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Company Number 08273681 Status Active Incorporation Date 30 October 2012 (over 1 year ago) Company Type Private Limited Company Jurisdiction United Kingdom Registered Address ABBEY HOUSE, 51 HIGH STREET, SAFFRON WALDEN
CB10 1AF
United Kingdom
SIC Codes 82.99 - Other business support service activities n.e.c.
Latest Annual Return Date 2013-10-30 Directors/ Officers inactive BARBARA KAHAN, director, 30 Oct 2012-30 Oct 2012
DAVID BUCHANAN BAXTER, secretary, 9 May 2013-
DAVID BUCHANAN BAXTER, director, 9 May 2013-
JEROME PAUL BOOTH, director, 30 Oct 2012-
inactive MILAN MARKOVIC, secretary, 30 Oct 2012- 9 May 2013
inactive MILAN MARKOVIC, director, 30 Oct 2012- 9 May 2013
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24 Sep 2013



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Termination of appointment of director
Company NEW SPARTA FILMS LIMITED Filing Date 2013-09-24Filing Number 262111eJxjZRd2YnXi4ohPyU9OSS1OBnHYQJzMFCdxfgMDA0cjD+dQF78wU2MjAycuzvi0/KLcksqCVCdxlhBfA0MnLtb4lOTEEidxRiOYMYklQFkOIwNDYwNLI5MmNef83ILEvMzUYo/80uJUK6sIXx/3cCsrz9zE9FQo5Z1aSaQybgYGBkYgZgJiZiBmAWJWIGYDYnYg5gBiTiDmAmJuAAS4NNo= Filing Type Termination of appointment of director Filing Code TM01 Description APPOINTMENT TERMINATED, DIRECTOR BARBARA KAHAN
Last updated February 26 2014, 12.30AM (9 months ago)

Obituary: Barbara Kahan | News | The Guardian

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8 Aug 2000 - A cross the last half century, Barbara Kahan, who has died aged 80, had a ... She also played a seminal role in the chequered story of residential care for ... published The Pindown Experience And The Protection of Children.

Barbara Kahan

Childcare pioneer whose 'pindown' scandal report prompted residential care reform


Terry Philpot

The Guardian, Wednesday 9 August 2000 01.45 BST

A cross the last half century, Barbara Kahan, who has died aged 80, had a decisive influence on local authority children's departments and their successors, the all-purpose social services departments. She also played a seminal role in the chequered story of residential care for children and young people, and, in 1991, with Allan Levy QC, published The Pindown Experience And The Protection of Children.
Barbara chaired the Nat- ional Children's Bureau from 1985 to 1994, was director of the Gatsby educational project from 1980-91, and was a member of the 1969-73 Finer committee on one-parent families. She had an unwavering faith in children, their potential, and in the need for first-class services to care for them.

Zoompad said...

Her report with Levy was the fruit of their investigation into so-called "pindown" abuse at four children's homes in Staffordshire between 1983 and 1989. Under the regime, which was later ruled illegal, more than 150 youngsters, some as young as nine, were isolated in a bare room, wearing only nightclothes, for periods ranging from one day to nearly three months.

Labelled "brilliant and exhaustive" by the local MP, Mark Fisher, Kahan and Levy's report focused on the neglect of residential care by management, which had allowed the abuse to flourish. It also led to a series of government inquiries into residential care, which have culminated in current initiatives, like Quality Protects, aimed at transforming children's services.

Barbara was born the daughter of a railwayman in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex. It was a Methodist and Labour-party supporting home that revered books; her grandfather (also a railway man) read to her everything from fairy tales to The Pilgrim's Progress and the Bible. With her mother, she participated in good works - including the workhouse Christmas pantomime - and she never forgot the plight of strikers and their families during the 1926 general strike. In the 1930s, at Barbara's prompting, a refugee Jewish girl went to stay with the family, and became Barbara's "foster sister".

In 1939, Barbara won a scholarship to Cambridge. She graduated in English and took a social science course at the London School of Economics (then in wartime exile in the town). While at Cambridge, she helped re-start the university Labour club, worked for Richard Acland's leftist Commonwealth party, which flourished during the second world war, and joined the Peace Pledge Union.

