Thursday, 11 April 2013


I have just been reading a book by a German philosopher called Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, called The Antichrist. Apparently it was the last thing he ever wrote, before God seperated his soul from his body and required him to give an account of his life.

The book filled me with revulsion. I'm not a book critic, so I can't do a proper criticism of it, but reading it made me feel flat and sad, because what he seemed to be was saying was that selfishness is good and human kindness and care for the weak and vulnerable is bad. It was a complete reversal of the urging that burns in my soul, a complete denial of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was kind and good to the poor and weak.

I am wondering if this book and others this man wrote has helped cause a lot of the horrible mess we are all in now. I don't want to just blame this man, just see what on earth has happened. Another thing about it is that it was printed by Borzoi Pocket Books publisher Alfred A Knopf in New York in 1918, 1923 and 1924.

I know he's got a Jewish name, but I noted in his Wikipedia entry that the man who did the introduction, H L Mencken didn't think much of other Jews.

Its good to try to get to the truth of what happened in the past, it helps unravel what is going on right now. I think we who love the truth and hate abuse should find out and read the books they were reading, and try to see what has happened, I say this as a crafter who often has to deal with a big mess of tangled knitting threads, you cant make a nice jumper or whatever until all the wool has been unravelled from the tangle, hope people will understand that metaphor.


Anon said...

Good review.

Zoompad said...

Anonymous whose comment I haven't published: the people of this country are in grave danger, there are wicked people in power right now, people who dont have any love or allegience to this island or her people.

They would sieze on any excuse to bring in the military. They have systematically destroyed our institutions, getting wicked men and women into key jobs at the top.

Please, whatever you do, do everything in your power to keep people calm, and never ever ever resort to violence. The Lord Jesus told us it isn't the way, and he didn't lie.

Zoompad said...

Its a good idea to encourage people to turn off their televisions and radios as much as possible, and to stop buying the propaganda newspapers, there is hardly any news getting out now, its pretty much wall to wall propaganda.

Anonymous said...

nobody i know buys news papers, the filth of the murdoch press has meant they now give them out for free in supermarkets.
I spoke with the indian man in our corner shop today, he said my family came here many years ago and worked hard to be accepted, but the indian traders asoc is warning its people to tell government no mre immigrants, he said we have no room and no jobs for them, whare will we put 29 million Albanians rumanians etc , where ? and this sensible man is not even English

Anonymous said...

read the talmud, thats the basis of all nasty ideas pedophilia theft boy nobbing its all there and they how good it is to do to non jews
Raymond Conn