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Ex-social services boss on sex abuse charges
27 Oct 2012 09:00

FORMER social services boss Brian O’Leary, 65, has been accused of sexually abusing a boy living in a children’s home more than 30 years ago.
A FORMER social services boss has been accused of sexually abusing a boy living in a children’s home more than 30 years ago.

Brian O’Leary, 65, worked in social work in the Midlands for four decades and ran Wolverhampton City Council’s adult social services until his recent retirement.

During a career spanning 40 years, Mr O’Leary is believed to have also worked in children’s social services in Worcestershire.

The Birmingham Mail has learned that the former chief officer for older people and transformation at the Wolverhampton authority has been charged with historical child sex offences.

Mr O’Leary is alleged to have sexually abused a boy, who was living at a children’s home in north Worcestershire, between 1977 and 1980.

The home was run by Hereford and Worcester social services at the time of the alleged abuse. Mr O’Leary is believed to have worked in children’s social services at the time.

The veteran social worker, of Oakland Avenue, Droitwich, appeared before Worcester Magistrates Court on October 12.

He is charged with two counts of gross indecency with a boy under 14 between June 9, 1977, and June 11, 1978.

Mr O’Leary is also charged with four counts of indecent assault on a boy under the age of 16 between June 9, 1978, and June 11, 1979, and between June 9, 1979, and June 11, 1980.

The 65-year-old is accused of a further charge relating to a boy aged under 16 between June 9, 1979, and June 11, 1980.

The case was sent to Worcester Crown Court.

Mr O’Leary will next appear at that court on January 21 next year for a plea and case management hearing.

He will have an opportunity to enter a plea then.

The 65-year-old is believed to have joined Wolverhampton City Council in the 1990s. He rose to become Chief Officer for Older People and Transformation, one of the authority’s most senior roles.

He had overall responsibility for the authority’s care homes for the elderly when he retired around 2011.


Anonymous said...

I worked as a postmen while between jobs, and the manager steve howling, boasted of having bena social worker who looked after the elderly, he said some of thes eold dears with alzheimers were so easy to get into bed, we used to say leave your teth out and suck this off for me.

Zoompad said...

For me, the frightening thing is, that this is not even headline news.

These things are being pushed under the carpet by the national media.

The local newspapers are, thank God, not yet doing likewise.

I wonder when, or if COLIN TUCKER (ex director of Birminghams Childrens Services) is going to be arrested?

Zoompad said...

For the benefit of any new readers on this blog, Colin Tucker:

Zoompad said...,d.d2k

Fear of jail turned paedophile Gary Salt into 'supergrass'
25 Mar 2011 09:31

It was the biggest internet child sex ring the world had known. The paedophiles who ran it stretched across 13 countries, from Australia to the United States, and called it ‘Wonderland’ – a name as sick and twisted as the perverted files they shared

Zoompad said...

At the heart of the operation was Gary Salt, leader of the ‘club’s’ British arm.

The former RAF engineer was a child rapist who had used a camera with a self-timer to film his attacks before sharing the images with computer users across the world.

The images were so sickening that the judge who sentenced him slammed a photocopy of one of them down in disgust.

Salt – described as a cunning and intelligent man– was only caught out thanks to a hunch by police officers in Stockport’s family support unit.

They had been alerted to Salt by the mother of a young girl.

When officers arrived at his flat he was evasive and denied any sexual interest in children.

But police seized computer equipment from his flat that contained video footage of Salt raping children.

At first Salt denied the allegations. He later confessed to being a lifelong paedophile who had harboured desires for children since his teenage years.

Salt, who said he was terrified of jail, faced a life sentence for his crimes. Police sources told the M.E.N they found a noose in his flat for him to use if he was ever caught.

To reduce his sentence, he spent nine days at Stockport police station coughing up information about the underworld of internet child porn to which he belonged.

Everything Salt told them was passed to an elite international crime squad and eventually led to a coordinated world-wide raids. Officers across 13 countries raided more than 100 addresses.

Some 180 suspected paedophiles were arrested – including 11 in Britain.

The information given by Salt was crucial. The CIA later admitted it would otherwise have taken 400 officers more than 40 years to crack the passwords and encryptions that Wonderland operatives had used to try to cover their tracks.

Across the globe, the scale of the operation came as a shock. In the late 1990s, using the internet to share sick material was far less common than today.

