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The Tate has removed from public view works by artist Graham Ovenden, including a screenprint that features an image of a young naked child, saying that his conviction on six charges of indecency with a child and one of indecent assault "shone a new light" on his work.

The 34 prints the national gallery owns were removed from its website and will no longer be available to view by appointment in Tate Britain's prints and drawings department while the museum awaits "further information".

The Tate said it was "reviewing the online presentation of these editioned prints by him that are held in the national collection. Until this review is complete, the images will not be available online or the works to view by appointment".

All the works were acquired in 1975, many from Mayfair art dealer the Waddington Galleries, which exhibited Ovenden's work in the early 1970s.

The Tate said they were "part of a large gift of almost 3,000 works … at a point when Tate was proactively building its modern print collection".

At the time, Ovenden, a friend of luminaries such as Sir Peter Blake and Sir David Bailey, had a strong artistic reputation and was yet to be affected by controversies over his depictions of young nude girls.

The 34 works, dating from 1970-1975, depict children. One series of screenprints, titled Five Girls, includes a full-length image of a nude child that would be bound to raise concerns and comment if exhibited today.

Other works are drawn from a series based on Lewis Carroll's Alice books; others still take a Nabokovian theme, with titles such as Lolita Recumbent and Lolita Seductive. The Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Tate Liverpool in 2011 included a set of eight of Ovenden's Alice prints.

Ovenden was found guilty of six charges of indecency with a child and one allegation of indecent assault by a jury at Truro crown court on Tuesday. He was acquitted of two indecent assaults and the jury earlier found Ovenden not guilty of three charges of indecent assault on the direction of the judge, Graham Cottle.

Ovenden had denied all the charges relating to four children between 1972 and 1985.

Sentencing was adjourned until a later date by the judge and Ovenden was released on bail.

The Tate said Ovenden's work had been "widely shown over more than 40 years" and that they were only one of several public institutions to own examples of his work.

In an interview recorded in 2000 by the British Library, Ovenden said: "I'm aware of the sensuality of these young girls; I'm moved by their angelic side as well as their demon side; they have a total wonder in them. As an artist, I wish to explore that. Children are beautiful but I don't flatter them; I draw them with an edge."

The Tate has no plans to remove the works entirely from the collection. It is bound by act of parliament not to deaccession – remove – works from its collection unless in specific circumstances, for example where the gallery holds a duplication.

It is not the first time that the Tate has faced a controversy relating to images of nude children. In 2009, Richard Prince's work Spiritual America, an appropriation of a nude photograph of a prepubescent Brooke Shields, was removed from view at Tate Modern after a warning from the Metropolitan police that the image could break obscenity laws.



April 3, 2013 at 12:17 pm


I’d like to bring your attention to the Ovenden story as reported by the Sky News app. Reading it left me gobsmacked and I wanted to hear your view on my take of it.

Once you get past the headline it reads something like a cross between him having won an award and being the victim of a wrongful convition. It’s almost apologetic.

Below I will copy what the article says, with my emphasis.

Graham Ovenden: Artist Guilty of Sex Offences.

An internationally-famous artist has been convicted of sex offences against young children who modelled for him in the 1970′s and 1980′s.
Graham Ovenden, 70, was found guilty of six charges of indecency with a child and one of indecent assault by a jury at Truro Crown Court in Cornwall.
(So far so good right??)

He was aquitted of five other charges of indecent assault.

(Heres where it start to smell a bit off)

Ovenden, who was not in court due to ilness, denied all the charges relating to four children between 1972 and 1985.

Christopher Quinlan QC, defending, told Judge Graham Cottle that Ovenden was resting at HOME, having received treatment at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

The incidents are said to have taken place at Ovenden’s former and CURRENT addresses in London and Cornwall respectively.

(So he’s tucked up in bed in the same house he committed these crimes? Very cosy huh)

Ovenden had been described in court by prosecutor Ramsay Quaife as ‘a paedophile’, who abused children while they modelled for him.
(at least that bit is accurate)

(Now we get into the meat and veg of what I’m referring to. Bearing in mind this article is reporting on the fact that this Paedophile has been found GUILTY of abusing children)

The four victims contacted the police LONG after the abuse is ALLEGED to have taken place, (is it still alleged after being found guilty?), and only when they realised exactly what had happened to them as girls, the court heard. (surely this is implying that at the time they were children, it was a consensual bit of fun whilst modelling? I think it also implies that as he’s a renowned artist the pictures of young naked children have been wrongly labelled)

But Ovenden denied the abuse ever happened. (depiste the fact that a jury found him guilty) He told the court he had taken pictures of children – including those in various states of undress – but said they were not indecent. (even if this were true it doesn’t change the fact that he has been found guilty of indecent assulat against a child).