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After working from 1943 to 1948 as a factory inspector, Barbara became a children's officer in Dudley, from 1948 to 1950. She then moved in Oxfordshire, where she remained until the children's department was absorbed into the department of social services in 1970. Children's officers were a remarkable group of (mainly) women, who, against institutional odds, pioneered a service which proved to be one of the most far-reaching social reforms of the immediate postwar years.

Bliss it was to have been alive when the children's departments were created, and Barbara could also savour the very heaven of being so young an appointee. But the beginnings were unpropitious. She had one room and piles of public assistance files. After six weeks, she was permitted to appoint a 17-year-old secretary. She shouldered a caseload of her own, as well as managerial responsibilities. Nor was she past taking a child home for the night when no other place could be found.

She was certainly an innovator. In Dudley, she opened the local authority's first children's home. In Oxfordshire, corporal punishment in homes was abolished in 1951, and imaginative fostering was introduced - 40 years ago, special rates were paid as an incentive for people to take difficult children. Preventive work was the cornerstone of childcare policy, staffing ratios were high, and there was close liaison with families.

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Barbara believed that young people in trouble needed help not punishment, and that the distinction between deprived young people and young offenders was artificial. Both in her Oxfordshire work and in her extra-mural activities, with bodies like the Association of Children's Officers (of which she was president in 1964), she helped pave the way for the 1969 Children And Young Persons Act, which regarded young people in trouble as deprived, not depraved. It was partly what a colleague called her "obsessional antagonism" to approved schools that helped bring about their abolition.

Barbara always sought to unite children with their families whenever possible; this was remarkable at a time when the axiom was to sepa rate a child from its "bad" family background. Her practice was strongly influenced by the child-rearing theories of George Lyward, David Wills, John Bowlby, Donald Winnicott, and her own husband, the child psychiatrist Vladimir Kahan, whom she married in 1955.

Barbara was not always the easiest of employers, but she was a nurturer of talent. Many academics and directors of social services could thank her for the start and encouragement they received in Oxfordshire. A vocal advocate of social services departments, she came to regret that their generic approach squandered the specialist skills built up in children's departments. Sadly, she never became director of social services in Oxfordshire; fighting her corner had left her with too many enemies.

From 1970 to 1971, she was deputy chief inspector of the children's department at the Home Office. In 1971, she moved to the Department of Health and Social Security as assistant director of the social work service, where she remained until 1980.

Barbara remained a proponent of residential care for children long after this approach had gone out of fashion; her belief was that it foundered for lack of advocates among directors of social services. This view was perhaps a necessary corrective to the disfavour in which residential care found itself with both statutory and voluntary agencies. Her most concrete memorial will be her work on "distance learning" for the professional group she regarded as the most neglected - residential childcare workers.

She had discovered the idea in Canada. Thus it was, in 1980, that she became the Gatsby Project's director, and only staff member. The ideas it promoted were ones she had long cherished - recognising the specialist skills of residential staff, raising their status and expanding their training. In 1991, the project was absorbed into the Open University.

It was an irony for so powerful an advocate of residential care as Barbara that, in recent years, she was employed as an expert witness for solicitors representing those who had been abused in the very system of care she had so long supported. Among her publications there was Growing Up In Care (1979), a pioneering work in allowing young people to give their views.

From 1983-1990, Barbara was professional adviser to the House of Commons select committee on social services. Among her many other appointments was that of vice-president of the National Children's Bureau, for the last six years, and a life fellowship of the National Institute For Social Work.

Barbara enjoyed good food, wine, gossip, argument and books, and was an accomplished amateur musician. She maintained that her husband had been the making of her culturally. With his death in 1981, something went out of her life, which she attempted to fill with an almost desperate hunger for work. While she never suffered fools gladly, and often exhibited little patience with those whom she perceived to be her intellectual inferiors, for her friends she was delightful, amusing and stimulating.

"The trouble with her," an Oxford councillor once complained of Barbara, "is that she is always on the side of the children." There could be no greater praise.

• Barbara Joan Kahan, social worker, born March 18 1920; died August 6 2000

Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...

She sounds like a wonderful kind hearted woman.

"Sadly, she never became director of social services in Oxfordshire; fighting her corner had left her with too many enemies. "

Yes, and I bet they are exactly the same bastards who have been persecuting me and other victims of Pindown/secret court abuse!

Zoompad said...