The levels of depravity, and twisted moral code, of the Wonderland group also caused widespread revulsion.

David Hines, a friend of Salt’s and a convicted paedophile who was 30 at the time, chillingly said: “Gary was doing what we all believed in. He wasn’t just talking about it – he was doing it.”

Zoompad said...

Convicted Swanscombe paedophile Gavin Smith prosecuted for discussing child abuse online
12:52pm Tuesday 18th September 2012 in News By Alan Woods.

Gavin Seagers, pictured before being sentenced for his involvement in The Wonderland Club in 2001.

A LEGAL precedent for Kent has been set after a Swanscombe man was prosecuted for describing the sadistic torture of children during a ‘private’ online conversation.

Convicted paedophile Gavin Smith, aged 41, of Boleyn Way, was handed a three-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, at Maidstone Crown Court yesterday (September 17).

Smith was previously jailed for two years in 2001 – under the name Gavin Seagers - for his involvement in an international paedophile ring called The Wonderland Club.

News Shopper reported in 2001 how Seagers – who was nicknamed Spank Daddy and worked as a youth leader at Dartford Sea Cadets – had to possess 10,000 indecent images of children before he could join the club.

His latest conviction is the first case involving online chat conversations which Kent Police has brought before the courts under the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

Smith pleaded guilty to nine counts of publishing an obscene communication relating to nine online conversations carried out in November 2008.

Zoompad said...

After being charged in 2010, he first faced trial at Maidstone Crown Court in November 2011 but the case collapsed following legal arguments.

Refusing to lose the case, Kent Police and the Crown Prosecution Service lodged and won an appeal in February 2012.

It was agreed from this appeal, held at the Royal Court of Appeal in London, that online chat conversations could be included within the Obscene Publications Act.

The case returned to Maidstone Crown Court on July 9 this year, where Smith admitted the offences.

Detective Inspector David Shipley, from the public protection unit at Kent Police, said: “As a result of this case, the Obscene Publications Act can be used for online offences where people engage in fantasy chat about the sexual abuse of children.

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“Such people should not consider themselves beyond the reach of the law.

“Should we identify similar offences from anyone in the future, we will consider the use of this law, amongst other legislation available to us, to protect vulnerable people from harm.”

The Wonderland Club

OFFICERS prosecuting Seagers in 2001 also described how he fantasised about kidnapping, torturing and raping children in online conversations.

He was one of seven men sentenced at Kingston Crown Court in February 2001 for his involvement in international paedophile ring The Wonderland Club, pleading guilty to conspiring to distribute indecent images of children.

However, it was estimated hundreds of other men were also involved in the ring.

News Shopper reported at the time how the international investigation into the ring was nearly blown when it was discovered Seagers, who then lived at Burnham Crescent in Dartford, worked with the Dartford Sea Cadets.

An officer explained how police tailed him to make sure he never left the sea cadet headquarters with a child.

Police said that none of the indecent images found on his computer were of youngsters at the sea cadets.

Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...

Anonymous said...


Sea cadets is mentioned, there's a leader of Ipswich sea cadets who openly boasts of touching girls breasts aged 14, and who was also leading one of the victims of Ipswich prostitute murders, apparently he touched her and she turned to drugs because of it, she might have been alive but for the abuse.

This end things are compromised, can everyone please go to operation turnstile for a while.

The protection of Zoompad remains people, oh and by the way, you tried giving me a warning today, no chance, Zoompad has spoken, she said to speak out and we all are, I am coming all you who remain victims, all you who are being abused now, I am coming, Zoompad, keep fighting, keep speaking out, let them come, I am here and I am waiting, lock me up, I'll speak out, kill me and paperwork is released, torture me, so what, already been done, so please bring it on.

A friend

Anonymous said...

The governments own internal guidlelines suggest that they want to
push the view that men who live together with another man is the norm, and nothing to do with the abuse of boys.
But those like myself who work in the field know that very few men indeed live with another man in monogamous relationships, the majority do go after boys, there is no division between gays and pedophiles, and to say what about those who go for girls ?
this is erroneous as those who go for girls also have gay sex with them,
e g up the bum, showing pretty well all abuse is gay abuse.

Zoompad said...

The Haut de la Garenne child abuse involved the Sea Cadets as well.

