Friday, 8 October 2010


The Masons love this technique. Get out the big guns and blast away. They did this to me, rolling out their secret family court judge trainer Anthony Cleary, who threatened me with jail at every possible opportunity, just in case I thought about committing the appalling offence of "CONTEMPT OF COURT", an umbrella term beloved by the UK Secret Family Gulag Courts, which covers all manner of offences, such as sending a birthday card to your own child, going to a house, ringing the doorbell, finding no-one answers it, turning round and walking away from the house, mouthing "I LOVE YOU" to your own child in the street and, horror of horrors, surely this one deserves capital punishment, complaining to the police that the freemason who is taking you to court is a rapist, and collapsing in grief and shock when forced to be cross examiined by him at Stafford Torture Chamber (only to be mocked and jeered at by the barristers who are supposed to be on your side, paid for by your own Legal Aid)

Stephen Baker is an English Barrister and Jersey Advocate. He is one of only two lawyers who practise at both the English and Jersey bars (the other is Emma Jordan, Senior Associate at BakerPlatt). He is a member of Chambers at 7 Bedford Row, which specialises in financial crime, particularly money laundering and associated regulatory matters.
Advocate Baker has undertaken complex investigations on behalf of the Attorney General of Jersey including those into Bank Cantrade C.I. Ltd. and General Abacha. He is what you would call a Big Gun.

Stuart Syvret is an unemployed homeless ex politician. He is no longer in a position of power or authority.

What has Stuart Syvret been accused of? Has he plotted to assassinate the AG by running over him with his bike? Has he been involved in a major money laundering scam? Has he been growing naughty plants in his flat?

No, Stuart Syvret's "crimes" are that he published details in his blog of a major scandal that ought to have been under police investigation, had corrupt politicians not interfered in the impartiality of the police, using God knows what threats and bribes to stop them doing their job.

Yes, the Masons love to bully. Mind you, so many of them were unfortunate enough to go to some pretty nasty schools. I have been having a peep at some of the schools which these people who are currently engaged in bullying the Ex Senator, Stuart Syvret, champion of the people who were abused at Haut de la Garenne, the hell hole which has had at least 160 complaints of terrible cruelty against children, and where burnt human remains and lime pits were found during the police investigation.

Those schools, when you read some of the things that old boys who attended have written, you begin to understand very well why these Funny Handshake Old Boys have got such awful personality disorders. Take, for example, the one that the Chief Minister of Jersey, Terry Le Sueur attended, the De La Salle College, Jersey. The De La Salle College in Jersey is an independent Catholic school taking its name from St John Baptist de la Salle (1651–1719), who founded the Brothers' Order in France. Today the Order has establishments in over 80 countries. Sadly, the Brothers have a terrible reputation for child cruelty, bare arse floggings and bad teaching practices. So is it surprising that these men have turned out to be disrespectful of the Holy Bible and the Laws of God? I read one very sad story, of a man who had been forced to chant the poem "Timothy Winter" with his classmates as a boy, by a bully of a teacher. The man explained how, years later, he was listening to Radio 4 and they inserted a poetry reading just before the play he was about to listen to. The man froze in dread, of the bad school memories, but was surprised to find himself enjoying the reading, by Martin Jervis, of that poem, and realised, for the first time, that it was a beautiful poem of yearning for social reform.


Zoompad said...

Oh yes, and I noticed that 7 Bedford Row have put down roots in Stafford!

Zoompad said...

Matthew 10:26

Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known


Trust the Lord. He can see everything.

martin said...

i two have been were you have been i trusted the lord.he never came nor will he i stand alone with hidden things in my head no one to help me so im sorry there is no lord or god. but im happy you find comfort in them good luck in all you do

Zoompad said...


I have got so angry at times with the Lord that I have kicked my Bible round the room and stamped on it. That is why it is so knackered looking, with the spine coming off.

But always after I have calmed down, I have had to admit that not once has the Lord lied about anything. Everything he ever said, everything he prophesied, has come true.

This world was made a beautiful place, but it has been destroyed by the wickedness of mankind. What has mankind done, when we ought to have rejoiced in the bountiful provision of this beautiful planet, but we have squabbled over every inch of it, dug great ugly holes everywhere, poisoned the sea and land and basically smashed the place up worse than a bunch of students in a rented digs. It's horrible what we have done, and we have spoiled it for all the poor birds and other animals who have to share the planet with us.

And yet how has God treated us, but to come and live amongst us, to show us what we all ought to be, and even allow us to murder him - he knew we would - so that we could understand how evil we are, and want to change!

I am so sorry that you are hurting real bad, and that you have lost faith. I don't understand why God allowed me to be abused, I can't understand it, it hurts so much still, but I know he cares, and I have experienced miracles first hand, and I just know God has a plan, because he promised that he would not abandon those who trust him. I don't know what else to say to you really, except may God give you healing and peace and joy. xx

Zoompad said...

PS: The bad guys are not going to win!

martin said...

thank you for your words of kindess as i said were is this god how do we understand why does this happen may be in death we get to ask

Anonymous said...

Catholics are forbidden to become freemasons, and I am certain that Terry Le Sueur (as a Catholic - viz the De La Salle link) is not one.

Zoompad said...

Catholics are also meant to refrain from kid fiddling.

Zoompad said...

Hi again Martin.
To answer your questions, God is everywhere, the Bible is the best way to find out all about him. Incidentally, the established church tried to stop[ people reading the Bible for hundreds of years, and put people to death for trying to make it accessable to other people. I believe it is a banned book in parts of China.

I don't think God wants to wait until we have died to answer our questions, I think He would rather talk to us right now, it's just that not many people are willing to stop and speak with him. Even most people who call themselves Christians don't bother to talk with God, I think many people do not realise that you can.

Zoompad said...


Don't answer if you would rather not, but are you one of the people who were abused at Haut de la Garenne?

I was not at Haut de la Garenne myself, but I was in another PINDOWN children's "home".