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Three Coventry men jailed over multi-million pound mortgage fraud
Sep 3 2010
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Three Coventry men who led a multi-million pound mortgage fraud racket have been sentenced to a total of 12 years in prison.
Michael Browne, from Canley, built up a portfolio of property across the city on the back of a string of false mortgage applications.
He was sentenced to three years in prison, but had his sentenced reduced due to time spent on remand and the fact that he entered a guilty plea.
Browne was arrested in November 2008 and a lengthy financial investigation followed, identifying numerous people involved in mortgage fraud.
The 49-year-old, who also has a villa in Spain, now faces losing everything as West Midlands Regional Asset Recovery Team vow to claw back his wealth.
Money obtained through the frauds was used to purchase the six-bedroomed villa, which was raided by officers and the Spanish police.
Browne used the specialist skills and knowledge of an independent financial advisor, Mark Campbell, to acquire loans overstating his income in mortgage applications.
Campbell was convicted after the jury heard how he falsified incomes and produced false letters of employment and references.
Campbell was sentenced to five-and-a-half years jail along with his partners at Birmingham Crown Court.
Campbell would obtain mortgages for Browne and his family and associates with a 'no-questions-asked attitude', without signing forms or producing proof of income.
Browne's business partner in a property development company called MIDA developments, David Vincent Smith, from Tile Hill, Coventry, was also convicted of the offences after a five-week trial this year. He used Campbell to obtain loans using false references and inflated incomes.
Smith will serve three-and-a-half years in prison.
Campbell also used the services of another man, Andrew Harris, from Keresley in Coventry, to produce false payslips. Harris pleaded guilty in 2009 and will be sentenced at a later date.
Police will now begin legal proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act to ensure the three mens' assets are seized and ploughed back into fighting crime.
Browne is said to have acquired "huge wealth" through the organised con, which he ran for many years.
Det Inspector Chris Berrow, of the Regional Asset Recovery Team, said:
"Browne pleaded guilty at an early stage when he saw the overwhelming evidence against him.
"Campbell and Smith, however, denied the fraud to the end - even though there was overwhelming documentary evidence that showed they lied to banks and lending institutes time and time again"
"Campbell abused his position and used his knowledge and skills to obtain a mortgage for anyone who wanted one, no matter whether they were employed or not. He even acquired property for family members using false applications to ensure they benefitted too"
The three men were caught in the net which police spread over the city as part of Operation Closedown in November and December 2008.
The crackdown, primarily to tackle drug related crime, saw 39 people arrested and handed more than 140 years in prison.
A total of £6 million worth of assets has been restrained pending financial investigation and future court cases – a figure that is expected to rise with the sentencing of Browne and his accomplices.
Det Inspector Berrow added: "These men profited from fraud when people around them are working hard to get their foot on the property ladder.
"We will now endeavour to ensure any money gathered in the course of their crimes is recovered so that their efforts are in vain."

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Provider type: Independent Fostering Services

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Zoompad said...

Sunbeam Fostering Agency use CONSULTING MATTERS as their training agency

Zoompad said...


Selection criteria
Publicly it appears that there are still many false perceptions about who can and cannot foster a child. In reality many types of people from all walks of life have proved to be successful foster carers for children. We welcome applicants from all family compositions, cultural backgrounds and same sex couples."

Zoompad said...


KEVIN WILLIAMS of TACT - the largest fostering and adoption charity in the UK

Zoompad said...

"Kevin Williams - Chief Executive.
I was appointed Chief Executive of The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT), now known as TACT Fostering & Adoption in 2001 moving from the public sector. During my tenure, I led TACT from a small fostering charity to a national children’s charity working with and for children in care. My career, mainly in social work over 25 years, started in teaching and has given me a strong drive to improve the life chances of some of society's most disadvantaged people. I have been on the Board of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) (Dec 03 – Dec 08) and was the Chair of the Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers. I started Fostering through Social Enterprise (FtSE) and I sit on the Advisory Board of Research in Practice (RIP). I regularly talk at international and national conferences and regularly comment on issues affecting looked after children. Follow Kevin on Twitter at @KWTACTCEO "

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Gareth Crossman - Executive Director of External Affairs.
I started work at TACT Fostering & Adoption in January 2009 as the head of the new External Affairs Department. My department is responsible for developing TACT’s press profile, campaigning, lobbying, marketing, research and fundraising. I used to be a solicitor specialising in defence work in magistrates and youth courts. Many of the young people I used to represent were in care. I also spent a brief time working as a journalist before joining the legal department of Liberty. For five years before joining TACT I was Director of the Policy and Parliamentary Department at Liberty. Follow Gareth on Twitter at @garethcrossman

Zoompad said...

Liberty have refused to lift a finger to help two whistleblowers who have been jailed following persecution for exposing institutional child abuse, ex Senator (and Father of the Jersey Senate) Stuart Syvret and Robert Green.

Zoompad said...

Gareth Crosman describes himself as a joirnalist, but I can only find two articles, and both of them are for the Guardian propagandapaper.

Zoompad said...

TACT was the first fostering agency to get a Government customer service excellence standard

I see the phony meaningless back patting awards are still being dished out like lemon drops then!