Regarding my own personal agenda - and I am posting this personal info for the record:

I am coming to the end of my allocation of the therapist which my GP referred me to, who has been extremly supportive. I am frightened now that I am going to be left once again with zero support.

I am on the waiting list to see a psychiatrist, and have no idea how long I will have to wait for.

I have been given a 12 week course for a gym.

So basically, I have recieved a begrudgingly miniscule amount of help, after a great deal of nagging. I do not think I ought to have been forced to nag and nag and nag for the tiny begrudged bit of help I have been offered, certainly not after the huge amount (at least £200,000) of money that has been frittered away in the secret family courts on making me and my sons life an absolute misery for 7 years!

Zoompad said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, my sons Child Benefit has now been reinstated, which means once more I have a total income of £20.50 per week, which is better than nothing.

I am still waiting for my welfare benefit claims to be processed. I expect they will be turned down though, as there needs to be plenty of money in the government coffers to fund legalised child abuse and persecution of abused families, so I dont know why I even bothered applying

Men Scryfa said...

Zoomie - I knew I would eventually help YOU to get the TRUTH out there.


This needs to get to as many people as possible tonight!

There is so much more to learn - believe me. If you help me, i will help the survivors. Their voices must be heard at last.

Thanks Zoomie and well done for putting my info with your info and coming up with this important link to BARBARA KAHAN.


Men Scryfa of

Anonymous said...

wasn't pindown directed by the common purpose team ? if I remember right and my memory is failing it was the same tired old Marxist psychological claptrap
behind all the suffering
I don't know about common purpose, we need common sense

Anonymous said...


and the corporate details listed, surely Kahan and Milovic are probably just company formation agents / accountants or similar and quite unconnected with the Kahan / Levy lot? Kahan is just a variant of a common Jewish name (Cohen) and absent unequivocal linking information this Kahan may not be the same one!

Now, Booth - that is a name to savour. Like Colonel Booth's ancestors' once-upon-a-time "Botha"? Cherie Booth, daddy a not-too-remote relative of the "Booth" (similarly morphed) who shot Abe Lincoln.

War is waged by deception.

Zoompad said...

Its Barbara Kahan, it actually says BARBARA KAHAN,it is the same one, and yet she died in 2000, aged 80, so someone has been misusing her identity.

You needn't try covering it up, you've been busted!!!

Anonymous said...

very interesting Barbara
I know that pindown was used as an experiment in isolation techniques for personality breakdown. versions of this are used to make Manchurian candidates
for political murders etc
ian brady and harry Roberts and another I cant think of now, were all trained killers who went awol

Zoompad said...

I can well believe it, its an absolutly terrifying ordeal to put any child through, it is terrifying, and it makes me very angry when people who ought to know better come out with crap like "Its about time you got over that now", because it shows a complete lack of understanding and compassion.

But I can't get angry with my loved ones, because they just DON'T understand, and in a way I'm glad they can't, because they would mean they'd also suffered the same sort of abuse and I would not wish anyone to suffer Pindown abuse, so I suppose me coming to that conclusion in my heart has defeated and devilish designs on making me bitter and angry enough to want to destroy other people, I want the love of Jesus Christ to shine through my life instead, and the ones who have orchestrated Pindown/Mkcultra ect are working for the devil.

To deliberatly destroy the mind of a child so that you can use that child as some sort of lethal weapon is just about the wickedest thing that anyone could do. In my case they have absolutly failed, because God help me, I never want to lift a finger against another human being no matter how angry/alone/devestated I am goaded into feeling, and that is why I shirk at posting anything that even remotly seems to glorify men like Hitler, because he did not abide by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and millions of innocents died because of his taking the law into his own hands.

Anonymous said...

we love you babrbara as you can see through the government propaganda, yet did you know that hitler brought in very strict child protection laws ? and those homosexuals who attacked kids were locked away, i spoke to people who lived in hitlers germany and they say it was a wonderful place of freedom
i bet you are shocked at this ?

Anonymous said...

Barbara I am handicapped with spina difida and I just read blogs all day every day, I feel I know you as a friend and I know you are not predujiced but you bANG ON ABOUT HITLER WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM, DID YOU KNOW HE ASKED EXPERTS TO LOOK INTO SPINA DIFIDA AND HELP THEM ?

Zoompad said...

Under Hitler took place one of the most horrific massacres of mankind in the course of history, and yet you shout at me for denouncing Hitler as a wicked man?

