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I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown institutional child abuse scandal and also the secret family court persecution. My late solicitor, Richard Wise, who was also an independent candidate in the 2001 Stoke on Trent election – he had been a member of the Labour Party but became so disgusted with bullying and corruption within the party that he decided to put himself forward as an Independent candidate in order to try to truly represent the people of Stoke on Trent, had exposed the Pindown scandal and the fact that many of the people, like myself, who had been abused, were being deliberately criminalised and even being put into prison. I can testify to this wicked treatment, as I have been deliberately persecuted in the secret family courts and repeatedly threatened over several years with imprisonment if I commit contempt of court, however that may be interpreted. The man who raped me, X, who was a member of the Labour Party and stood for election as a councillor, and was deputy mayor of X at one time, and whose father was a member of the freemasons in X, maliciously took me to court over a 7 year period, because he wanted to have sex with me and I would not let him.
I have suffered dreadfully because of this awful treatment. The secret family court tried to use brainwashing techniques on me to gloss over all the abuse I have been subjected to. They tried to force me to have NLP treatment from a bullying and unethical psychologist called Joanna Simpson Blake, near the place where I had been abused as a child. The secret family courts are forcing people to have mental health treatment, and they are doing this without any proper consultation with the family GP. I had been seeing my GP and begging for appropriate child abuse counselling and it was like coming up against a brick wall, I just was not listened to, but eventually I did get referred to EMERGE, a specialist child abuse counselling therapy organisation based at St Georges Hospital in Stafford. On 16th November 2006 I went for an EMERGE therapy session at St Georges Hospital, Stafford, but it was very traumatic as St Georges Hospital was one of the places where I was abused as a child, so it triggered a lot of bad memories being there. As a result of the trauma, on the way home, I collapsed in the street and was taken to hospital. I was treated in a vile way by the staff at the hospital, in short, I was physically assaulted in front of a busy A and E waiting room, there were many witnesses to the completely unprovoked attack (I was unable to move my arms and legs or speak at the time due to trauma) and I was completely at the mercy of the staff who were assaulting me. I assume they were angry with me for being a PTSD trauma patient instead of a road accident casualty.

Since then, I have been trying to complain. I contacted Cure the NHS, and gave evidence to the solicitors who have taken on the case, Leigh Day and Co, and they took a statement from me. I am sorry to say that they phoned me up on 3rd February 2010 they told me that they were going to drop my statement, as it was not cost effective for them to take on my complaint! I was outraged, but I tried to reason with them that as there were so many witnesses to the vile treatment I received at Stafford Hospital it was important that my case was included in the complaints, and that I was not in any way motivated by any desire to be financially compensated at all – I had already repeatedly told them that I would consider any monitary compensation for what they had put me through as an insult, and that all I wanted was a proper apology and for the staff members who had assaulted me to be investigated properly. I had thought that the police should have investigated the assault, as I had reported the incident to Stafford Police, but just as my complaints of institutional child abuse and rape have been airbrushed away, so was this. I asked Leigh Day and Co to at least put me in touch with Cure the NHS, as I have lost touch with them, and the Cure the NHS meetings are no longer publicised on their website, which means that no-one else can go to them.

I have lost touch with Cure the NHS and realise that I am being maliciously prevented from being able to contact this group. I have read in the local newspaper that Julie Bailey has received threats and so she does not put out her phone number any more, and any messages I leave on the Cure the NHS website are not responded to, so I can only assume that moles have taken over the site, I know this sort of thing often happens with grass roots websites, as I know that Julie Bailey and the others would defiantly want to hear how I have been treated by Leigh Day and Co, and I wonder how many other people have been blocked from contacting this group?
I know that Leigh Day and Co are to get the Dr David Kelly enquiry contract, and I have grave doubts about this law firm, as I think the way they have treated me, scotching me out of the investigation and not passing on my details to the self help group Cure the NHS is disgraceful.

I am telling you this because it is in everyone’s best interest all over the nation to be aware of this kind of cover up.


I, Barbara Ann Richards, of [X[ will say as follows:

1. I make this statement in relation to the appalling way in which I was treated in the Accident and Emergency Department at Stafford General Hospital on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th November 2006.

