Monday, 2 April 2012


I have had error message 503 from some of the anti child abuse blogs I have tried to access recently. Stuart Syvret, Rico Sorda, Trevor Pitman, and some others, they have not been available intermittently, and have shown error message 503. This has been going on for over a week.

I have also been informed that my blog has been unavailable.

I have also been logged out again this morning. So someone is illegally messing about with my blog (again). And that is SUPPOSED to be a criminal act, hence the hacking scandal. But it seems that hacking is an ignorable offence these days, as is institutional child abuse and malicious vindictive persecution.

I am posting this for the record.


Zoompad said...


I won't be posting any more of your boring "you're a nutjob" comments.

dognamedblue said...

"everyone's a fruit & nut case"

don't forget, only the "mad" have freedom of speech, everyone else runs the risk of being arrested & imprisoned, should it ever get to court it's a "win/win" for you, revel in your "nuttiness" & continue to speak your mind, it's connected to the inner you, unlike all the detractors who aren't so closely in-tuned, with anyone or anything judging by their comments

myself, I've seen 5 psychologist who all seem to think I'm clinical this that & everything else inbetween, but I've been accustomed to it since the age of 9... although I should get out more :/ lol

Anon said...

I have found the same problem.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

And now the UK Government have announced that they are going to legalise state hacking. Which they are already doing, illegally.

Zoompad said...

I am wrong to accuse the UK Government of the hacking, and I am sorry, it's nothing to do with David Cameron.

I know who is hacking me, and they stink.

I still don't want hacking legalised, because that would give the perverts and crtiminals even more ammo, but if I found out that Cameron was involved in sanctioning doing it illegally to perverts I would not complain at all.

Zoompad said...

And I dont suppose 99.9% of British people would either!!!

Zoompad said...

If I were a HONEST MI5 agent (if there are any, which I doubt) the first place I would want to hack would be the BBC.