Friday, 4 September 2009

Appeal to whistleblowers to come forward

I am making another appeal to the people who are not themselves child abusers, but who have been drawn into shielding those vermin in an attempt to conceal their own wrongdoing - wheeling and dealing ect.

The game is up, and surely you can see that? The media gagging, the dirty tricks, nothing has stopped the truth from coming out, now that those who were abused are talking to each other, and putting all the pieces together.

You must blow the whistle now, please, I urge you. You can't keep these secrets any longer, and it's only a matter of time before your own part in it comes out into the public for all to see. The trouble is, we have no time to lose - children are STILL being taken by those bas*ards that you are protecting with your silence! You may be able to save a child if you come forward now!

Please, come forward - you know who you can trust - Senator Syvret for a start, if you go to him with information he will only be thinking of how to save the children, and not looking for ways to persecute or punish you. Many of the survivors are open to forgiveness and understanding, but the people who did these evil things to them when they were little children will not go unpunished.

You must not shield these wicked people any more. Come away from the dark side, trust in the Lord who brings forgiveness and understanding. You are only shielding these wicked people because you are afraid of what might happen if you come forward. Please, be brave and do not give in to your fear, please, for the sake of the children who have not yet been abused, but who are in grave danger of these wicked people, come forward and expose them. Don't wait until you are named and shamed, please.

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