2. I have suffered through a history of abuse which has left me extremely vulnerable and frightened of authorities. It is necessary to explain this background in order to demonstrate the vulnerable state which I was in when I arrived at the hospital on the aforementioned afternoon.


3. When I was 13, I cannot remember exactly, I tried to run away from home with my boyfriend because I was being abused by my brother both physically and sexually. As a result I was placed in a children’s home where I suffered as a result of the “pin-down” system of abuse, and later on in a psychiatric ward.

4. I was the victim of a rape later on in life, and as a result of escalating mental health problems and my struggle to come to terms with my very traumatic past, I was referred by my doctor to Emerge, a child abuse therapy course.

My experience at SGH

5. On the afternoon of 15th November 2006 I had been for a counselling session with Emerge at St George’s hospital in Stafford.

6. I became very ill on the way home from the session because St Georges Hospital was one of the locations where I had suffered abuse as a child, and the trigger of a lot of bad memories. As a result, I collapsed at the crossing near the bus station in Stafford.

7. Somebody must have called an ambulance because the paramedics arrived; but I was in such a state that I had lost the feeling in my legs, my face was numb and I was unable to remember where I lived and to where I was going and so I was unable to provide them with any information.

8. The paramedics arrived and took me to the Accident and Emergency department at SGH. When I arrived there I was treated in an appalling and inhuman way.

9. I was put on a trolley and a nurse who was quite fat and with dark hair started asking me questions. These were only basic questions such as what my name was, but I was unable to answer because I was extremely distressed. I felt that I could not talk about what had happened even though I wanted to. I could not even move my face.

10. This nurse told me to get up and I couldn’t. She was very brusque and l felt frightened of her because of her manner. She took my shoes off, and then jammed a biro into my foot. I heard her say “naughty, naughty”.

11. The things that the staff did to me caused me pain but I was unable to stop them doing anything because I was frozen. She kept shouting “Get up!”, but I couldn’t.

12. At least 2 nurses grabbed hold of me by the shoulders and threw me off the trolley and I landed on the floor. I must have landed with some impact because this caused me to cut my knee.

13. I was left crying on the floor of A and E and the left me there. I was near some sort of desk in the A and E and I must have been there for about 20 minutes. Somebody put something under my head and they were all walking around me. It was so humiliating; I felt like dirt.

14. Somebody then came again and told me to get up and that they were going to call the police.

15. I was trying to tell them that I had been to Emerge and that I had been raped, but nothing came out right and I think they thought I was saying I had been raped that day.

16. I told them that the police already knew I had been raped. Then someone said “we are not going to get the police, we are going to get a Security Guard to throw you out of the hospital”.

17. They grabbed hold of me and pushed me into the Outpatients department. All the while I was crying. It was really busy and they kept on shouting at me.

17 In the end, they did not get a Security Guard. An old lady who was waiting in the Outpatients department came over to me and helped me to find my bag and coat. I did not realise I had my bag with me and I so I was worrying about not having my bus ticket home, and I could not even call my boyfriend to come and collect me. I felt sick.

18. The next thing I can remember is being in the carpark outside the hospital. I eventually managed to find my way out of the car park onto the main road and some young people stopped and made me sit in the bus stop to wait, and then a man came in the van who must have been one of her friends took me to the police station.

1. At the police station I told them I had been assaulted at the hospital by being grabbed and thrown off a hospital trolly and that they had jammed a biro into my foot. The policeman found my address book and asked me for a next of kin.

2. Nobody at the hospital asked me if there was somebody who could come and pick me up or if there was somebody they could call for me. They should have looked through my bag to find my boyfriend’s number and then called him. He could have explained exactly what had happened and why, and I would have been fine.

3. I do not think anybody should have shouted at me or physically assaulted me at all. If anything, they should have been particularly kind to me, and not shouted at me, making everything worse.


