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my next door neighbour is a church going woman, who spoke out on radioabout lax child protection
as a chirldrens home in the area had been targetted by gays.
She received some awful threats and disgusting language in emails and letters through her door, why do these haters feel so strongly they have the right to attack boys ?

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Jews have run newspapers and TV and radio totally since W W II
this gives a biased slant which is un british and actually anti-british in many ways, one of which is the attack on christianity, using sex perverions, first homosexuality
and transgenderism, then legalising
pedophilia, many celebs now turn up for events witha teenage bumboy, and they call this freedonm and progess.

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Jonathan Sacks is the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrews Congregations of the Commonwealth, and he was involved in the Operation of the Family Courts.

Unfortunatly (and to be expected) Parliament appears to have taken previous publications about the Operation of the Family Court offline, so I can't post a quick link to it, here is the latest more sanitised version of the plotting meetings records of those illegal secret courts:

The same people who run those blasted illegal family courts, I mean the ones at the top of the food chain are also running the Courts of Corruption oops I mean Protection.

I wrote to Jonathan Sacks about the horrible persecution I went through over a 7 year period in the Secret Family Courts, and what I had discovered about the two American paedophiles who are at the very heart of it, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I didn't get a reply.

Sacks used to be the darling of the BBC, along with Tatchell and Lowenstein. They're never on now, like dark shadows in the background.


These family courts are set up by the Jesuits, not by Jews.
And put the blame on their enemies, the Jews.