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I have been contacted by a lady I know who has asked me to put the following letter onto my blog and to share it with other people. I do not know the full details of her case, but I do know that she is a woman who has been treated in a vile way by the authorities who profess to help people, and that she has grave concerns for the wellbeing of her disabled son, Jamie.

I have left this lady's contact details off this letter, lest it should fall into the hands of paedophiles and their protection racketteers.

This lady deserves some answers.


Date: Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 13:33
Subject: SAO Miss Stanton



Jean Lambert MEP
Syed Kamall MEP
Claude Moraes MEP
Gerard Batten MEP
Marina Yannakoudakis MEP
Sarah Ludford MEP
Mary Honeyball MEP
Charles Tannock MEP


Friday 1 October 2010

Dear Mary Honeyball, Gerard Batten, Jean Lambert, Charles Tannock, Claude Moraes, Syed Kamall, Sarah Ludford and Marina Yannakoudakis,

RBKC have waged a war against my son and I - disabled people, since approx 2000.

It began with my son being given a colonoscopy by Dr.Murch of the Royal Free Hospital, he did this without my permission.

Prior to that in 1999, I had been supported by social workers in court, Sean Ryan and Judith Smith attended court to support my good parenting.

Judge Moorehouse requested I make application for every weekend, unsupervised overnight contact due to my important relationship with Jamie, my mute, terrorised child, living with his heroin dealing, violent, drink-drive recidivist father, who also raped and terrorised me for years, and who had a child die in his care, Cosmo Steele. All this has been covered up and away from judges and is crime not dealt with by RBKC /police but covered up.

This has now led to staff hanging up the 'phones on me, memos sent to instruct staff not to take my calls - these staff are at my sons' school too, the 100k PA behavioural correctional facility for disabled children known as Treehouse Trust, that I strongly disapprove of (I believe my son is raped and terrorised - he is in nappies aged 17, no GP has seen him during this time, his father has severe psychiatric problems believing he is the 'son of the devil' (really) and so my son is now trying to run away, I can't find a lawyer to help and Sir Rifkind is not helping) - Fay Wright (adult learning-disabilities worker) also hung up on me today, as well as Anne Lehane (legal) and social worker, Erika Endlein, wrote and told me I am to be excluded from my sons life forever and accused me of making borderline allegations.

These allegations are not without evidence but useless if police refuse to investigate.

Some is civil law, but I don't trust the family courts and my friends, and colleagues, act against this type of draconian, crime against innocent children and mothers, they demonstrate, they protest and it can't be good for anyone not to adopt a better, kinder and common-sense approach to these sort of situations.

SO MUCH MALICE is emanating from the people covering these crimes against us, and nobody there at RBKC seems to understand simple 'cause and effect' let alone professional impartiality.

You cannot expect to batter the innocent forever and expect to get away with it.

Diplomacy is required to ameliorate this situation, I am asking you to please provide an advocate that will help this situation and bring my son home to safety and the love he needs.

Social workers cannot unilaterally alter law to suit them, as they have done in their last letter to me. I am a parent with legal responsibility and that won't change. You cannot remove children from innocent parents, torture them and expect us to take it?

Please put it right and you could be prevent all out civil war? This sort of thing is happening too often ans evidence of groups I support like the EDL is all too evident. Why should they even have to exist? Why is it an 'us and them' society? Help Stop the harming of innocent people by neglect please.

I am worried my son is running away and RBKC has become one of the most corrupt places on earth apparently.

I can find no help or impartial advice, it has to change - how do you suggest we can put something so fundamental as to getting a scared disabled child to be safe home with his mother after we have been victims of pure spite and malicious acts by RBKC Social Work staff?

How can this happen? How can a memo go out ordering staff to hang up the 'phone to a mother terrified for her child and hated for trying to protect him?

Thank you for your time

Yours sincerely


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Zoompad said...

Thank you Anonymous, for pointing that out. My eyesight is bad now and I never spotted it. Thank you so much. xx