Friday, 15 May 2009



The newspapers are NOT trying to smear all MP's. They have actually let you people off very lightly - they haven't told the half of what has been going on!

You know darned well what has been going on in the Houses of Parliament and the Lords as well as I do. You just go and have a look at the letters that I have sent you.

The truth is, Parliament is riddled with corruption, and is in such a state of moral decay that it's not surprising that this country is in a real mess.

Instead of blaming the newspapers, who are, after all, only doing their job, you people ought to stop whining and making excuses and look at what you have been doing.

Both Houses ought to put pride and prestige to one side and get together and kneel before God and ask forgiveness for the conduct of the ministers. You all should be really really ashamed of yourselves, because it is you that the people look to for an example, plus the Church (why are the Archbishops and Bishops so silent on this matter?) and perhaps get someone to read Psalm 14 out loud to the whole of both chambers.

There are people who have really suffered in this country, who you people should have helped - it was your duty to help, but you shirked your duty and turned a blind eye. It isn't just the expenses that the people are so angry about - it's so many other things.

If you carry on whinging and wallowing in self pity you will continue to miss the point and end up even deeper in the mire. And that's a pity, because this country could rise out of the mire, with decent and upright leadership.


Zoompad said...

I just want to make it clear that I'm not picking on you, Claire, it's just that I have written to you and you are aware of my situation and also the scandalous secret family court situation which is putting the whole nation's children at risk.

That is why I was so angry to hear what you said on television today. I can hardly believe that you politicians can be so worried for your own finances and yet not show anounce of concern for the whole nation's children.

There are some things more important than money, our children are worth more than all the money in the world, and how could all of you people ignore the disgraceful situation of the secret family court? You can't plead ignorance, you all knew, and yet did either nothing or very little.

If I would have been a politician I think I would have climbed on the roof in protest at the news that the secret courts were using the theory of a paedophile psychologist in their secret trials! It is completly outrageous, and yet, even now, it is STILL going on!

Anonymous said...

Its a sad reflection of how decayed our society has become when those we stupidly elect to 'govern' us are more concerned with lining their own pockets, denying us our basic human rights and signing away our powers of self governance.

They are villians and traitors and should be prosecuted and slung in prison to rot. They do not represent me. I do not recognise them as a legitimate government.

The UK parliament - both the upper and lower houses are a laughing stock around the world and I for once feel deeply ashamed by this.It reflects badly on all of us. They have let us down terribly.

But lets not forget that local government plays its part in this fiasco with its incessent demands, scams and abuses of local residents.

Anonymous said...

The police and the judicary are also a disgrace with little or no control and intregity from its senior ranks.

The time will come when ordinary people will have no choice but to bare arms and protect themselves againt the brutal treatment at the hands of the state. e

Zoompad said...

It won't come to that in this country.

The change is coming, it will be a revolution all right, but a peaceful revolution.

There are some very wicked people in this country who thought that they were untouchable and above the law - the REAL law, which is God's law, not these unjust laws made up by wicked men. They are about to find that this is not true.