Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Clare Short

"Sir Lawrence Freedman asks about post-war planning, and what happened when Short heard that the Pentagon had taken over responsibility for this from the state department.

Short says she was "shocked" when she heard about this."


It's no surprise to any of us secret family court persecuted parents. I keep saying this, I've said it over and over and over again, and I will keep on saying it over and over and over again, there is a big link between this ILLEGAL war in Iraq and the ILLEGAL childstealing of the secret family courts. I showed the MOJ the involvement of David Abrams (or Abrahams, or Martin, or however he surnames himself these days) and his military equipment supplier Eagle Associates, inviting the American paedophile psychologist Richard Gardner to give a talk to secret family court lawyers and "professionals". The same firm was making plans to stop soldiers with PTSD from claiming compensation.

Anyway, Clare is magnificent. I knew she would be, she is a decent honest person (well, she's a Brummie, salt of the earth!), I would love to see B. Liars face as he listens to this though!

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Zoompad said...

She got a round of applause from the witnesses at the enquiry, and she got one from me watching it at home as well. Well done Clair, thank you for just simply telling the truth.

This is a good day for British democracy. I hope she changes her mind about retiring from politics, this is the sort of politician this country really badly needs.