Tuesday, 23 April 2013


This is the man who wrote it.


After I was picked up by Stafford Police and clinically raped by them (two horrible police MEN kept me at Stafford Police Station all day and forced me to do a statement, after I was caught trying to run away from home and being abused, then they forced me to have a vaginal examination against my will, 4 policemen present, because I refused to take my jeans and knickers down to be examined so they threatened to hold me onto the table one limb each, a police woman was there and the male police surgeon, that makes 6 people who were present at that forced examination that felt to me like being raped, and Stafford Police have been trying to cover this incident up ever since) and put by Court Order into a "Place of Safety" Chadswell Assessment Centre near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, (it was being run as a pimping house by the horrible bastards who were in charge of it) I was called LOLITA by the local newspaper. The clipping was in my medical file, and I found it when I read my medical notes at the doctors surgery in the 80's.

I didnt know who Lolita was, until I saw the James Mason film on television, and I was horrified, because she was nothing like me at all. My main feelings at that time were fear and loneliness.

This is the man who wrote that horrid book. I had to look up Lepidopterist as well, because I didn't know what that was, and as soon as I saw what it was I just suddenly thought THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

I feel so angry about all this.


Zoompad said...

If I don't blog for a while I will be doing my sewing and painting ect, because that calms me down doing nice things

Zoompad said...

Why can't Stafford Police simply apologise?

I don't want to sue anybody, what would be the point, I just want the abuse to stop!

Covering up the past is stupid, and its putting a new lot of children at risk. I'm not interested in revenge or even compensation, I just want to be able to live in peace, and I want to do so in a country that has zero tolerance for paedophile gangsters!