I'm just a woman who got abused though, thats all, not a special person, apart from the fact that everyone is special, because we are all part of Gods creation, all unique. So psychopaths shouldn't be trying to smash any of us, God breathes the breath of life into all of us, so why should some creepy politician like Lord Falconer go round saying that this person or that person should die and making excuses about their quality of life not being very good? WHO THE HECK DOES HE THINK HE IS TO JUDGE ON ANYONES RIGHT TO LIVE ON ACCOUNT OF THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE, THAT IS UP0 TO GOD, NOT HIM AND HIS CHILD STEALING CRONIES!

Anonymous said...

A Mr. "Zeller" (jewboy), Mayor of San Diego, has admitted sexual harassment of women who work with him, but he will not resign, as he feels he deserves another chance.

A Mr. Elliot Spitzer, former Attorney General for the State of New York, and who went after prostitution rings and call girls during his reign of terror, was found to be "John # 9" , a client of a very high class call girl ring in New York City. He resigned in disgrace (hypocrite) but 3 years later, he is running for New York City Comptroller (controller of the money, naturally).

A Mr. Anthony Wiener (really, that is his name) was forced to resign from the U.S. Congress when it was found that he had accidentally sent a close up shot of his naked wiener out to the world of Facebook and Twitter. accused of 47 counts of boy-nobbing He initially said he account had been hacked by Al Qaeda, then finally admitted (months later) that he "accidentally" sent it. His wife (Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover) was not very happy. He resigned from Congress in disgrace, but now he is running for the Mayor of New York City, and he is in the lead.

Moral: you can't keep a bad Heebrew down -- like the vampires they are, they rise from the grave of public disgrace to continue to rape, plunder, destroy and hypocritize (made up word) our society to somehow, make it worse.

What interesting genetic programming....

Zoompad said...

Please don't make me a special case, there are loads of people who have been abused, I'm just one of many.

I don't want anyone but the Lord to protect me, thanks anyway. I told that to Lord Ramsbotham, he very kindly offered to let me use his pro bono solicitor, but I asked him instead to help Stuart Syvret, because by helping Stuart he helps ALL the Pindown child abuse victims, rather than just one.

I want to be able to show the Lord my God clean hands when He gets back, and that is what this struggle is all about, because the wicked ones want to besmirch us, they have always tried to do that, so they can use it as an excuse to say to the world THEY WERE NO ANGELS (OF COURSE WE WEREN'T, WE WERE CHILDREN!!!)

Zoompad said...

I'm not a very strong person like Elizabeth Fry, reading her biography has shown me so many of my own deficiencies. I lack faith so often, I get frightened so often, I get terrified.

The only special thing I have done is to put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, in a world that has grown to despise the Lord God, my faith might be only as tiny as a mustard seed but remember what the Lord Jesus said about that!

Zoompad said...

I refuse to hate anyone just on account of their religion. I don't think its fair to do that. People are born into their religion so they dont really have much choice

Here in the UK a lot of people weren't born into any religion. My dad for example, he didnt like churches or vicars, he was suspicious of "Bible bashers". He didn't tell me why. Dad didn't like hypocracy, and I think he saw through the bullshit. Its sad because I think he got muddled up with vicars and God, thinking God was like the vicars he didn't like rather than the vicars trying and striving to be like God. I think a lot of people got muddled up about that, which isn't surprising

Anonymous said...

i am a social worker and new rulings over the past 5 years mean offences against boys are being treated as almost normal, wheras men who did this were once considered pedophiles, they are now classed as minor oriented and nothings done.

Zoompad said...

"i am a social worker "

I am sorry for comments I made in the past (when I was going through the Secret Family Courts), generalisations about Social Workers.

My own family were helped by some social workers, but that secret Kafkaesque secret court trial nearly made me mad with pain, so I said things which I didn't mean.

The paedophiles infiltrate everything - nothing is out of bounds to them - they even infiltrate and take over child abuse survivor groups - thats how wicked and hard hearted they are.

I do not know who you are but if you come accross any comment from me where I say I hate social workers or anything of that sort, please can you forgive me and realise that it was a terrified and broken heart saying it?

Likewise politicians. I suppose there must be some who are honest, otherwise there wouldn't have been any resistance to all the badness at all.