Anonymous said...

put everything you have on a memory card and send it to the chief of police at your local Police Station and ask them to investigate, send it regsitered post and let 12 of us know you did it, great work Barb

Anonymous said...

You should be sent to hell. You're scum just like the other scum you rub shoulders with. Watch out for petrol and matches through your letter box soon witch.

jade said...

It looks as though there are many out there"so called"do gooders with sinister intensions and vested percunary interests in forced adoptions and child trafficking abuse networks, all linked to "so called bona fide authorities". it stinks like a rotten kipper. Well I know Dame Butler chairs adoption agency and that John Hemmings mistress also sat on an adoption pannel until 2011!! I wonder, when we are told that adoptions have decreased, where are all these stolen children ending up at?? I am very concerned for the safety of thse missing children stolen by the state!! the last comment on this thread is criminal and should be spread far and wide so thay your safety is not compromised, dont bother with the police they are all part of this criminal corporate gulag.

Jamie said...

Anonymous that posted 20 April 2012 07:39

your nothing but a pathetic little idiot.

How dare you threaten people that are exposing evil people.

I suppose your one of them you piece of crap, I hope your IP address is logged and you get arrested for your pathetic comments and investigated

Zoompad said...

I did go to Stafford Police about the death threat posted on 20th April at 07:39. A WPC came to my home the next day and treated me in what I think is a frightening and threatening way. She accused me of posting that threat to burn my house down myself, and accused me of being an "attention seeker". She also told me that it didnt classify as a death threat. She said that the only way the police could investigate that threat to find out who was responsible was by confiscating my computer for 3 to 4 months. Now that is absolute rubbish, as all the police would have to do is to contact Google and ask for the IP! I asked her to leave my home and she refused to do so. She then forced me to speak to the Mental Health Crisis Team, she made me use my own telephone and spoke to them first, and forced me to speak to them - I was too frightened of her not to, all I wanted was for her to go away.
The reason Stafford Police are treating me in such a shitty way is to cover up what they did to me as a child, when I ran away from home, and they did a forced vaginal examination on me to find out if I had had sex, and that was in front of 4 male police officers. They have colluded to cover all that up, and have falsified a statement that was made at the time.
My blog doesnt work properly any more, I cant post pictures or videos, its been nobbled.

Zoompad said...

If you call the police to investigate a crime committed against yourself, you do not expect the police to totally ignore the crime and start persecuting you instead. That WPC sat at my computer reading my blog post, I could see what she was doing, looking for any speck of dirt that they could get me for, it was horrible. She completly ignored the death threat that was posted on my blog up above, and was just sitting there looking for dirt.

The clear message that comes out of all this loud and clear is that its a waste of time contacting the police if a crime is committed against you if you have ever at any time been a victim of police wrongdoing, because they will all gang up on you and persecute you instead. Serpico was right.

Zoompad said...

I am a Christian and believe that everyone will get what they deserve in the end. These corrupt police - they think their little network of backscratching criminals is untouchable, but on the horizon I see a storm ahead, because we have a corrupt government who have sold out this country to the EU, and once all these corrupt officials in this country have served their purpose they too will be out on their ear, as there is no honour amongst thieves.
I won't be here to witness that though, I wouldn't want to, because the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon to take all us who believe away, as He promised 2000 years ago

Zoompad said...

The Lord is patient and kind and long suffering, but when the people turn their backs on him and wont listen to him and persecute other people and mock him by attacking the weak and vulnerable, until the cries of the persecuted become too loud for anyone to bear, the Lord raises his hand and intervenes. He has done this again and again, it's all like a golden thread through the history of mankind, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Zoompad said...

I think that there is much more than the Pindown abuse that Stafford Police would like to cover up now. I found out who was having meetings with Joanna Simpson Blake!

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to just let stuff go and know when to fight the big stuff. Running your blog is going to be positive in the long run, so dont get distracted by the noise.

You need to develop a thicker skin. The police are not there to investigate ever little problem and internet crime must be very low on therir list of stuff to do.

so keep going, butexpect some flack.

I have seen your link from the slog blog and thought i would post

Zoompad said...

I don't think it is a very little thing to threaten to burn someone's house down though.

Hoe the heck can I just brush all this under the carpet? I can't! I'm scared of the police now, especially Stafford Police, yet the police are supposed to be the friend of law abiding citizens!

Telling me to let go seems to me to be exactly the same as if you had said get over it! Perhaps you don't realise what you are saying. You are telling me to do something that is actually impossible.

Zoompad said...

Stafford Police came rushing round my house after someone who in in league with Brian Gerrish falsely accused me of sending her malicious emails, without even checking to see if the emails actually existed, so you are about the police not there to investigate every little problem. I have no doubt that if I were even to drop a sweet paper on the pavement I would have the police banging on my door, yet if I need them to investigate a crime committed against me, they come accusing me of being a mentally defective attention seeker!

I feel like a football player with a very tiny goal at one end and a gigantic one at the other, there is not a level playing field for victims of Pindown child abuse. We are damned if we complain about what happened to us and damned if we dont, and can expect to have the Secret Services harassing and persecuting us if we dare to raise a whisper of what was done to us as children, and you know damned well that is the truth!

Zoompad said...

I did try to get Google to do something about this death threat,and other horrible comments left on my blog but Google chose to ignore my complaints.