Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Nigel Oldfield is one of the perverts who bullied me on MFJ and YouTube and other sites for two years. He also bullied Shy Keenan. He was allowed to run a website for paedophiles from his prison cell

Nigel Oldfield has been threatening people with legal action if they use photographs of him on their website, no idle threat as Nigel Oldfield has many influential lawyer and reporter friends, some of whom have managed to influence Parliament and stop the police being able to investigate Pindown child abuse, so I am having to use an artists impression of him.

Nigel Oldfield and his friends made my life an absolute misery for two years. I want to know who is protecting this horrible creepy paedophile bully.


Zoompad said...

If you click on to the link you can hear his interview with Jon Gaunt. He threatened Jon Gaunt, "Don't F with me".

That is no idle threat. He has some very well connected friends.

Zoompad said...

Once more, I have been signed out of my social networking, this time my Google account has been tampered with.

No use me trying to complain about it though, as I already know there isn't anyone to complain to, apart from the Lord, and He saw who did it as He can see everything.

Anonymous said...

Oldfield claims that everybody is sexually attracted to children - ages 0-18. NO NO NO NO NO! Made my skin crawl and my stomach heave listening to him.

Zoompad said...

Oldfield is echoing the words of his heros, Ralph Underwager and Richard Gardner, those two American paedophile psychologists said the same thing.

It was Alfred Kinsey who is responsible for a lot of this rubbish. The Kinsey Institute should be closed down, it is a menace to mankind. I don't know why the American people have put up with having such an immoral institution in their country, I really don't.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad - Thanks for your relentless work! Thanks to you, I now know so much about these sick people particularly Ralph Underwager! What I now know about him is shocking! God bless you.

Zoompad said...

What is so terrifying for me is that I have written to every Government minister about Underwager and Gardner. I did get some ministers who expressed that they knew things were bad but what could be done about it? The ones who care enough to want to do anything about it feel utterly powerless, which is not surprising when you see what happened to people like Stuart Syvret in Jersey.

Gardner was invited to the UK by Eagle Associates and the Kensington Institute. Eagle Associates is a part of Lockheed Martin.

The militant Gay Rights groups have pretty much brought this country to its knees. Hardly anyone dares to breath a word of criticism against these people, it is like they have a Government sanctioned ring of protection all round them.

MI5 used to ban gay people from their organisation, but now they are one of the most gay friendly organisations. The trouble is, the gay lifestyle is not family orientated, the Gay Rights groups do not encourage faithfulness, duty, responsibility and all the virtues, but instead encourage people to sieze what they see as their rights, without a regard to who it affects, and the main right is that they can sleep around with as many other people as they like providing they wear a condom! You only have to have a quick look at a few gay rights forums to realise that they are promoting licencious behaviour. Some of the people pretending to be gay are actually paedophiles. Only paedophiles lust after little boys.

Paedophiles see the gay rights campaigns as a stepping stone to achieve what they want, which is to legalise sex with children. They all shared a platform in the 70's and I remember when I was a young mother coming accross a book which perverts had written, encouraging parents to do genital massage on their babies, with drawings. Tom O Carroll wrote in his book Paedophilia The Radical Case that three year old children were able to give consent to sex.

The BBC will never do a program about that disgusting creep Ralph Underwager because the BBC is also full of perverts.

Zoompad said...

Some pretty powerful organisation is protecting Nigel Oldfield. I do not need three quesses to know who it is.