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Peter Thomas Wanless, CB (born September 1964) is an English Chief Executive Officer and former civil servant. Since 2013, he has been the Chief Executive Officer of the NSPCC. In July 2014, he was appointed by the British government to head a review into historical sex abuse claims

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Early life[edit]

Wanless was born in September 1964.[1] He was educated at Sheldon School, then a comprehensive school in Chippenham, Wiltshire.[2] He then studied International History and Politics at the University of Leeds, graduating Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 1986.[3][2][4] He has since studied on the Advanced Management Programme at Insead.[3][2]


After joining the Civil Service, he held a variety of posts at the HM Treasury, including Head of Private Finance Policy, and Principal Private Secretary to three Cabinet Ministers.[5] including Michael Portillo, both when Portillo was Chief Secretary to the Treasury and later as Secretary of State for Employment.[6] Wanless later held senior positions within the Department for Education and Skills and its successor the Department for Children, Schools and Families,[2][7] including Director of School Performance and Reform and Director of Strategy and Communications.[5][2][7]

Wanless was CEO of the Big Lottery Fund between February 2008 and May 2013,[2] when he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).[8] He is a non-executive director of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT), which operates academy schools in South East England.[9]

In July 2014, Home Secretary Theresa May announced that he would be leading a review into historical sex abuse claims.[10][11]

Personal life[edit]

Married with one son, the family live in Seal, Kent.[11] Wanless is a lifelong supporter of Somerset County Cricket Club where he serves on the committee, and of Welling United.[12] He describes himself as a "fan of jangly guitars, indie pop, Somerset cricket, Borgen....".[13]


In the 2007 New Year Honours, he was appointed Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) for his role as Director of School Performance and Reform in the Department for Education and Skills.[14][15]


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Anonymous said...

I am inclined to agree here Barbara.
But like in the case of Greville Janner where complaints from 200 boys had to be ignored, one boy was buggered for 2 years solid. The thing is that if we did prosecute him Israel said they would retaliate in the harshest manner
possible, police said this could mean a london bombing campaign for which the israelis are well known, peter mandelon is a senior director of the NSPCC
and it is known that Peter hasa history littered with complaints about boys, so he too as a subject of israel is untouchable

Zoompad said...

"The thing is that if we did prosecute him Israel said they would retaliate in the harshest manner
possible, police said this could mean a london bombing campaign for which the israelis are well known"

WHO is saying that? Because if someone is going round threatening to bomb people if such and such a thing happens, surely that is an act of terrorism!!!

I am on the anti terrorist blacklist, for being an outspoken and assertive victim of child abuse, so how come anti terrorist legislation is being used on me, who am absolutly no danger to anyone at all, when there are people actually saying they are going to commit atrocities?

This is just mad, it really is, absolutly stark staring mad! Please, tell me who is making threats, you said Israel is making threats, well Israel is a country, its not the country making threats its an actual person, so please tell me the name of the person who is making the threats.

Zoompad said...

I would not give the NSPCC even a single button, and whenever they send me any of their begging letters I make sure I take the time to return their junk with a good piece of my mind enclosed in it, that organisation totally disgusts and horrifies me, they do not help children, they are a danger to children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, it is quite well known that a diplomatic incident would be precipitated if an Israeli subject such as janner was prosecuted, I don't agree with diplomatic immunity anyway but what I wanted to mention was
the heterophobic manner of TV and the press, why do they hate normally sexed people ?

Anonymous said...

When mum died I thought I would decorate her flat and rent it out, a man came along and seemed smart and clean, I had no idea he was a homosexual.
Rent was paid for 3 months then he fell behind and kept saying next month, after some months with no rent I legally had him removed, when I entered my property he had rubbed human excreta
all over the walls furniture even the kitchen the stench was gut wrenching, I ran down to the police who said its called 'shitting up' and homosexual tenents sometimes do this when they leave a property.
I looked through his mail as it came in to find where he had gone and some of the gay literature made me feel sick
and people wonder why we hate them

Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

It would not surprise me at all, as an ex inmate of Chadswell Assessment Centre I have to say it was the most terrifying time of my life, as I felt utterly powerless and trapped in a dreadful situation. I knew the people whose hands I had been placed into were ruthless and evil, yet there was nothing I could do about it, Chadswell Assessment Centre was supposed to be a childrens home, but it was to all intents and purposes a jail, and the people in charge were quite prepared to assault and rape the children they were supposed to be taking care of, so it would not surprise me at all if any of them were dissapeared.

I was one of the lucky ones as I had a mother and father who cared about me, but how easy it was to dispose of a child in that place, I wonder if that is the reason they are so desperate to cover up Chadswell Assessment Centre

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of the chadswell centre but I spent my early years at the st marys orphanage school in Walthamstow, the nuns in charge were evil and barbaric.
I can still remember the names of possible 10 children who went missing, and you were punished for asking about them.
where did they go ?
I wonder

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara you seemed to doubt that Israel would carry out a bombing campaign

Zoompad said...

"Hello Barbara you seemed to doubt that Israel would carry out a bombing campaign"

Its just me being cautious, I know that psychopaths lurk in religious organisations, so it really is very difficult to get to the truth, because psychopaths have zero morals and zero affinity to anyone and are utterly ruthless.

Israel should purge themselves of the psychopaths within their midst, they should be the ones leading the drive to get to the truth of what happened in childrens homes and secret family courts all round the world including the UK. Unfortunatly Jonathan Sacks one of their influential leaders who used to be the darling of the BBC is involved in the stench, he is one of those who certainly covered up child abuse in the UK, he is one of those that Lord Falconer gave special status to in the Operation of the Family Courts, and he is certainly aware of the abuse that has been going on.

Israel should purge themselves of anyone who indulges or even covers up institutional child abuse.

Zoompad said...

"Hello Barbara you seemed to doubt that Israel would carry out a bombing campaign"

I think the Abomanation that causes desolation in the Holy Bible is actually a bomb a nation that causes desolation. I don't have any delusions at all on the wickedness of mankind, sadly, I know first hand from my own sad experiences as a vulnerable child and mother just how wicked and ruthless and depraved mankind can be.

I also know from experience how loving God is and how tenderly He watches over His children in this wicked world