4. I wrote to Chris Buttanshaw of North Staffs Combined Healthcare NHS Trust on 16 November 2006, who passed my letter to Martin Yeates. Unfortunately, as I was still shocked by the incident I made a mistake over the date and referred to the incident as happening on Wednesday 16th November 2006, when I meant to say Wednesday 15th November 2006. I received a reply from Martin Yeates on 8 January 2007. He said that the removal of the shoes was to test my reflexes, but this is a funny way of doing this. He also said that at no point was I mistreated, which is untrue. I replied to this letter and expressed my grievances but I have received no response at all to this.

5. All I want is a proper apology from the hospital and an admission of the fact that they did treat me in this manner, instead of attempting to cover it up. The A and E was very busy that day so there were plenty of witnesses, also the CCTV cameras would have picked up the way I was treated. I think it is an absolute disgrace that somebody in such a state as I was at this time should have been subjected to such cruel and inhuman treatment. I do not want any compensation, just an apology, plus the staff who assaulted me to be disciplined.


Zoompad said...

I have just been on the Cure the NHS site again - not that there's much point as it is so blatently obvious that it is now being run by Common Purpose moles - and apparently Julie Bailey's email account has been hacked into (no prizes for guessing who is reponsible for that!) and some evil w*nker has sent out a malicious false message.

I just feel so fu*king angry now, God forgive me for swearing, but I curse the people who have done that vile evil wicked thing. I really do hope the people responsible for this latest piece of nastiness have unbearable and agonising pain.

The stuff these bas*ards have put us all through is just unbelievably cruel. These heartless bas*ards are so utterly malicious, they are like Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers, they get a bite hold of someone and they won't let go.

Dear Jesus, hear this prayer, even though I am so very very angry, please hear this prayer. Look how these heartless people are persecuting all of us, dear Lord. You see the wicked things they do every day. Anyone who tries to stand up to this gang of freemason thugs is surrounded by the whole nasty evil pack of them, they all gang up on people, like those dirty nasty spotty pack dogs.

PLEASE help Julie Bailey and all the other people at Cure the NHS. PLEASE let everyone see what these backstabbing and cunning freemasons have been up to - let all the things that have happened be as transparent as glass. PLEASE let the truth come out, and all the people see it. PLEASE protect Julie and all the others, and do not allow any of them to be harmed in any way by any of these wicked people, but if anyone tries to do harn to any of them, please get your angels to stop them from being able to.

Jesus, please hear this prayer. Don't let them persecute us any more, and please help me to be able to get to talk with Julie face to face, despite these moleblockers trying to stop us meeting.

Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...

Andrew Lansley, Shadow Health Secretary has just had the bloody gall to say this

"We find no fault with Robert Francis's work"


Robert Francis blocked my statement out of the report - HE TOOK MY VOICE AWAY!!!!!



I am jolly well going to write to this Andrew Lansley and point out to him how I have been gagged from this hospital abuse scandal investigation, because Roberty Francis considered my case to be not "cost effective"

So bloody angry now.

Chris F said...

Hospitals get people coming into A&E pretending to have this, that and the other all the time. They have various tests they do to see if the person may be lying. You obviously claimed that you couldn't move your legs or something, so QUITE RIGHTLY the nurse tested to see if your leg muscles and reflexes were working. The fact that she said "naughty, naughty", to any rational outside observer suggests that she saw plain evidence that your legs were just fine.

Yet you seem to believe that this was abuse of some kind. If they took a blood sample from an unconscious person, would that person be justified in claiming that the hospital had stabbed them? Your accusation of abuse is just as silly.

I am not disputing that you have been abused or raped in the past but I think that your perception of reality is somewhat unbalanced so that nowadays you see abuse where there is none, or people fighting back when they are on the end of irrational accusations.

Furthermore, I think you ought to consider that part of the problem of the repeated abuse you seem to encounter, which most people never do, is because of the way you behave towards other people and the way you react to them. I have seen a couple of your videos and, although I have never met you, and know virtually nothing about you, I have to say that you come over as a very difficult, passive belligerent person, completely wrapped up in your own beliefs and seemingly unable to realise that the alternative explanations for what happened to you given by other people just might be right and you may be wrong in your interpretations.

Don't you think it just a little strange that so much seems to happen to you and so little to others who don't behave in the way that you do?

Are you nowadays the cause of most of what you interpret as abuse?

Zoompad said...

