Monday, 28 September 2009


This is part of a series of interviews concerning the child care system in the UK.

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Zoompad said...

What a shame. The person who interviewed me in this video is the same women who called Stafford Police to falsely accuse me of sending her malicious emails.

She had told me about how she had had her children taken away bt Stafford Social Services and I believed her. I had met her via the Mothers for Justice website. She was very confident and I admired her, she spoke to newspapers and organised the Brian Gerrish conference in Stafford.

When she became pregnant she was terrified that they were going to take her child away. I told her that we other mums would support her and she could have us as a team of birthing partners so she would not be vulnerable and alone when she gave birth. But she told us all she had done a deal with Stafford Social Services, and they bhad offered her a job. A man who works for MI5 was involved in this.

But its a shame this has been taken down as it was a good interview. I was talking about my experiences in Chadswell Assessment Centre and St Georges, and the Stafford Girls High School and how it all affected my education and carreer prospects.