Sunday, 8 August 2010


I am hopping mad tonight. A friend sent me a link to "This is Uttoxeter" from Monday, July 26, 2010 and this is what I read:

BBC seeking former residents of home at centre of 70s scandal

THE harrowing tale of a controversial Rocester children's care home – which saw youngsters routinely abused by staff – will be featured in a documentary.
The BBC is appealing for people who were in Riverside Children's Home during the 1970s to come forward and discuss their experiences.
The documentary is aimed at highlighting the changes in children's residential care and producers are keen to include Riverside, which was closed down by Staffordshire County Council in 1989.

Now the reason I am angry is because Riverside Children's Home is Chadswells Assessment Centre or The Wissage, which was the filthy hell hole paedophile playhouse where I was incarcerated as a kid. And the BBC know perfectly well I was there, as I have written to them several times plus they have had several copies of my satarical novel about that shit hole Chadswell/Riverside/The Wissage, "Tip", as well - at my own personal expense. The BBC know perfectly well how to get in touch with me, and anyone with a few brain cells would expect them to get in touch with an author who has actually written a novel about the dump. In fact, if you do a google search on Chadswells Assessment Centre I come up over and over and over again! Have they been in touch with me? HAVE THEY ECKERS LIKE!

So the BBC can go and pull the other one, they must think we are all as green as cucumbers. The BBC is a crappy, paedophile/murderer protecting wallet robbing organisation, they can't even be arsed to tell any real news these days, it's all ruddy propaganda, and as for the so called rolling news, well, if an alien only had the BBC to tell them anything they would assume that this country only had about seven things happen all over the country in any one day, less if some pop star died or had a baby or something.

BBC GO AND SCREW YOURSELF! I probably won't even bother watching yout propaganda bullshit about Riverside/Chadswell/The Wissage, as I am too busy helping other abuse survivors and trying to expose vile perverts who steal other people's kids via the secret family courts so that they can have sex with them and sell them abroad. So I haven't got time to waste on BBC bullshit!


Anon said...

The BBC produces propaganda for the bad guys.

- Aangirfan

Jo said...

don't you think maybe they just want a larger quantity of people?

But I have less faith in the BBC these days. I am the victim of a narcissistic sociopath ie. psychopath. Journalists DON'T write about narcissistic sociopaths because of defamation laws, but ordinarly people who are vulnerable and honest really need to know what harm may come their way. The general population has loads of misconceptions about what this problem is. BBC journalists run off to dangerous countries, risking their lives reporting on what happens in foreign countries, they won't even rescue the people at home who are really dying, with truth.
So I have less faith in the BBC these days.

Zoompad said...

Well I did watch the BBC program about the Pindown "home" that I was in, and just as I predicted, it was rubbish. Neil Morrissey was the main person in the program. Now, much as I like Neil Morrissey, and his funny program with Martin Clunes, I did think it might have been rather nice if the program cfould have had other inmates of the childrens prison in the program. I would have loved to go on that program myself, it might have been a much better program if I had been allowed to, only that was never going to happen was it, what with all the way the BBC have colluded with paedophiles to cover up the whole disgusting Pindown scandal.