Anonymous said...

Barbara you are a clever women but you are wring about hitler
you don't beleive the bullshit about pindown yet you believe what is said about hitler
I have never commented before and I don't think I can read this site again sorry barabara

Zoompad said...

"you don't beleive the bullshit about pindown"

What bullshit about Pindown? I most certainly DO believe the abuse of Pindown, as I am one of the victims of it!!!

Men Scryfa said...

Well Well Well What an INTERESTING set of comments especially those 2 or 3 from MrMi5 er I mean Anon. Well done Zoomie for exposing the Kahan connection. It is a big J con as you might have guessed. Apparently Barbara Kahan has been a director of about 25,000 companies all told, as you do. It is all a big company factory job run out of Finchley Road North London. The business A1 companies is linked to it but the owner who is called Keith Kahan pushed off to Florida years ago. So its obviously still being run and used by Mossad and Mi5 as a launch pad. Companies House don't seem to mind (so much for law and order and the rule of law - haha). The Barbara Kahan signature on all those company documents is always the same. Its done by a ghost writer machine or just printed on by re-scan. Yes the D.O.B.s don't match but there is obviously identity manipulation going on. There is a Javeed Akhtar who is also a company director linked to over 50,000 companies all incorporated through A1. Interestingly he apparently has the exactly the same date of birth as Barbara Kahan, namely 31.06.31 - how likely is that. Yes not very. In fact the likelihood of this being a coincidence is almost zero. When added to the fact that Keith does not appear worried in the slightest by all these indications of fraud on a massive scale and is also now living it up in the life of luxury in Florida with many assets and property to his name without any apparent fear of prosecution - well this is all state sanctioned crime (or rather by the Shadow Government). Now on some directorships Barbara Kahan's name actually becomes Barbara Javeed Kahan etc so it is obvious they are taking us all for a laugh here. Two bloggers Mr Peter Eyre of Eyre International and his friend pointed this out to UK and US authorities some years ago. AND NOTHING HAPPENED - SURPRISE SURPRISE. Mr Coleman of the Coleman Experience also knows all about it. Finally what is the connection between the Barbara Kahan of Pindown and the Barbara Kahan and Keith Kahan of A1 Company Secretaries? Also what exactly was Vladimir Leon Kahan's connection with Tavistock...?

Yes PINDOWN was a Mind Control experiment. They took the most vulnerable children in society and used them to experiment on before using the results on the whole population. I am telling this because I know this and I know a lot more and they are hurting me and I have hurt them back and will continue to do so more and more and more till there is respect. There would not have been the events of this year if it was not for what I have done. GLORY BE TO GOD

Zoomie - Thanks for re-blogging my earlier posting at
Zoomie - they are trying to slowly kill me so don't give in to what they are doing to you. They are actually terrified of you. They are actually terrified of the Truth. Because HE is the TRUTH. God Bless you Zoomie!
Thanks for pointing out the Barbara Kahan link. I have posted something new and important about Exaro at:

Blessings to you and all your readers in truth. PS Zoomie use the weapons and armour Our Lord gave us. Your enemies shall flee from you.

Men Scryfa

Anonymous said...

To the commenter who said Zoomie has the wrong Barbara Kahan, the middle name, Joan, matches both the real Kahan and the fraudulent one used since her death.

Zoompad's on the money with this, Barbara's identity has been stolen for the purposes of MASSIVE fraud.

David Cameron's "Big Society" fund is part of this very same fraud too. Kahan's name features here:

And would you believe it, coincidence of coincidences, it's also the fraud that David Cameron's brother had thrown out of court.

So now we're left with the question of what is the real connection between \all of this huge fraud and child abuse. Our Prime Minister certainly knows something about all of this and doesn't want the links uncovered.

The link with Exaro is concerning, it really does make one wonder what's actually going on... Are they using the 40 year old "revelations" to deflect from the present day CLEAR LINKS between abuse, fraud, politics and the theft of Kahan's identity?
I hope not, I do have respect for their work, but it's worth bearing in mind that if they hadn't talked Simon Danczuk into not naming Leon Brittan as an abuser back in July at the select committee, we wouldn't have had the Butler-Sloss and Woolf debacles and the inquiry would probably have had a chair since the Summer rather than sitting with no chair months and months later.

Well done, Zoompad, we'll work it all out in time, I hope.