He described himself in court as a modest man, but told police he had a ‘major reputation’ for creating ‘some of the best portraits of children in the last 200 years’ (I’ll bet he did).

He also described the ‘witch-hunt’ against those who produce work involving naked children, accusing police of ‘falsifying’ images recovered from his home computer. (after all he is an ‘artist’)

Ovenden, of Barley Splatt, near Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, denied having a sexual interest in children. (OK then)

The judge adjourned sentence to a date to be fixed but told counsel the hearing would take place at Plymouth Crown Court (you have already alluded to the significance of that decision).

Ovenden was released on bail (although he never actualy left the house where some of the offences took place, incredible)

( The article closes with a roll of honour for this great artist)

A former pupil of pop artist Sir Peter Blake, Ovenden graduated from the Royal College of art in 1968.

He had exhibitions at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. the Tate and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

(After seeing this late last night the story is no longer on the Sky News app. I’m sure it will be on the website, however I took screen shots of the article if needed. Maybe i’m reading too much into his but I honestly felt as though this was written by the Minisrty of Truth)


Anonymous said...

this short vid explains everything ina cogent and clear maner
please see it now

Anonymous said...

lucien freud was also well known for this, as sigmund freuds nephew
he was protected by the jewish mafia, and was at times sexually violent to teenage boys, several ended up in our hospital because of him, i wa sa rent boy and i know

Anonymous said...

While watching the truth channel on TV an ex intelligence oficer
spoke about winston churchill's pedophile antics with young boys,
in the coversation he went on to say that churchill stood by while millions of indians starved to death in a famine, apparently
when the germans occupied the channel islands, hitler said it was ok to drop the people food and medicinal supplies, Churchill refused as he said the channel islanders had let the germans in so they would starve as collaborators

tellaboutabuse said...

great post - good to see the media and the internet helping stop 'art' being used as an excuse for pedophilia

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I grew up in rural sufolk just before W W II
the oldies used to say that if the cows were lying down in the field it foretold rain, and the direction they pointed showed the wind changes, we also used to be told that to carry half an onion in our school satchell was protection against homosexuals.
try it, we never got interfered with
Jack Taylor

Anonymous said...

I used to be quite ignorant about all this pedophile stuff, but i can tell you something
One of the guys connected with Savile was a norfolk Evangelical preacher called Fred seaman, who used to print out naked pictures of boys in sexual poses for others, when police got him he had thousands of dirty pics on his PC
but becuase he ran a locksmiths shop and knew the police he got away with a caution.
we were disgusted
Paul Leake

Zoompad said...
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Zoompad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoompad said...

I have just removed a comment by a paedophile pretending to be Diane Feingold, along with that lady's address.

The paedophiles like to take someone elses identity and publish pro paedophile crap in order to get anti paedophile blogs closed down.

I have removed the comment and I curse the sender.

Anonymous said...

Some very interesting coments, but they are all from older people, i keep wondering what the younger people think of it all ?
We talked about this topic at my church group quite heatedly Monday night, we all voted on a new headmaster at the school he was well turned out and pleasant enough and was quite open about being homosexual, we still voted him in, but just overa year later
two boys complained about innapropriate touching, he was warned but 4 months latera more serious charge came up and we sacked him, i would ask readers what do they think of homosexuals being allowed to be teachers of young boys ?

Anonymous said...

wide range of opinions here, yet the government still walts to decriminalise child sex, my MP Grant Schaps says you cant allow homosexuality and prosecute pedophilia,its either against the law or its with it, and we feel its time in this enlighted age it was all decriminalised, i dont know, any opinions anybody please ?

Anonymous said...

my sister in law worked at the Tate
i asked her about this
and she said we all suspected it.
But just did not want to believe it.
i saw a great comment on the blog by an African lady, i wont tell you what it was but i agreed with her 100%

Zoompad said...