"and, although I have never met you, and know virtually nothing about you"

You ruddy bare faced liar!

Before you come malarkying around posting comments on my blog again, trying to pretend to be some kind of blogosphere passer by, you ought to take better care that you cover your tracks!

I'm not even going to try to answer your offensive blog post, but I will promise you this much - the Lord has got His eye on you and your gang, and He has seen everything you lot have been up to. Never mind that stupid eye of Isis or whatever you lot use to try to intimidate everyone else with these days - the Lord is watching you and everything that you do. Nothing that you do in secret any more is going to remain secret. Even though you are a pack of evil hearted devils, I actually feel sorry for you Common Purpose gangsters. You are all running round and round like headless chickens, terrified, because you know that your day has come and all your secrets are exposed for all to see - you are naked.

I have gone through so much abuse, and I have done what the Bible tells me to do - I have taken my complaints to the Lord and He has heard my prayers. Every time you attack me, you are attacking the Lord God, because I have run to the Lord for protection.

If I were you, I would see to sorting out your own soul rather than coming here and digging yourself into a deeper hole by trying to tell lies and get away with it. You should beg forgiveness from Jesus, you should ask Him to forgive you for your part in all of this. He is so loving and kind, He wants to forgive sinners, He does not rejoice in evil.

That is my advice to you.

Anonymous said...

Chris F. I totally and utterly agree with you.

I think sadly Zoompad has been and suffered abuse throughout her life, sadly it would seem that everyone is responsible for that abuse, she seems to listen to no-one that tries to help her - hence she is becoming somewhat of a professional victim - as for the latest rubbish relating to the government - No matter which party is in power undoubtedly Zoompad will have a beef with. The only people she really respects are those who entirely agree with her every step of the way.

People I do believe have tried to help her, is it surprising with her regular rants that she is constantly hitting brick walls. You cannot help those who do not want help, sadly she takes some sort of comfort in undermining anyone and everyone who tries to help her.

No doubt this will indeed receive the regular abuse she dishes out with anyone who fails to agree with her.

No doubt her reply will be yet another of her chidish rants hey nonny nonny more endemic to the school playground than a grown woman.

Zoompad your an intelligent woman, instead of ranting and taking on all of the problems blaming anyone and everyone for the sins committed against you, accept that you need to help yourself before others can help you.

Zoompad said...

Julie Bailey, if you are reading this, PLEASE get in touch, and WELL DONE for what you and the others, the REAL curethenhs have achieved so far.

Dear Lord Jesus, please protect Julie and all the other people who have suffered abuse and cover up at Stafford Hospital. Please continue to give them your strength to carry on in this battle against principalities and powers. I praise you, dear Jesus, for such wonderful brave people.

Chris F said...

You wrote:
You ruddy bare faced liar!

Before you come malarkying around posting comments on my blog again, trying to pretend to be some kind of blogosphere passer by, you ought to take better care that you cover your tracks!

Your response is exactly the sort of bloody difficult insulting behaviour that I was on about. You don't know me at all. The truth is I was reading Stuart Syvret's comments and saw one from Ian Evans posted Friday, 26 February 2010 00:27:00 GMT. I followed the link to his blog profile and happened to see a link to your blog on there. I didn't know you had a blog so I had a look, where I saw your witness statement and just felt if that was representative of the abuse you claim to have suffered that I had a duty to try and point out where your imagination blinds you to reality.

As you appear to be so wounded by abuse, and what you call false accusations (like you have just done to me), perhaps you ought to consider the damage that YOU do to innocent people - for example the nurse, who you have libelled in a witness statement, who was just doing her job checking out a hysteric to see if they had a genuine loss of limb function.

Maybe they shouldn't have put you off the trolley but maybe they really needed it for someone who was genuinely injured and they had become sick and tired of irritating people wasting their time.

Perhaps the worst aspect of people like you is that your prima donna-like moaning pisses people off so much that genuine abuse cases find it harder to be believed. I believe you when you say you have suffered abuse in the past (a long time ago) but you have cultivated what it did to you to justify your bad behaviour now.

Just because someone has been abused, just because someone has mental health problems, just because they were raped doesn't give them carte blanche to be an arsehole to others.

