Friday, 7 November 2014


Anonymous said...
the government cant have it both ways, it cant legalise homosexuality and not legalise pedophilia, so logically
so time over the next few months the act of pedophilia will not longer be a crime
The thing is where do you draw the line ? Peter Tacthell wants boys aged 4 to be able to consent to sex with men
Elton John says no age limit at all, should babies be allowed to have sex as it in the lost prophets case ?
many social workers say we should go all the way and ban it all again, or take down all legislation, but what about the young boys ? do they have no say here
PS you are right about the freemasons, Adolf Hitler banned them, I don't see any comments on here Barbara are people not writing in now ?
6 November 2014 06:22

I've reposted this because I am very concerned at the bit at the end "I don't see any comments on here Barbara are people not writing in now ?"

There are lots of comments on the last post I made, the one about Fiona Woolf, and I am very concerned that people might not be able to read the comments there. I do occasionally decide not to publish comments, for example I dont like to publish anything which seems to glorify Adolf Hitler, even though I may agree with some of what is posted as in the comment above, and I certainly dont publish the filthy pro paedophilia comments that the perverts leave here either, but I usually do publish the comments people leave on my blog, so I am very conmcerned if people are being unable to read them, it certainly isnt because of me blocking them!

Please, if anyone else is just seeing a blog with no comments can you let me know, thanks


Anonymous said...

actually barbara they are censoring a lot of blogs so it would make sense if some of yours did not come out, it may be that some of your execLLANT BLOGS DONT GET MANY COMMENTS BUT I WIL AGREE I HAVE SEEN A COUPLE WITH ALMOST NOTHING IN REPLY

Anonymous said...

i can only imagine people write in about hitler because he brought in stringent child protection laws, and animal protection actually
and homosexual offenders were then locked up. he closed all the pedo clubs and banned all pervert magazines
i often wish mary whitehouse was still with us barbara