When I went to the child abuse victims get together a couple of years ago, the one that I had the creepy incident of Brian Clare calling me up via Ian Evans, and neither of them would tell me afterwards how Brian Clare knew I was standing right next to Ian Evans even though I had never met either of them before that day, trying to get any answers about that only resulted in me being told to eff off, anyway, thats where I met Minty, the lady who was in the newspapers later over the Dale Farm eviction, I had a chat with her and she told me they had got her picture in the Tate Gallery, that Ovenden had abused her and taken her picture as part of his Malice in Wonderland collection. I hope she's ok and well, if she's reading this blog, I am very glad for her that the horrible pictures have been taken down and that Ovenden has been charged (though wether he will be punished properly by the courts for what he did is unlikely, with the track record of the UK's justice system for crimes committed against children by paedophile gangsters) and a word from a fellow sister in tribulation, hoping she wont take offence, but its not always good to get involved in every cause without dicernement, the Dale Farm people were not exactly interested in stopping institutional child abuse (I wrote to them about the Pindown cover up and got short shift) so why should we child abuse survivors fight their corner? just a thought and I hope it wont be taken the wrong way. xx

Zoompad said...

Sorry, the child abuse victims get together at Trafalger Square, I meant to put that. It was creepy what they did, Ian Evans could have spent five minuites of his precious time to explain to me how that happened, but he wouldn't, and it made me feel so frightened, them doing that. He still wont explain.

Zoompad said...

"and we feel its time in this enlighted age it was all decriminalised"

You feel that, you mean, you and other paedophiles.

You've posted anonymously, well at least you haven't used some other poor sods name this time!

I hope you rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

But show biz has always been ridden with sex criminals, the manfred mann hit "blinded by the light"
i read on a blog was a warning about the illuminati jews dazzling our kids, and hints at jonathan king jimmy saville etc etc
going after our kids ( mainly boys actually )

Anonymous said...

reading this blog has been an education for me, i have learnt so much.
The Tate Modern with its Damien Hurst cows cut in half, virgin mary pics in cow dung etc, but there is something which will horrify you.
Trace Emin of filthy bed fame, only got her time in the limelight
because Mr Saatchi wanted her 32G
breasts, but once she had made her name she had them reduced, so he dropped her, how very sordid !

Anonymous said...

Well i hate to confess this but i knew very little until the Jimmy savile thing blew up and then i took notice.

But have you noticed that since the homosexual marriage thing, everything is all "gay" gay this agay that, nothing like homosexuality, bumsters, pedophiles, kiddioe fiddlers etc oh no its all nice and Gay now.

Zoompad said...

I didn't know that about Tracy Emin, but I didn't think much of her "art", Damien Hurst's butchery art I found disgusting.

My idea of art is something that makes you feel lovely inside, or enlightens you in a positive way. I like to go to art galleries and look at paintings and tapestries, but not have my day out spoilt by having to look at pointless and revolting things.

So why have the Arts Council been funding so many horrible projects? Who's it for? Thats the question everyone should be asking, after all, its taxpayers money being spent on it all!

Zoompad said...

I live near Victoria Park in Stafford, a very pleasant day out on a sunny day, only blighted for me by the close proximity of the monstrosity of the Secret Family Court where I was tortured over a 7 year period do relentlessly.

Victoria Park is right opposite the railway station, and it is well worth the money spent on it in my opinion, as it gives pleasure to so many people of all class and age. Unlike some of the projects public money is poured into.

Anonymous said...

Something here i wish to comment on, I lived in Basildon and the Dale farm irish were a nightmare, if you lefta back door or window open, one would knock on the front door and chat with you while another would climb over the back and steal from you, we saw trucks coming in with loads of thick copper stolen from the railway, and plants and figures from our gardens would go missing in the night, Hitler knew what to do with these people as i remember

Anonymous said...

to answer zoompads question about debased art, modern buildings are so god awful we have the term " sick building syndrome"
we have had no real pop music since the 60s, tuneful melodies, good lyrics you can hear etc
and tae Modern is a sick joke
but you know a far sighted man who brought in the 1938 Chidrens protection act, put a stop to crap buildings crap music and crap art
and that man was adolf hitler

Anonymous said...

Oh so much utter stupidity, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, abuse on these blog commentaries. How can the owner of this blog purport to be wanting to stop abuse whilst allowing such hatred and vitriol a space? Ignorance is no excuse for such vile nonsense.