All your floods of letter writing, that you mention on Stuart's blog at intervals, makes letters from more genuine cases more likely to be disbelieved if the recipients have been already been snowed under with your stuff to the point where they start to feel as if all letters about abuse must be made up by people who are just a little bit crackers.

Zoompad said...

Well, I thought I knew who you were, now I am not so sure. Obviously you are someone who has read a lot of my posts.

What I am sure about is that you are an extremly nasty piece of work.

You can be sure that I WILL find out who you are, and when I do, I will make sure that the whole world and its pet monkey gets to know as well, and the horrible abusive things that you have been saying.

You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself, it is just plain wicked nand cowardly to come onto the blogsite of a person who has struggled for years and years and years to just get some honest answers about the way they were treated as a child in Social Services care, and spout horrible abuse.

I am jolly glad yopu chose me to give a good kicking, rather than anyone else who might be more vunerable. All the abuse I have suffered over the years has made me as tough as old boots, and I am not going to be intimidated or upset by a little prick like you. So come here again and again and keep up your verbal assault on me, as the more crap you post here the more likely it is that I find out who you are, COWARD!

Chris F said...

So - now I am sure you really are paranoid or something because you can't see reality giving you a wakeup call. For God's sake, when people tell you you are wrong, listen! Your personality really is a liability to other people who have been abused.

No doubt your egotistical fantasy view will be that I am just another evil abuser person oppressing you, but I am not. You have just made me angry. The way you responded when I pointed out your ridiculous view of the incident at the hospital is exactly why people end up fed up with you, angry at you. I am now very angry with you - with your gross inability to realise your own faults and your ugly tendency to blame others for things they are not guilty of. I happen to think that claiming an innocent person is guilty of something is just about as close as anyone can get to pure evil.

You generated that anger. You have forced me to give the "experiences" and "difficulties" I have seen you post about much less credibility than I gave them before. As I have repeatedly said, I believe some things did happen to you but now I am sure a hell of a lot of other things didn't and were only, or mostly, in your head.

I will try not to come away from this with a tendency to believe other victims slightly less but that is what you have done with your behaviour. May God forgive you - you claim to be a Christian, so behave properly and don't badmouth others who don't deserve it.

Zoompad said...

"you claim to be a Christian, so behave properly and don't badmouth others who don't deserve it."

Don't worry about that - I will behave as Jesus did, God help me. Jesus always told the truth - even to those arrogant lying snakes, the Pharasees. At one point, He even whipped their butts!

Anonymous said...

This guy was 'trying' to help you and in return Zoompad you give him a load of verbal abuse. Says it all really - 'and Jesus whipped their butts' - really so your Jesus was an abuser albeit physical and that's ok - you really ought to give some thought to the messages your giving out - you praise Jesus who in your words was an abuser - yet people who try to advise you are the scum of the earth and offered bullying threats.

I rest my case, I really do believe you may have an element of intelligence but I firmly believe your not of sound mind. Read what you have written you will see where I am coming from. You can rant at me if you like, it seems you do indeed get an element of satisfaction sounding off at anyone who dares to oppose you.

Incidently when you place a blog on the net it is usually for people to read it and comment. You must learn if your going to continue with your rants that people will comment - even if you do not like it. Perhaps you ought to get used to the idea or perhaps stop slating our hard working nurses, hospitals etc., etc., None of them are perfect are you??????????

Zoompad said...

Isn't it funny how all these apparently anonymous people are all coming out of the woodwork to attack old Zoompad!

It reminds me of the other big thunderstorm that was on this blog when I exposed the Freemasons of Warwick's involvement with a charity that was meant to be helping people who had been abused as children, but in fact was brainwashing them into believing that they had a wierd psychiatric disorder that the CIA had invented, encouraging them to act like babies and completly lose the plot, and then reporting them to Social Services!

I do seem to attract rather a lot of bullying wierdos onto my blog spot! Ah well, looking on the bright side of things, at least if they are all trolling round here, attacking me, that leaves them less time to do nasty business elsewhere, which can only be a good thing!

Zoompad said...

