Friday, 1 May 2009


There are several scams going on right now, concerning the secret family courts, and they fall into three catagories:

Those being run by money grubbing masonic conmen.

Those being run by a paedophile ring.

Those being run my masonic conmen who are also paedophiles.

It is very easy to spot these groups, but not so easy to ascertain which of the three catagories they fall under. The fraud rings prey on men and encourage them to use Parental Alienation Syndrome against their ex partner in the family court, as PAS is a massive moneyspinner. The paedophile rings tend to use emotive, violin accompanied language.

Here are a few examples, you can see if you can spot the difference yourself


Zoompad said...

Not all father's rights groups are run by paedoes or shysters, there are plenty of men who just genuinly want to see their kids. But sadly, most of their help sites are being run by scoundrels. These men are being preyed on and used by the wicked scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

Please read my comment on the White March on your blog

Proud Survivor