Most victims of abuse are female, most abusers are male (yes females abuse too, and males are abused, and yes same sex abuse exists) so what is all the ridiculous homophobic nonsense here? Homosexual does not equal paedophile or abuser, any more than heterosexual does. Seriously people, get educated, it's shameful to make such awful statements in this day and age. And as for all the anti-Semitism, do grow up, such ridiculous abusive comments hold no place in sensible discourse.
With all this disgusting nonsense, you take focus away from the serious issues of abuse and all the awful, (sometimes secret), horrible atrocities that do exist.

"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."

Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

child abuse ? see this its unbelieveable in its cruelty

Anonymous said...

in the sixties and seventies i lived in Scarborough, Jimmy Saville was an assistant Cub scoutmaster, there were various concerns rasied over a period, then the parents of two young boys turned up making serious sex accusations about saville, nothing was done apart from savile being asked not to come back, then his solicitor put in a claim for mileage allowance and time spent
" entertaining" the boys, this filthy brute took several hundred pounds from the scout group

Anonymous said...

bill maloneys message to pedophiles
as of april 6 2013

Anonymous said...

in the aftermath of the US scandal the heidi fleiss affair, where she was supplying girls and young boys to politicians to be blackmailed by mossad, i said it could never happen here, but the krays the grade bros Peter Rachman and others have all shown that mossad uses its jews over here too in just the same way, it really does make me ill
June Harris

Anonymous said...

we did not know what to make of the Hilda c email, i remember at school one of my classmatesa pretty girl was very busty and it made her a bit of a star, with th boys and some girls were quite jealous

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen Chris Spiveys blog ?... he exposes a lot about child abuse....
he shows up aangirfans ideas of pedos making good parents....
that was disgusting...
and lost them a lot of readers...

Anonymous said...

The British government allowed in millions of anonymous refugees, many of these gave wrong names and even wrong nationalities, we had loads of criminals alowed in and among them lots of pedophiles and child offenders, some while ago a postan who was delivering huge amounts of disgusting child porn sent in from holland, went to his MP and the police, he was stigmatised fitted up and sacked.
We dont know who these foregn incomers are, but our government would sooner give the jobs to them than our people

Anonymous said...

secret report on the truth of child abuse
please read this

Zoompad said...

"Most victims of abuse are female, most abusers are male (yes females abuse too, and males are abused, and yes same sex abuse exists) so what is all the ridiculous homophobic nonsense here? "

According to you, who has cowardly chosen to post your comment anonymously.

C.S.Lewis hinted at children being raped in public school when he was a child. Thats really all people could do in his day and age - hint at what everyone already knew was going on. Grown men having sexual relationships with boys was a part of Classical Greek society that so many of the Victorian English men admired so much.

If you don't like my blog why do you come reading it then? No-one is forcing you to. Piss off if you don't like it, why don't you.

This is a blog for VICTIMS of paedophiles and its never going to appeal to anyone who is desperate to cover up child abuse. I would be very dissapointed if it did.

Zoompad said...

I don't like Hitler, I don't like what he did. Even if I share the same taste in landscape art that he did, and dislike of ugly crap that pretends to be art, I still don't like him, I don't like murderers.

Zoompad said...

"The British government allowed in millions of anonymous refugees"

The British government seems to be mostly a bunch of traitors who have no allegience or love for this poor but beautiful island or its people

Zoompad said...

"Oh so much utter stupidity, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, abuse on these blog commentaries. How can the owner of this blog purport to be wanting to stop abuse whilst allowing such hatred and vitriol a space? Ignorance is no excuse for such vile nonsense. "

VICTIMS of institutional child abuse are being gagged in this country on an industrial scale. VICTIMS of institutional child abuse are blocked from being able to have their voices heard in pretty much every way anyone can imagine, and even in places where you would think people could speak freely, in places like abuse survivors groups (taken over by paedophiles, the paedophiles make a bee line for any now survivor group as fast as it is set up, there they are trying to wreck it) and churches - I even had one moronic control freak vicar trying to stop me telling my sorrows to Jesus Christ!!!

Victims of the institutional child abuse gangsters don't always get all their facts right, I know that from experience, but we are trying to battle through a web of confusion (created by the paedo gangsters) and get to the truth.