Leo Abse was the one who lobbied for the Gay Rights movement in Parliament, the Gay Rights movement that is being used as a screen to hide another agenda. He was a lawyer:

This is his law firm:

Anonymous said...

not just jews but police officers too

Anonymous said...


I have been told that sea cadets works for pedophiles as the leaders can literally go anywhere in the country and attend meetings and not be questioned, dressed in uniform much like a real naval officer.

It's everywhere, suffolk police are currently ignoring very real complaints and dangers to children, they only have to talk to victims, so much for dealing with victims sensitively and carefully, they ignore us.

The satanic abuse is real, I guess maybe they don't have the resources or the will to have it all out in the open.

I'm coming, please believe me children who are being abused, I'm coming and soon there will be no danger to you anymore.

Tonight there's a film called hostel on, that sickness is nothing to what is really happening here and now in Suffolk

Anonymous said...


Canon Kevan McCormack was first ordained in Herefordshire, in the 80s.

Rather a lot of social workers involved in all this.

A friend

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles are psychopaths but not all psychopaths are pedophiles. Psychopaths though always look after their own, hence reason Stuart Hall received such a light sentence. Jimmy Savile got away with pedophilia for over fifty years or more. When you consider the large number of children he abused, on the law of averages no person would have been able to get away with it for such a long time unless they had high level protection.

Stuart Hall is a multimillionaire. I question how an ordinary sports commentator can get so wealthy and why the BBC, who over the years often pleads poverty, can not only employ such a monster but also pay him so much? Also, similar to Saville, how did he get away with it for so long?

In the 1960's Bernard Braden and his wife Barbara Kelly ran a programme called "The Braden Beat." It was the forerunner of the TV programme "That's Life." Ester Rantzen was a back room researcher on that programme.

Barbara Kelly and Lady Isabelle Barnet (a sort of educated celebrity of that time) were so horrified with what they saw going on at the BBC they decided to start a "Child Line." It was for children that had been abused to come forward to enable Police to convict the abusers.

Before the idea could get started, within a short time Lady Isabelle Barnet was convicted of stealing a paltry item from a shop. The item was worth about 70p. She was later found dead in her bath. She had apparently committed suicide although the case is very suspicious. Both Bernard Braden and his wife Barbara Kelly were fired from the BBC and Ester Rantzen was promoted from back room researcher to heading the new replacement programme "That's Life." A meteoric rise!

Ester Rantzen then started "Child Line," allegedly claiming it was her idea. It has now been running for many years. By now, there must be a vast amount of information on who the abusers are. Strangely it has NOT led to any arrests? Nobody seems to ask the question, why?

Zoompad said...

Canon Kevan McCormack, thanks:



The Revd Canon Kevan McCormack Member of Care & Grants Committee

Kevan was educated at Southampton University, Chichester Theological College, where he gained a Certificate in Theology.

He was ordained in 1980. After a number of roles as a curate and parish priest in Ross on Wye and Leominster he became the chaplain of Royal Hospital School Holbrook in 1987 before being appointed rector of St Mary’s Parish Church Woodbridge in 2001. He is also honorary chaplain to Ipswich Town Football Club, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Woodbridge Royal British Legion, Seckford Foundation (The Seckford Chapel), Officiating Chaplain to the Military and Chaplain to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Suffolk. He became a Canon in 2009.

Zoompad said...

"Stuart Hall is a multimillionaire. I question how an ordinary sports commentator can get so wealthy and why the BBC, who over the years often pleads poverty, can not only employ such a monster but also pay him so much? "

A very good question.

I had to laugh when the BBC pleaded poverty for not covering the Jersey elections when the persecuted Haut de la Garenne child abuse whistleblower Stuart Syvret was standing to be re- elected, BBC Jersey failed to send even one reporter to cover the election, on questioning why not they said they could not afford it, this was around the same time the BBC had sent 400 BBC paid staff to cover the Glastonbury pop festival!

Zoompad said...

BBC programmes are so mind numbingly dire now that I find myself longing for the return of the test card as at least the test card music was interesting!

Anonymous said...

The BBC is obsessed with praising itself. Like you I think the test card was more interesting!

It is nothing more than a government propaganda machine that pumps out bias news that is not news and deliberately misses the real point.

The first Director General of the BBC, his previous job was propaganda write for the government during the National Strike - need I say more!