telling the truth about how Hollie was abused and how Anne was persecuted for trying to complain, and the ransacking of their home by Cheshire police. But I also know that they were encircled by the same people that I was encircled by, the Brian Gerrish lot, Ian Josephs and a lot of men from Fathers Rights groups, and they pretended to be trying to help Hollie but what they were really doing was getting her and her mum isolated from other victims of institutional abuse. Theyve done the same to me, its really crafty and cruel how they do it.

All I know about Sonia Poulton is the way she treated me, she pretended to be kind to me, she even wept down the phone as I told her some of the horrible things that happened to me, and I really thought she sould write a newspaper article about the goings on in Staffordshire, but she hasn't, and I can't understand why any journalist would want to keep quiet about the stuff that is going on in Staffordshire ie the targetting of disabled children in secret family courts, the taking of them to prison for PE lessons ect, it just seems weird that on one hand Sonia is shouting online about child abuse yet totally totally ignoring actual stories that have plenty of documented evidence of abuse!!!

Zoompad said...

I'm wondering if the person on Twitter really is Sonia Poulton, or if its someone who has stolen her identity?

I'm also not convinced that the Edwina Curry on Twitter is the genuine Edwina Curry, as I don't think the real Edwina Curry would have spoken to me as that person did.

Surely it is a criminal offence to steal someones identity and set up a false account for the purpose of persecuting victims of serious crime?

Zoompad said...

How can anyone weep down the phone with someone like she did and be fake? Thats what I cant get my head around, she absolutly genuinly seemed to be affected by what I was telling her about the abuse I had suffered.

I just don't understand how anyone could do that, and also she had such a sweet voice, a voice you would trust, a voice with compassion in it. Thats whats really really really hurt me, its these horrible head games, it makes me want to scream, its like being stamped on all over again.

The only thing that makes any sense is that perhaps the Twitter Sonia Poulton isnt really her at all.

Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Sadly the tweeter Sonia Poulton is the real Sonia, she has been exposed enought but just doesn't seem to be able to help herself.

I worked with Sonia Tat tpv and saw her tantrums and vileness first hand, and it did shock me too, at first.

Because I know that you are not the only person that Sonia Poulton has treated like this, yes it is disgusting, I am sorry you have been treated like this, it must feel like a repeat, it is not you, this is Sonia's modus operandi, she is spiteful and egotistical.

The Hollie Greig story is, indeed very sad, however you look at it, my problem is the Robert |Green was already under a non harrasment order before he went on Sonia's show, she knew he would end up in prison and she didn't care about that either.

I respect what you are doing and wish you well with healing from the past, I am sorry you got caught up with nasty people on Twitter, I do believe you are better than that and I know you have a right to speak out without being abused yet more.

But yes Sonia Poulton is a nasty bully, tho she can pretend otherwise, it doesn't last long and her spitefulness always comes thru, she just about destroyed Drew, in the David Icke link above, and I don't think she should be allowed to get away with treating anyone else like that.

Like I said Well done for speaking out, if more people did these people wouldn't get away with their bullying.

Zoompad said...

I've made a lot of YouTube videos and I have been in the Staffordshire Newsletter a couple of times, and I have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to tell people what happened Pindown/secret family courts ect but the abuse is STILL ongoing, I dont think anyone could have tried harder than I have to tell what happened, its very very depressing. I kept trying to go onto the radio, I got blacklisted on Talk Sport for talking about the secret family court forced adoptions, and I have written to every newspaper and to every politician at least 10 times, thousands of letters.

Stafford Police have told me several times to close down my blog, but I wont,

Zoompad said...

What gets me is that Sonia Poulton seemed so genuine, she sounded lovely over the phone, gentle and kind. I just can't believe that the hard boiled Sonia Poulton on Twitter is the same as the gentle kind sounding woman that wept down the phone with me, how can anyone do that to someone, my brain doesnt want to accept it

Anonymous said...

According to there is no such person named Sonia Poulton who was born in Cirencester, Gloucester in 1964 (as is her claim in her bio). Also her mother's name is probably Elizabeth Duggan,, not Ann as is her claim. Elizabeth Duggan born liverpool 1926. There is also another Elizabeth duggan born in Merthyr Tydfyl, monmouthshire, wales in 1926. I think the whole sonia poulton person online is an amalgam of various characters she has found on

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Sonia is an actress? If you look at different Youtube videos of her, she speaks in at least two different accents within the space of 1/2 years. There's Posh Sonia and West Country Sonia. Strange! And if Posh is her 'work' voice or something, well that's still really strange - false.