Saturday, 13 July 2013


I have know for years that my social networking is being interfered with. That is SUPPOSED to be a crime, but as we all know the Military Secret Services can override crimes, they can pretty much do what they want, they are a law unto themselves (until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back that is) I know I am not the only one having their online stuff mucked about with. The Military Secret Service is full of paedos and murderers and they don't like people knowing the truth about what they get up to.

I have just recieved this information:

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) - please forward

Dear NaturalNews readers,

The McAfee anti-virus and security company is currently engaged in a malicious, slanderous defamation campaign against Natural News. Although the Natural News website contains no malicious code whatsoever, it is being flagged by McAfee as a "malicious" website that "poses especially hazardous risks to a user's computer security."

The McAfee Site Advisor website claims, about, "We tested it and found security risks. Beware."

These claims by McAfee are utterly false and highly defamatory. By spreading this information through its downloadable browser tools, McAfee is severely harming the reputation and web traffic of Natural News while misleading potentially millions of users about a website that they find to be highly informative, reputable and completely free of security risks.

We have already begun to consult with our attorneys concerning possible legal against McAfee for this vicious and harmful defamation of one of the internet's most highly-trafficked websites (Natural News). In the mean time, we need your help to help restore the Natural News reputation. (It's simple, see below...)


McAfee's "web reputation" technology is based on a user rating system called "Site Advisor." You can see the false red flag rating at:

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