Friday, 26 February 2010


I am writing this as an open letter on my blog because I don't want any NuNazi shinnannigans of me writing to you, Mr Kidney, and then you either throwing my letter in the bin unread or some halfbaked legalistic yarn about how Parliamentary protocol prevents you from addressing the issues that I am about to bring up.


Mr Kidney, I don't give a monkeys how many people your corrupt political party has employed (using taxpayers money) to cover up this absolutly diabolical scandal. You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself, how on earth can you look at yourself in the mirror, though of course, with you being so two faced I expect that when you get up in the mornings you are not really sure which visage you are supposed to focus on.

I WILL get to speak to Julie Bailey. You and your wicked cronies are NOT going to stop me. Julie Bailey is certainly going to find out exactly what you lot have been up to now, and she is going to be hopping mad when she realises what you have been up to.

You can tell Diane Smith that I certainly will not be tuning in to watch her on the Politics Show as well, why would I want another big load of boring NuNazi lies being propagandered, I had some new DVDs bought me for Christmas, I would rather watch something decent on my television set like Cranford than have to suffer listening to that sneaky old cat's political spin.

I think you are a very crafty and bad man. You ought to repent. It is a disgrace to pretend to pretend to help someone like Julie Bailey, who has suffered so much and lost her mother in that hell hole that is supposed to be a hospital, and all the time be laughing behind the poor woman's back, calling her nasty names such as a "banner waving exhibitionist"

You really disgust me David Kidney and I am very glad to have found out what you are really like. I really was talken in by you - I thought you were a decent person. I think it is hateful what you have done.

We will get justice, because the Lord is watching and He will give us justice.

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Zoompad said...

Blimy, that seems to have shut the arrogant self serving twit up! Perhaps this means that us Staffordians can go for a week without having to look at his smarmy mug in our local newspapers!