There is no "homophobia" on this blog, or bigotry, or any of the other nonsense, this is just a bunch of VICTIMS of crime trying to work out who is ringleading the hell they have been systematically put through.

Anonymous said...

My freind Sue is a child protection counselor, and more and more she is accused of being homophobic or anti-semitic,
these people who want to protect pedophiles are heterophobic
the psychiatrist Joyce Mc dougall who worked to cure gays said its jealousy and hatred of normal people behind it.

Anonymous said...

We are being conditioned by the media to accept child abuse, we belived what they told us about Iraq having WMDs
and we still belive what we are told about Hitler, he delivered the people up from thebankers grip, which is why we went to war with him, you cant have a country runing its own economy can you ?
Dave Winglass

Zoompad said...

Dave, Hitler was still a murderer though.

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful blog, i cried when i read it first time, it took me right back to my childhood, Hilda C experience prompted me to tell you of something air brushed from history, we know now about the land girls, but "comfort women " or women encouraged to be prostitutues for the soldiers has been hidden, these women were told they were doing great work for the war, yet after the war the police then bagan harrasing them and even nicking them, my aunt did this work and my own mum did some too,
this now neds to be recognised.

Zoompad said...

"these people who want to protect pedophiles are heterophobic"

Well said. They certainly are.

Anonymous said...

If you look objectively at the truth Churchill and stalin were way bigger war criminals than hitler, but i wanted to make the point that just because we discuss child abuse here does not give people the right to say we are homophobic or pedophobic or anti semitic
so grow up please

Anonymous said...

there are some real bigots and haters out there, so much discrimination, and wanting to bring in homosexual marriage and child-nobbing as a legality,
does no one care any more for our kids ?
Kevin Tredworth

Anonymous said...

well they can call me homophobic all they want, i still want to protect children, the chidren must come first
margaret Huntingford aged 83

Zoompad said...

The Hilda C I know did nothing of the sort,she was never a "Comfort Girl", but she was and is a very kind lady

Zoompad said...

I am not shedding any tears for Thatcher. If I wasn't too fat and clumsy I would be up on the roof with a Union Jack.

Sorry if that offends some people, and sorry to you too God, but you let that horrible woman destroy too many poor people in this country that I can't feel sad today.

Anonymous said...

Dave Winglass

It does not matter whether homosexuality is legalised or not, protecting children must come first no arguments please, no matter what stonewall says, they say people who argue for kids protection are just pedophobic,
i dont care KIDS COME FIRST

Anonymous said...

Actually it is true that the government used to officially turn a blind eye to prostitutes folowing the soldiers, unoficially they encouraged it saying the soldiers needed the comfort, , but when the war ended they then clamped down, my gran hada photo album and i used to look in it and read the cuttings and captions under the pics
Susan Rice

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about the Hilda C case, but i do know about Lucien Freud as we tried to prosecute him
in 1984, we found a 13 year old boy almost naked cowering in our garden, my huband brought him in, we thought he had been savaged by a dog, the boy his parents and another boy all said they were sexually attacked by Lucien Freud,
thw police said he was protected by very wealthy jews and its better not to persue it
and this scumbag walked away

Anonymous said...

I used to be secretary in the Uro-genital dept of a busy medical centre, and several people have ashed why jews are so into homosexuality ?
The reason is when a boy is circumcised the end of his penis becomes hard dry and leathery, and he can only achieve orgasm by rough tight sex, and this is why they go for young boys bottoms
or even young girls bottoms

Zoompad said...

I'm going to differentiate here between the Jewish religion and the people who call themselves Jews but hide behind that covering shield in order to do disgusting things to other people, as described above.

There are YouTube videos of horrible men doing just that, I know because I have seen them for myself. I cant post any links to them, or look for them again, because sure as anything I would be arrested for viewing child porn by the police if I did.

The paedos are crafty, and anyone who tries to stop them gets knackered, they set the police on anyone who tries to stop them.

I just hope the Lord comes back soon because I am exhausted now.

Zoompad said...

The pretend Jews (because I see Jews as religious people who try to serve God by following the Laws which Moses wrote down from God) they are exactly the same as the pretend homosexuals, and they both have an almost impenetrable shield, anyone who tries to oppose the disgusting things they do has the anti Semetic and anti Homophobia laws hurled at them, it doesn't matter wether that person is a victim of theirt horrific crimes or not, thats what they do, and they have done the same to the Church, the Church is smashed in this country, if a victim of child abuse can have a vicar banning her from praying to Jesus Christ in her sorrow and the rest of the "Church" including Archbishops shield that so called Vicar, then I say the Church is broken, COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS PLEASE DO!

