Wednesday, 16 September 2009

British police stealing a newborn child

Listen to a real life police state in action. This is the true audio tape of a child being taken by POLICE. Raided in early morning, which is their favourite time for this kind of unscrupulous activity, just as it was for Hitler's Nazi SS squad.

Police said the baby was ill and dying. (the baby was born with a cataract and discharged safely by the NHS).Since when have people died of cataracts?


Anonymous said...

I don't like the police we have in the UK. I used to support them but I can no longer do so.

The way they are being managed and behave is so far removed from what the masses expect of them and they are now a law until themselves.

The police are now seen by many as the governments poodles who set upon decent people to harass and intimidate us into accepting ill-thought out government polices.

They are now 'policy enforces' as opposed to upholders of the (common) law and keepers of the peace.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad, I have no idea what knowledge you have of child abuse, but some of your comments are unhelpful to say the least.

The police are by no means perfect, but there are many well intentioned officers who want to reduce, deter and detect incidents of abuse against vulnerable people.

Much of the bleating on your blog will do nothing to assist in this endeavour.

If you have got gripes about individual officers publish the details..after all if it can be proved you won't be pursued for libel.

Mad blogger? said...

Funny thing happened the other day as I was being held in police custody for 24 hours for the henious crime of allegedly breaking a restraining order relating to writing on a blog - the police sent their psychiatrist to speak to me as they thought I might have a mental illness because i write on blogs! How funny is that?

The bloke looked really uncomfortable and didn't stay for long.


The police make themselves look so silly at times they really do.

Zoompad said...

"Zoompad, I have no idea what knowledge you have of child abuse"

Liar liar pants on fire!

Anonymous said...

I realise there is every chance you will pick fault with what I write, or call me names, imply i'm bullying, or belittling other people experiences. All the things you do btw when people are not of the same opinion as you.

why can't you listen and respect other people point of views?
Have a discussion instead of attacting? Accept that you being a human makes you wrong sometimes like everyone else.

Tracy said...


Stop upsetting the cry babies who keep leaving posts about you not 'accepting' their views etc etc blah blah lol

I think you are being extremely generous by allowing them to comment in the first place and this does show that you are willing to allow them to put their points of view across (if they had any that is) you don't have to 'accept' what anyone says.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I would agree with what you have said tracy had she not attacked or belittle what is said when they do disagree. The price for having a different opinion is to be attacked.

I also think(though possible wrong)the reason the blogg is open isn't about people sharing point of view but about awareness. I feel if your theary was correct the she wouldn't feel the need to defend and attack.

Anonymous said...

btw way a disagreement/arguement is lost when you have to get personnal.

There is no need to defend just listen, respond(without attack) and people will listen but that is lost in the response.

Clearly whatever is said is falling on deaf ears.

Zoompad said...

"I think you are being extremely generous by allowing them to comment in the first place "

Well, that's my nature, you see, I AM a generous and nice person. I guess that's why these erm IDIOTS find me so objectionable - I guess they are so far in the depth of sin that they have to attack everything and everyone that isn't tainted with the reek of hell.

I intend to go on being generous and full of loving kindness as well - when they are finally put into prison for their crimes, which WILL happen - there is going to be a big change for the better in this country - REAL justice - I intend to visit as many as possible, and read God's word to them as they languish in their misery. I expect by the time they do go to prison, the prisons will be of a much tougher regime than they are at the moment, which will probably be a good thing, seeing as to how they will have REAL hard hearted tough as nails criminals in them, rather than the deliberatly criminalised, terrorised, and victimised folk thet they are holding at the moment. Yes, I will tour Britain, stopping at jails and reading the Bible and preaching to the stone hearted souls inside.

I don't expect I will get any thanks for it though.

Anonymous said...

much of the bleating on your blog will assist nothing in this endeavour.

Sadly Zoompad you do your cause no favours what so ever. Your persistent remarks relating to everyone from the Police, the Government, the Masons in fact anyone you can have a go at resembles an obsessive disorder. You most certainly were abused, you cannot spend your life taking pot shots at every organisation, tarring them with the same brush.

You are causing more harm than good, sit back, take stock and try to address your serious allegations in a more grown up manner.

You never know someone may listen when you stop ranting out at everyone, drawing attention to Gordon Browns failing eyesight is a sad reflection of your enjoyment in someone in a high position who is suffering through no fault of there own. You really are one very sad, misguided lady. Put your energies into making progress not constantly verbally abusing those who try to help you.

It is no good people agreeing with you all the time, even when like me they do believe that you were abused. Read what that poster said instead of being insulted by it. Your reply in a childish manner sadly confirms what people think - grow up stop speaking out like a spoilt child.

Zoompad said...

Hello again, Nonny. I might have a bit more respect for your opinions if you didn't hide behind that veil of anonymity.

What are you frightened of? (snigger)

Zoompad said...

"Your reply in a childish manner sadly confirms what people think - grow up stop speaking out like a spoilt child."

Nonny, I'll give you a word of advice. If you're going to try to pull off psycological tactical bullying, at least put a bit more effort into it. This is a pretty feeble attempt, after all, you've used this same routine goodness knows how many times before.

If you're going to keep coming onto my blog to try to bully and confuse me, the least you could do is put a bit more effort into it. You're BORING me now!

Zoompad said...

"Gordon Browns failing eyesight "

Actually, I do have a lot of sympathy for GB - and I have told him so, in my PRIVATE letters to him (if anything is now private - we are all getting our personal and private email hacked into like billy o nowadays, even though it is actually illegal to stalk people in that way)

Good job I don't have anything to hide - nothing I have written in private would I be ashamed to say in public. I like to think Jesus Christ is with me, as I speak and write. I know I use some fruity language st times, but I am sure the Lord would overlook my strong expressions when it is directed towards those who abuse those who are too frail and weak to defend themselves - after all, the Lord had quite a few harsh words for such people in His lifetime!

Anyway, getting back to GB's eye problems - I have only copied and pasted what has been printed in the newspapers. But in my opinion, it is pretty obvious that GB has trouble seeing clearly - if he truly had perfect vision, he would not tolerate those two odious scoundrels, Straw and Scandalson, in his cabinet - neither would he be lauding the New World Order, which has it's roots in some pretty dark places.