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Thursday, 21 May 2009
UK police forces seek Jersey search powers

An officer of the States of Jersey police entering the Senator's home in April

POLICE in the UK would not have had the power to search Senator Stuart Syvret’s home without a warrant, the JEP has discovered.

On 6 April, the States force entered and searched the Senator’s Grouville home under the terms of the Police Procedures and Criminal Evidence Law.

Article 29(2b) of the law gave them the power to do so without a warrant. It states that a police officer has the authority ‘to enter and search any premises in which he [the suspect] was when arrested or immediately before he was arrested for evidence relating to the offence for which he has been arrested.’

The Island’s PPCE law is based very closely on the UK’s Police and Criminal Evidence Act. However, UK police can only enter and search a property in the way outlined in 29(2b) if the offence is ‘indictable’.

The UK Home Office confirmed that the UK law was qualified, but said that police in England and Wales were seeking the same powers as those enjoyed by Island officers.

Article posted on 21st May, 2009 - 2.57pm

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Zoompad said...

Basically, the UK police want to be able to march into your house, with or without a search warrent, for any reason they like.

So when you have three screaming police cars outside your door, and battering rams banging your door down, and you think to yourself, "What on earth could I have done wrong?", remember - what you did wrong is to assume that Great Britain could never turn into a police state, and that Great Britain really was a modern democracy.

We are not looking towards living in a police state - we are already in one!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at this one! Welcome to communist Britain where the police are no longer a 'force' but a service. A very poor service.

They have lost their way and more and more UK people are turning against them and for good reason. We are now 'ruled' by fear as opposed to governed by consenus. The government criminals are protected and the innocent and the vulnerable are ritually and routinely abused. They are very predictable.

It won't be long before the ordinary person in the street will have no choice but to turn to the 'normal' criminals for protection from the government and their poodles.

How did the UK get so bad? How has it been allowed to happen?