Thursday, 21 May 2009


1) May 9th 2007
Lord Falconer became the first Secretary of State for Justice

2) In 2007, Lord Falconer crushed an attempt to open up the proceedings of the family court to public scrutiny, declaring "children's right to privacy comes first." This was in spite of a letter from myself, informing Lord Falconer that the secret family courts were using a syndrome called Parental Alienation Syndrome to take children away from the care of mothers and give them to fathers who had been accused, and even convicted and imprisoned for, of abuse. This syndrome, as I pointed out in my correspondence with Lord Falconer, was invented by an American paedophile called Richard Gardner. I also pointed out the widespread use of Muchausen's Syndrome By Proxy, which is being used to falsely label thousands of mothers every year as "child abusers". Many of these women are people who were abused in their childhood, and many are first time mothers who could never have abused a child for the simple reason that they are first time mothers of an unborn child, and you can hardly abuse a child that is not even born! Curiously, Lord Falconer did not seem that bothered about the secret family courts using a syndrome invented by a paedophile, or the forced adoption issue!

3) When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, Lord Falconer lost his position as Minister of Justice to Jack Straw.

4) Lord Falconer then joined the London office of the international law firm Gibson Dunn and Crutcher. It was Gibson Dunn and Crutcher who resolved the disputed 2000 presidential election in favour of George Bush (you remember, I'm sure, the accusations of vote rigging and cheating)

5) In 2006 Gibson Dunn and Crutcher LLP recieved the Corporate Award for Special Achievement in Adoption from the North American Council on Adoptable Children. They were thus honoured for faciliating the adoptive process of thousands of children.

One last little fact that may or may not be entirely coincidental, is that there is another group concerned with children which origionated from North America, and the name of that group is the North American Man Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA for short. Very curious, isn't it?

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