Sunday, 8 August 2010


I tried to post this, and encountered a problem, so I thought the best thing is to put it here. Don't know if Stuart is being gagged, the child abusers detest him and want to shut him up because he has exposed them, they have wanted to close down his blog right from the start. The problem is, that we do not have a proper justice system, as the child abusers, murderers and their puppets are in charge of all the administration of these British Isles. So thats why I am posting this here.


Well, I don't know very much, I'm not as clever as you, Stuart, but what I do know is that I ws totally knackered and those secret family court people were determined as hell to destroy me, and they ought to have been able to do it by rights, but something or someone stopped them and I believe it was God who stopped them, I certainly asked him to at any rate. It was a terrible time, because I didn't have all these friends I have now, and I felt very scared.

Even if the child abusing scum managed to switch off Google now it wouldn't make any difference, as people have been busy networking, and so they would have to close down all the telephone connections and all the roads and pathways ect as well. In short, they would have to put all of the British Isles under house arrest. I would just like to see them try it, thats all, it would be like a bee trying to stop a herd of elephants.

No, they have lost. The outcry against these child abusing devils is getting stronger, Stuart, this may cause you a pang, because you have beavered away for 20 years trying your very best to bring honour and decency to politics, there would have been a time when your voice would have been the loudest one in such a gathering as yesterday at Trafalger Square, but now, so many people are coming forward, with so much evidence to bring against these wicked people who have been abusing children that it's a right jostle to get to the mike to be heard, ask Carrie! But that is a GOOD thing - it means more and more are coming forward, more and more are not allowing themselves to be gagged and intimidated by those wicked bullies.

You will NOT be going to jail, because they would have to put ALL of us in jail, otherwise we would all take the jail apart brick by brick to let you out, or something, and then if they tried top put all the rest of us into jail other people would do the same for us, and in the end the jail would burst open because of all the people crammed inside and all the people would spill out of it anyway. Or the prison guards would get sick of having to be party to corruption and let us all out, the point is, the Lord puts the goodness and courage inside the peoples hearts and those cowardly child abusers can't go on using one set of people to stamp all over another set of people for ever, because people are getting sick of it all now.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is don't worry about going to jail, it's not going to happen.

Anyway, Jack Straw has shuffled off to write his book of lies and feeble excuses now, that's worth celebrating at any rate!

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