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of constantly reading about the latest jimy savile and who protected him etc, how many more ?
and now to hear on radio that jimy savile wasa secret jew who worked for israel, i dont care about any of that, if he abused kids he should have gone to prison end of story, nobody should be above the law

Anonymous said...

I am a social worker and wanted to give a talk on signs to watch for in child abuse, and the head said better now we dont want to be accused of anti-semitism, i hate political corectness it just stifles free speech
sarah Harris

Anonymous said...

Those of us who read this regularly to learn about what goes on, not just to poor barbara but others too, know how real it is, and i get angry when it is laughed off with names like bum-banditry, boy-nobbing and poofeteering, children are being abused and it is horrible, dont laugh at it, itsa serious subject please

Anonymous said...

There's some huge demos planned in London for Thatchers funeral, as she was a great friend of saville, and in fact had Christmas dinner with saville for years.

There have already been death parties for thatcher and my reliable information is that there will be demos in most large towns and cities, organised mainly by labour party and trade unions.

It should be warmer weather so maybe more people will come and it will turn into the revolution that has been planned for all these years.

Thatchers funeral will be a gathering point for many of us, once the time is right some will begin to heckle and throw things, even their shoes, and then by sheer frustration the common people will revolt against the banks, the taxes and the lies.

What will the police do, beat the entire general public, kill them all, no, they may just realise that during revolution things happen, scores are settled and quietly go away.

This is the perfect time to demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

some superb and interesting comments here,the number of prosecutions for incest has ceased, the reason we were told at a social work seminar last week was that it is now considered homophobic,
well i think to ignore sex crimes is heterophobic !
i would weelcome others viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

We were taking over the lunch break in work, and i held up that days paper and made some comment which instigated the conversation on child abuse.
Later that day i was summoned into the bosses office and told in no uncertain times never to make pedophobic comments and they were anti-semitic and this was not allowed and this would go on my work record.
What is happening to this country ?
Brian Marks

Zoompad said...

I'll tell you what is wrong with this country, it is in the grip of an international gang of wicked people, they get themselves all the top jobs. What they have done to you is illegal, its not a crime at all to complain about paedophiles, but the paedophiles are working all round the clock to change the laws of the lands to make having sex with children legal. If they put anything of the sort on your work record they are committing a crime themselves, because its against the law to bully people at work and thats what they have done to you.

Zoompad said...

You should take note of who was present when you made that comment, because one of them has obviously gone to your boss and either told a whopper or else your boss is paedo protector. You should complain about this.

Bruce Wagner said...

You should know that Ovenden was acquitted of all but two sex charges. The stories about the blindfolding and photographing weren't believed by the jury and they threw those charges out. There were 2 incidents (rather minor in comparison) that he was convicted on 10-2. The rest of the charges were about photos. You can take a look at the story at

Zoompad said...

"You should know that Ovenden was acquitted of all but two sex charges. "

I didn't know that, thanks to the scanty media coverage of the trial. I can't say I'm surprised though, seeing as there are so many paedos ingrained in the so called justice system these days

Zoompad said...

The paedos have been getting trained to be lawyers.

Anonymous said...

hi Zoompad its me minty challis,im not ok pls get in touch with me on my facebook like page thank you xx

Zoompad said...

Hi Minty, I've been thinking about you, please please please get in touch with Stuart Syvret, tell him all about what they have done, I hardly go on Facebook now because of the abuse, but I will contact you there, not tonight though keep strong and know you're not alone, the paedos have tried to infiltrate all the anti paedo groups but every time they do something they make themselves visible, so please dont lose heart, we all do from time to time but we really are going to see an end to this abusive shit so stay strong xxxx

Zoompad said...

Minty, this is Stuarts blog, tell him who you are and what they have done to you

Anonymous said...

thank you,2 years 3 mounths bless the london judges :)hes in prison at last .Minty Challis,xxx

Zoompad said...

So pleased that you and the others stood your ground, its thanks to your bravery that this vile man is in jail. Thank you and God bless you xx