Monday, 8 July 2013


I have been reading Elizabeth Fry's biography by Emma Raymond Pitman:,d.d2k

Her image on the £5 note is going to be replaced with Winston Churchills in 2016,d.d2k

Not that it would have bothered her.

I think she would be very sad about the way things have panned out in this day and age. She would be shocked at how hardened peoples hearts have become. She might have looked at these days and thought how little difference she had made. Thats why it would be a bad thing to see into the future, we can only live in our own age, and work to make a difference in our own era, its God alone who can see the big picture. She did her best, and that's all we can do, any of us. We anti child abuse campaigners get very downcast and feel impotent at times, but what we are doing is important, just as what Elizabeth Fry did was. If it had not been for that lady there are people alive today who simply would not have been born, its thanks to her and other heart torn reformers that the hanging of people, even children, for stealing out of starvation was stopped.

I like the photo of her work basket, it's something she probably used every day, because ladies in those days liked to keep their hands busy, "The devil makes work for idle hands". It's funny to think that the hands that busied themselves with that little work basket held such an important role in the prison reform movement.

The sad thing is that the world has turned its back on this lady and others similarly inspired. Dear Jesus, please help this country to repent.


Zoompad said...,d.d2k

Blair's dirty money: As his tentacles reach Mongolia, how the ex-PM is making millions from some of the world's most evil regimes
Tony Blair is to advise Mongolian leaders on 'good governance'
The former Prime Minister won't say how much he is earning from the deal
Mr Blair is said to be worth between £60million and £80million

By Paul Scott

PUBLISHED:00:44, 15 June 2013| UPDATED:00:45, 15 June 2013

With every passing month, Tony Blair looks more and more like a deposed emperor who has systematically set up his own government in exile.

How else should we view the inexorable rise of his shadowy and quasi-political network of businesses, whose tentacles stretch from his smart offices next to the American Embassy in London into every corner of the globe?

This week, it was revealed the former Prime Minister has added a new country, Mongolia, to his burgeoning portfolio of business interests.

He has signed a contract to advise the Central Asian country’s leaders on ‘good governance’ through his money-making Government Advisory Practice.

And what does Mongolia have in common with most of the places Mr Blair does his business deals?

The answer is: pots of money. The once dirt-poor nation is about to strike it rich, thanks to vast copper and gold mines in the Gobi desert.

Blair won’t say how much he is earning from the tie-up — and his large team of spin doctors routinely deny almost any figures relating to his myriad international deals — but we can be sure it’ll run into millions.

How else could he bankroll 200 employees — a figure he’s set his sights on growing to 500 over the coming years — in his expanding network of offices around the world?

At the centre of this nexus of money and power is 60-year-old Blair himself, who is guaranteed a warm welcome — befitting an international statesman of the highest rank — when he is feted by some of the world’s most dirty and corrupt tin-pot leaders.

Zoompad said...

I really don't think Elizabeth Fry would mind about the £5 note snub

Zoompad said...

I've just been informed that Tony Blair is on £500K a year 'retainer' from Zurich Insurance, the firm who ordered the Jillings report be kept secret

Anonymous said...

this has to be a joke " Tony Blair teaching good governace " well fuck me thats the bottom of the barrel, this lying scheming mass murdere kept in place by his jewish banker pals
nopw teaching ? my god he sould be in prison
whats the old saying " kill a man and spend life in prison, kill a million and get a medal "

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Fry was a great woman and a
person for us all to try to emulate,
Winston Churchill was known to his own family not as the bulldog depicted by the press, but asa fat pig,a bloated mass murderer in the pay of zionst bankers, just like Tony Blair
Paul leake norfolk

Zoompad said...

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Anyone know what that is? It was on my search engine just now,

Zoompad said...

I got taken to hospital this afternoon, a lady called 999 because I had a panic attack in the street. All caused by ATOS.

I think they are deliberatly trying to drive me insane, that Raz from Birmingham ATOS.

Zoompad said...

They are stressing us all out, they have waged a vendetta against our family, and its all over the Pindown abuse, they are absolutly determined to cover it up by driving me off the edge.


Zoompad said...

I wish I was strong like Elizabeth Fry. She is someone I really admire. I wish I was like her.

Zoompad said...

Tony Blair is a very bad man, but that doesn't seem to matter in this day and age, really bad men get treated like crowned princes in this day and age, just feel so very very very very very tired

Zoompad said...

The Jillings report is out, too tired to read anything tonight though after today

Anonymous said...

The law has been subverted, its now OK to be homosexual, and boy-nobbing is a social sport, it seems to be very popular outside the main railway station where i go to work each morning.many cant even speak english
but they get their point across.
We need someone like Hitler who cleaned up Germany and made them prosperous again, anyone know where he lives ?

Anonymous said...

I comes from africa, we no like pedophiles over there, and what should have happened with Jimmy savile
was that he should have had happen to him, what we do when we catch them, jimmy savile should have been thrown ina cell with a dozen gays, this be to teach hima lesson he no forget.
lattiya bandaloginskyevskinova

Anonymous said...

over on the england is ours website, there is a fierce dicussion about who was the biggest shit, blair of churchill, i would say its about neck and neck just now

Anonymous said...

My dads grandfather, the REV Cecil Hulbert, was concerned about the prostitution in London, and tried to rescue the young Bumbadillos who lived and worked in the streets, it was shortly after this that the Polish Rabbi began killing prostitutes and became known as jack the ripper

Zoompad said...

No we don't need anyone like Shitler though, because two wrongs don't make a right

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say i agree with the african woman lattiya something, and if she stands for parliament we will vote for her, all 10 people in our office
good luck.

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Zoompad said...

Selling your body is the same as selling your soul in my opinion. I feel sad for those tempted to do it out of poverty, and angry to those who drag others into this repulsive trade.