Thursday, 3 September 2009

I told you God sees everything didn't I?

There are secrets which some very evil people thought would never see the light of day, nasty dark secrets, which they have desperatly tried to cover up, with evil piled upon evil.

Every time a person cries out to God, their tears and pleas for help never fall on deaf ears, although at times it might seem that way. We are made in the image of God, and He has tender feelings towards His children - it is only that mankind turned their collective back on God. None of us can do very much on our own - we are feeble creatures, but God wants to treat us as His beloved children, and bless us in all kinds of unimaginable ways. He even wants us to live forever, as He is eternal, so He wishes us to be.

These ones who have done the devils work, persecuting their own brothers and sisters on the face of the earth, they were once innocent little babies on this planet, and they have allowed their own souls to be darkened with these dark secret sins. They have a choice now - because it is time for these secrets to come into the light for all to see. They can choose to carry on in their sin and be caught in the light still committing these criminal acts, or they can repent and ask the Lord to forgive them for the dreadful things that they have done.

The light is coming fast now, and what the prophets fortold is finally coming true. Pick up the Bible and read what the prophets said if you doubt me, read it for yourself.

Praise the Lord - He has heard our prayers, and He felt our pain and He is coming to rescue us! Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

I don't need to defend the existence of God, as He is more than capable of revealing His own presence to mankind, without my interference. It would be a waste of time to get involved in any such debates with those people, thanks for the link though.

God asks His children to plead with those who are in the grip of sinful crimes to repent and be saved from the terror that is to come.

Anonymous said...

Shame you didn't watch, listen, understand, B Zoompad.

Thanks Anonymous 1, that's really fascinating. Oh to be so intelligent and eloquent.

Zoompad, You don't KNOW God exists, have fun with your blinkered beliefs.