Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ann Clwyd at the Iraq enquiry

Ann Clwyd's evidence will certainly sway a lot of people's emotions into believing that the illegal Iraq was was justified.

But Common Purpose is an ILLEGAL organisation, and all the dreadful stories about professional rapists in Iraq and blood drained corpses are not going to wash away the stains of that clinically blood draining organisation.

Common Purpose also hire professional rapists. Common Purpose put criminals and murderers in positions of power and authority.

You can't hide behind your Common Purpose brethren on these issues Ann!

The emotional anecdotes Ann Clywd has related today will be dwarfed with the horror that is being censored out of our own media in the UK. Prison hangings that look like suicide, professional executioners, SS child stealing, and some well dodgy activities in the Concierge industry - plus the genocide of tens of thousands of old people in hospital wards undser the Liverpool Care Pathway - oh yes, and the Pindown child abuse scandal, which was nationwide, I don't think that this government has any reason to stand on a holier than thou pedestal beatring all this in mind.

Oh yes, and she spoke about chemical weapons. All I want to say about that is Porton Down!

No excuse for this ILLEGAL war. Not one single excuse will suffice.

B.Liar lied, Goldsmith lied, Straw lied, big massive lies.

The ones who told the truth, or tried to, were ridiculed, persecuted and murdered.

No excuse.


Anonymous said...

Common Purpose is legal and a registered charity....

Check out

Zoompad said...

As legal and registered as the Mafia or the Gestapo!

In their own eyes they may think they are registered and altogether correct, but the Lord will not overlook all the disgusting things they have done, in what they assumed was secrecy.

Common Purpose/Freemasons/Big Eye club, whatever they like to be known as these days, there is a REALLY Big Eye and it is looking directly at THEM!