"You must learn if your going to continue with your rants that people will comment - even if you do not like it"

Actually, I think it's fantastic that you ratbags have crawled out of the cesspit to try to put me down - I DO like it!

Please feel free to continue coming here and posting malicious crap.

Zoompad said...

Julie Bailey, if you manage to find me here, PLEASE get in touch, and God bless you and the others for what you are doing in exposing the Stafford hospital scandal. Don't believe any rubbish you might hear about me, I know some of what has been said, and it isn't true. I only want to help the campaign, and not hinder and I KNOW I can be of great use. Thats why they are keeping us apart, they do this sort of dirty trick all the time.

Zoompad said...

Reposted from NBY's blog - some brilliant news

Saturday, 27 February 2010

David Nicholson presided over disaster in Stafford...and then became CEO of the National Health Service.

A new development suggests that there is a culture of corrupt secrecy embedded in Stafford Hospital. And the man who was ultimately responsible is now in charge of the whole NHS.

Kate Levy, Stafford Hospital's Legal Secretary, is undergoing an internal investigation. Local activist Julie Bailey confirmed the case to The Slog late yesterday.

We understand the investigation concerns alleged conspiracy to falsify the death certificate on a 21 year-old male patient. The local coroner's office refused to comment yesterday,but we are told the County Coroner Andrew Haigh has given evidence to the investigation.

A third party (believed to be a doctor at the hospital) appears to be alleging that Levy asked for the cause of death to be altered in favour of natural causes, but we cannot confirm this. Further Slog enquiries yesterday failed to reveal the identity of the complainant

Lady Portia said...

"The real meaning of the word paranoia is--- a man or person who has the ability to link events that seemingly are not connected."-

--John Coleman

[The main ad hominem/Name Calling attacks are by using terms quack/crank or paranoid/mad.

This has even been written up in the Soviet book on brainwashing.

This has been recently seen in The victimisation of Lisa Blakemore-Brown.

The The British Psychological Society were trying to declare her paranoid.

Also it is one of the defences of the sanity of the mind called ego denial, to declare people paranoid who are expressing unwanted ideas.

In effect they may go mad if they suddenly took on those beliefs.

Chris F said...

"Lady Portia" quotes from a website that mentions the use of "paranoia" as an ad hominem term to attack credibility.

Presumably LP is aware that there actually are paranoid people of varying degrees around who do not perceive reality as it actually is? That is where the concept came from. Paranoia is a mental illness.

Imagining that a nurse is assaulting you when she was only testing your reflexes and muscles is "smoking gun" paranoid. Paranoid people accusing innocent people of things that never happened, particularly in today's litigious society, is a nightmare for professionals.

Frankly I think that those who make unjust accusations get too much attention and they should realise that if they're diagnosed as "mad" that their personal opinions as to how things are, are highly unreliable.

Everyone in prison is innocent and everyone in mental hospitals is sane - if you listen to them.

Lady Portia seems to think that anyone diagnosed as paranoid is victim of some sort of political oppression. Get this very straight Lady P, paranoia is a real mental condition. A person suffering from it is obvious to someone who isn't.

Zoompad is clearly somewhere on the paranoid scale and her presence on Stuart's blog can only reduce its credibility, which is a shame because Stuart is fighting for people who have been genuinely abused, not merely those who've dishonestly talked up some of their experiences to appear more than they were - if indeed they actually were incidents of abuse at all.

No wonder her letters end up being ignored!

Anonymous said...

Diane Smith

Jenny said...

Who is Diane Smith?

Zoompad said...

She is a woman who works with David Kidney, she's got up some webpages for him and organises stuff for the Labour Party. She was at the Democracy Club meeting last week, she tried to make out that she was backing Kidney on a casual level, turns out that she is a very active fully paid up member of the Nu Nazi party, sorry, I mean the Labour Party.

Cheeky cow spent the whole time sat in a corner writing stuff that we were saying down in a clipboard file. I thought she was incredibly rude, she didn't offer to share any of the notes with anyone afterwards, and she tried to make out that David Kidney was some sort of holy messiah, which I found particularly infuriating.

Anonymous said...

I have received similar treatment to you at Stafford Hospital. The hospital staff behaved unprofessionally and unethically to check if I was a malingerer or to elicit a conversion response and free up a bed.

