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Barry Lehaney and the censored search results

I've been reading about Christine and Neil Hamilton, and came accross this:

Hamilton trial man admits criminal past

Barry Lehaney was angry at allegations he raped Ms Milroy-Sloan

The man accused of rape by the woman who also made sexual assault allegations against Neil and Christine Hamilton trial has admitted in court to an "extensive criminal record".

Pensioner Barry Lehaney made the admission to a jury at the Old Bailey in London on Wednesday, during his examination by defence counsel Martin Heslop QC.

Mr Lehaney was giving evidence in the trial of Nadine Milroy-Sloan, 29, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, who denies two offences of perverting the course of justice in May 2001.

Mr Lehaney was accused of rape by the trainee college lecturer, who claimed she was sexually assaulted by two people she was led to believe were the former Tory MP and his wife.

Mr Lehaney said he had convictions for drugs charges after Mr Heslop told the court: "You have got an extensive criminal record and have been to prison on a number of occasions."

Mr Lehaney said he had been sent to prison in 1968, claiming he had been convicted by a corrupt policeman, but denied claims he had lived off immoral earnings.

He also became angry after being accused of raping Ms Milroy-Sloan after giving her a 'date rape' drug, saying the claims were "total rubbish".

Ms Milroy-Sloan has alleged Mr Lehaney raped her after calling in two people she believed were the Hamiltons.

Ms Milroy-Sloan denies perverting the course of justice

Mr Lehaney said he had been exchanging e-mails with Ms Milroy-Sloan for six months before they met..

She called herself "Sexy-babe" while he posed as "Lady Joan" and "Foxy Jan".

Mr Lehaney told the court that he also told her that he worked as a chauffeur to "Sir James and Lady Joan Hamilton", fictitious characters.

He said he had first met up with Ms Milroy-Sloan in May 2001 and told her the characters were made up.

He told the court on Tuesday she had believed the pair were the Hamiltons.

The Hamiltons, who have been cleared of sexual assault allegations, will not be appearing in court.

As well as clearing the Hamiltons, police dropped any action against Mr Lehaney.

The trial continues.

and this:

Pensioner pays price for seedy lifestyle

Published on the 16 May

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Barry Lehaney's past caught up with him when police knocked on his door following Nadine Milroy-Sloan's complaint of rape.

For the 62-year-old disabled pensioner with a taste for Internet porn had a criminal record dating back half a century.

He had been in court in every decade since and was once shot in the leg by his ex-wife on a police station's steps. In 1980, he was extradited to Australia accused of stealing the Prime Minister's wife's jewels. He was not prosecuted because the jewellery turned up.

He had used other names in the past, including Hamilton and Mason. "It is nothing to be proud of. I have paid the price for it," he said.

Following the rape allegation, it was three months before Mr Lehaney, pictured right, who had let Milroy-Sloan stay overnight in his flat, was told he was in the clear.

He had a hard job talking his way out of the allegations, with his criminal record, the fact that some sexual activity had taken place and drugs associated with sex were found in his bathroom.

Mr Lehaney said he had contacted Milroy-Sloan in a chatroom where women exchanged their sexual fantasies.

He had pretended to be Lady Joan Hamilton and had sent Milroy-Sloan a picture of a naked model called Kimberly standing by a fireplace. This, he said, was meant to be Lady Joan, the wife of a Sir James Hamilton.

He had also exchanged e-mails posing as the couple's chauffeur.

They exchanged explicit sexual messages, with Milroy-Sloan using the name Sexybabe.

Mr Lehaney said what he was doing was harmless fun. He denied suggesting his Hamiltons were Neil and Christine Hamilton.

And he reacted angrily when the rape claim was put to him. He said he would be physically incapable of doing what he was accused of because he had arthritis and other medical conditions.

Milroy-Sloan had contacted him and they went to his flat in Ilford, Essex, after a trip to Tesco and a meal. He said he had taken Viagra but went to bed on his own after being "totally bored" by Milroy-Sloan. The next day, she performed a sexual act on him before leaving.

He woke up the following day to find police knocking at his door. His watch and some money were missing. He said: "I am just starting to re-live this nightmare. I am starting to feel a bit of hate."

Lehaney said Milroy-Sloan had wanted to meet Lady Joan at his home. He told her: "She is not here, she does not exist."

Milroy-Sloan said her friend had told her that Lady Joan was Christine Hamilton.

Lehaney, a former financial adviser, continued: "I said 'Don't be stupid, look at the photos', but she wanted it to be.

"Her operation was to make a few quid out of it."

And this:

'Rape' girl used me too


Last Updated: 28th July 2007

THE man accused of rape with Neil and Christine Hamilton yesterday claimed he had been “done up like a kipper”.

Barry Lehaney, 62, told the Old Bailey he had been through hell since the allegations by Nadine Milroy-Sloan.

And this:

And this:

And this:

'Rape' girl used me too | The Sun |News

28 Jul 2007 - ... been “done up like a kipper”. Barry Lehaney, 62, told the Old Bailey he had been through hell since the allegations by Nadine Milroy-Sloan.

Women Who LIE Need to be Milroysloaned!

Mr Hamilton and his wife Christine were arrested in 2001 after the mother-of four told police she had been raped by them, 62-year-old Barry Lehaney and a man ...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, Hope you are bearing up well.

Just started an on-line petition to ban serving Police Officers from joining secret clubs, groups or societies.

I'll be pleased if you can post this on your blog.


Andy Flynn

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Anonymous said...
Hi Barbara, Hope you are bearing up well.

Just started an on-line petition to ban serving Police Officers from joining secret clubs, groups or societies.

I'll be pleased if you can post this on your blog.


Andy Flynn

22 July 2014 01:19

Thanks Andy, will sign petition and pass it on, thanks

Mick Cunningham is no longer Chief of Stafford Police, thank God, maybe now there wont be any more sending of disabled children to Drake Hall prison for PE lessons without parents knowledge and consent, and maybe the police will do something about the secret family court paedophiles and child traffickers!