Wednesday, 10 July 2013




Zoompad said...

When I was young I thought banks were places where you rested your money, and the bankers looked after it for you while you weren't using it, like in Mary Poppins.

In fact, I lived in a very Mary Poppinsy sort of world, I was very naive. I wasn't the only one who was naive, I know that now.

I also thought that only really bad people, robbers, murderers and really very wicked people ended up in prison. Thats why when the Secret Family Court people kept threatening me over and over and over again with jail (if I committed Contempt of Court which I didn't even understand what exactly Contempt Of Court actually was as no-one would explain it to me)I was very confused and upset and terrified.

I should have realised that it isn't true that only really desperatly wicked people end up in jail, because they put me in a sort of a jail when I was only 13 years old, for being a VICTIM of crime.

I found out, because of them keep persecuting me, that its big banking families running those illegal secret courts.

They are using the police as a sort of private army. We need to have police, just as we need to have laws, but we need laws that apply to EVERYONE, and if fraud and robbery and human trafficking are crimes, they need to apply to EVERYONE.

They have set ATOS on my daughter, because its a way of getting at me, and they know how much I love my daughter, they know pretty much everything about me they probably even know what colour my poo is, they've been spying on me for years. Not just me, they home in on certain people, look at the Lawrence and Dowler families, if you think I am being super paranoid.

I don't have any defence against them, apart from just shouting about it, which is what I am doing.

I am glad to see these Irish people shouting about these daylight robberies. Why should robbers get away with robbing people out of their houses? They've all got their nice houses to live in, so why are they stealing other peoples houses? I am glad they stopped this auction.

The police should stick to their proper job, I hope they won't let themselves be roped in to defending fraudsters and robbers of peoples houses.

Anonymous said...

We see bankers robbing us but in 30s Germany they were robbing the people even worse, luckily Adolf Hitler came to power and threw them out, he took over the economy and gave the wealth back to the people, thats why Churchill took us to war, to get Germany back for the bankers and this he did and bankers then gave him £150,000 asa thankyou

Zoompad said...

They made me ill on Monday because of their harassment of my daughter and I ended up having a fit and going to A and E.

Its horrible to end up in a state, but they are doing it on purpose, they are so evil. Its like pulling wings off a fly, they enjoy watching me in a wretched state.

One day the Lord will ask them to justify how they have treated us little folk and they won't be able to and the Lord will tell them that He never knew them.

Zoompad said...

Winston Churchill and Shitler should have had their heads banged together, they were just as bad as each other, just in different ways, they both of them murdered by proxy.

Its a pity all the World Leaders and all their blasted gold and diamonds that they start endless wars over for can't just all be put onto a remote island somewhere, preferably one in a cool climate ie Scotland, with no rowing boat or anything and left to get on with it, fight it out amongst themselves over who is going to have all the gold or just get on with building houses and growing food and clothes to survive.

Perhaps if all the trouble makers had something constructive to do they might stop wrecking the planet for the rest of us.

Zoompad said...

I suffer very bad panic attacks, thats why I ended up in A and E on Monday TRIGGERED BY ATOS (IT PARTNERS OF THE BRITISH BUGGERY CLUB) PERSECUTING MY DAUGHTER

I have got a strategy of how to cope with the panic attacks, sometimes it works, sometimes (ie Monday) it doesn't.

I have got a hammock, I got it from a company called Tenth Wonder, it wasn't very expensive, I think it cost me just over £10 but it is very strong and easy to put up. There are some nice places near where I live that I take it to sometimes. The last time I went to the sea side I put it up on the beach. It is very relaxing in the hammock because it gently swings, and that sooths me when I am upset and in a bad state inside me. Its better than the anti depression pills the doctor tried to prescribe to me because it doesn't have 29 serious side effects! (he told me they didn't have any, but I found out they did)

Anyway, yesterday I was in my hammock relaxing and I spotted the label on it, a little white woven label. It has care and wash instructions on it, but underneath those it has these words:

"Expose and resist the NEW WORLD ORDER"

I was so shocked, and happy to see those words printed on my hammock, I have had that hammock for a year and never noticed those words until yesterday.

Anonymous said...

the bankers have done some evil things,
not just to us but all over the world, come back hitler you took them on before, do it again please and this time we will help;
Brian Duvey.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad has spoken, god spoke to her via a label.

Expose and resist the new world order.

People we must resist in a passive way as Zoompad has said no violence, go to it, I shall issue orders to he people this end, expose and passively resist people, the Zoompad has spoken!!

Zoompad said...

Zoompad has spoken, god spoke to her via a label.

Yes, but it's not that I am special, God speaks to everyone, it's just that people stick their fingers in their ear holes and refuse to listen!

Zoompad said...

I do the same myself sometimes, I'm just a person, same as everyone else, I block God out as well sometimes, don't mean to do it but I do it, we all do.

Jesus said a lot of things that we don't want to take on board, its like wars and fighting, Jesus specifically said not to kill anyone else, but look at us all, my Grandfather was in both world wars, very brave man but all the same, what the heck was he doing fighting in the war games the banksters had created?

Zoompad said...

And now the grandchildren of those old soldier are despised by the grandchildren of the elete whose battles they fought.

You ought to have seen the shitty little house my brave grandad ended his days in. I remember it as a child, I was scared of it because it was dark and dingy. It was a shitty little terraced house in Bilston. My grandad was poor, most of the men who fought battles for the elite were.

If it were in this day and age, those scum in Parliament would be robbing him of his pension to pay the Bedroom Tax though.

Zoompad said...

We moved to Stafford to live in one of the tin houses at Doxey. My parents saw it as a way out of poverty - we had been living in a maisonette in Birmingham, my mum lost one of my sisters falling down the stairs trying to keep the steps clean - she was heavily pregnant at the time and she was made to do her bit of the stair cleaning rota even though her belly was sticking out like a table in front of her, she slipped on the stairs and my sister was born dead because of that.

A tin council house in Stafford was a luxery to our family.

My dad worked for years at the Universal Grinding Wheel Company LTD in Doxey for years, until they made him redundant. Those were the days there were decent trade unions, it was dusty hard graft but at least there was a proper pension scheme and an attempt to look after the poverty stricken work force. Lets put it this way, it was better than working on Workfare!

Zoompad said...

The nobs in Parliament right now have no idea what hard work actually is.

I am angry because Social Services tried to label my dad as an abuser, and he was nothing of the sort. Its not my dads fault I was abused.

Dad is dead now, he lived long enough to have his heart broken by New Labour. I am sorry to say he voted for Tony B Liar (I didn't, I was not taken in by the creepy little shit) Dad was a Labour voter all his life, and it gutted him what happened when Bliar came in, he felt betrayed. I remember Dad talking about them, just before he died, he called them the Purple Party.

Zoompad said...

I am glad Dad is not alive to have his heart broken even more by the upper class lisping idiot who is now at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Miss you my friend. I do hope your panic attacks stop soon.

I am so sorry about the harrassment your family are receiving still.

Patchwork House :)