I believe I would receive the same treatment in any NHS hospital up and down the country. The doctors and nurses didn't intentionally sexually assault me to harm me, they didn't physically assault me or verbally abuse me to intentionally harm me either. Their was no malicious intent in their actions their was just plain - IGNORANCE.

Sorry to break it to you, but doctors and nurses are VERY IGNORANT of mental health issues/esp. trauma.

And, please do not listen to the lay man who denies your experience and labels and degrades you as intrinsically bad for being abused. Some people! You are a victim and not a criminal, remember that always when encountering the ignorant.

A solicitor needs to know that they have a chance of winning a case in order to take it on - sadly this is financial (reputation, future business and funding). It's not personal, it's political. This is a part of mental health discrimination and social stigma.

My advice to you is, overcome your childhood experiences. Get well, get strong and search for the big picture. Mental health activism would be a great place and a great platform for some with your insight. You have so much to offer .Good luck.

Stafford Hospital 05-08 was a horror film. The cover up has been spectacular, I don't feel anyone nationally is convinced things have improved or that it's not happening in a hospital near them. And, the patients and relatives the one's that have been acknowledged as suffering damaging effects have had to force a public apology and any fall out has been swept away. My thoughts are with those people and those families, may you find peace.

Zoompad said...


It's much more sinister than ignorance - it's their training. Have you ever heard of the Tavistock Institute and Common Purpose?

You are absolutly correct to point people like me to the bigger picture.

I know that Julie Bailey is surrounded by moles. Those moles tried to keep people like me away from Julie Bailey, because they did not want Julie to find out certain things which would interest her very much.

God is good. I met Julie anyway, by chance. It was good to be able to talk to her at last. So that little plan was scuppered - by God!

These wicked people - we know who they are now - are not going to get away with what they have done. God has got his eye on them, and God won't be mocked.

I don't want to "get over" the abuse I sudffered. If I were to "get over" all that I went through, how the heck could I fight for the rights of other people WHO ARE BEING ABUSED RIGHT NOW? There have been plenty of attempts by the people reseponsible for how I was abused to brainwash me into "getting over" the abuse I suffered, the Secret Family Courts even tried - illegally - to force me to see a decrepit old bag called Joanna Simpson Blake for a course of NLP brainwashing. The nasty old cow tried to FORCE me to go to her den - near where I was abused as a child - for "treatment". I've also had pills of all shape and variety thrust at me, but I never want any of their chemical coshes, thank you very much indeed, as I have a pair of eyes in my head and I have seen what they have done to other people.

But you see, I'm not alone any more - there are thousands of us now, and we have also got some pretty powerful friends, so I'm not really worried any more about any of the bullies, they are yesterdays news as far as I am concerened. We are going to stop all this bloody bullying - for that is what it all amounts to - child abuse is an extreme sort of bullying, as is what happened at Stafford Hospital. With God to guide us, we will get this stopped.

C. Ialis said...

I believe you when you say you have suffered abuse in the past but you have cultivated what it did to you to justify your bad behavior now.

Zoompad said...

Are you seriously trying to say that people who are abused have to just put up with it, and not complain or anything, because if they do they are out of order and badly behaved? I think you must be off your trolly!

Zoompad said...

So come on then. You have accused me of bad behaviour. You had better list all my faults then hadn't you. You do that, and I will ask the Lord Jesus, who is watching you as you read this right now, to reveal to me all your faults, plus your true identity. We will do a deal, you write down all my failings, and I will write down all of yours. It will be a blassed thing for me to be made aware of all my faults, please do remove the speck from my eye, and I will seek to remove the log from yours - in that way, let us bless one another by seeking to improve each othes souls!

Anonymous said...

I understand your responsible for the upbringing of 2 boys is that so Zoompad?

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
I understand your responsible for the upbringing of 2 boys is that so Zoompad?

17 January 2011 16:51"

IP address noted.

No, that is not true. And a word of advice - I suggest you do not attempt to orchestrate another Common Purpose malicious vindictive persecution against me, as you will certainly get your fingers burnt if you try that malarky.

Best repent, and quit your criminal activities.